‘The Bachelor’ Schedule Shift: When Is Joey Graziadei’s ‘Women Tell All’ Airing?

Bachelor Women Tell All

Heavy/ABC "The Bachelor: Women Tell All" episode airs at a special time.

Next up for Joey Graziadei’s season of “The Bachelor” is the “Women Tell All” episode. It is slated to air on Monday, March 18, and spoilers promise juicy moments ahead. However, some viewers might be confused when they tune in and do not see the episode airing at its usual time.

Here’s what you need to know:

The ‘Women Tell All’ Begins an Hour Later Than Usual in the U.S.

According to the press release from ABC for the March 18 show, the episode airs at a “special time.” The show will begin at 9 p.m. Eastern and 8 p.m. Central, an hour later than the regular episodes have aired.

The episode will be two hours long and includes some footage from the aftermath of Graziadei’s overnight Fantasy Suite dates.

ABC teases, “It’s an emotional evening for 16 spectacular women who reunite with Joey and each other for the first time since filming.” Maria Georgas will be there and get some time in the “hot seat.”

Viewers will also hear from Jenn Tran, Sydney Gordon, and about a dozen other eliminated ladies from Graziadei’s journey.

In addition, ABC notes, “The meaning behind Kelsey A.’s note is revealed, and a difficult rose ceremony determines who will meet Joey’s family.”

The last that “The Bachelor” viewers saw, Graziadei had wrapped up his overnight dates with his three final ladies. Kelsey Anderson, however, was feeling some nerves.

Anderson had a chat with “The Golden Bachelor” star Leslie Fhima and it left “The Bachelor” star rattled. She left a note at Graziadei’s hotel room indicating they needed to talk.

An ABC sneak peek reveals that Anderson will open up to Graziadei about how hard it is not to see him as he spends time with the other remaining ladies.

‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers Reveal WTA & Finale Tidbits

“The Bachelor” spoilers indicate that Graziadei and Anderson will express anxious thoughts during their talk. However, according to spoiler king Reality Steve, nothing bad happens.

Reality Steve noted in his March 12 blog post that Anderson remains until Graziadei’s final rose ceremony. In addition to the talk between Graziadei and Anderson, “The Bachelor” viewers will see the rose ceremony where one lady is sent home.

According to “The Bachelor” spoilers from Reality Steve, Rachel Nance gets eliminated. Viewers will likely see all that air early in the March 18 episode, before Nance is brought out on stage for the “Women Tell All.”

The season 27 finale of Graziadei’s season airs on Monday, March 25. ABC’s calendar indicates that the episode begins at the show’s usual time, 8 p.m. Eastern and 7 p.m. Central.

The finale should include Graziadei introducing his family to both Anderson and Daisy Kent, along with his last-chance dates. The final rose ceremony will take place, and live segments covering all of that will air too.

ABC has not revealed whether the next “Bachelorette” lead will be announced during “The Bachelor” finale. However, it seems likely, as that has been the case in recent seasons.

Viewers will also hear updates from Graziadei and his chosen lady.