Kelsey Anderson Talks ‘Really Emotional’ & ‘Special’ Finale Car Ride With Daisy Kent

Daisy Kent and Kelsey Anderson

Heavy/ABC Kelsey Anderson opens up about the car ride with Daisy Kent.

During “The Bachelor” finale with Joey Graziadei, viewers watched an ending with never-before-seen elements. Before facing the final rose ceremony with Graziadei, Daisy Kent took the reins. She went to see the other lady remaining, Kelsey Anderson.

Kent visited Anderson and admitted she knew she wouldn’t receive Graziadei’s final rose. The two ladies then rode together to the final rose ceremony spot.

Seeing the two ladies in the car together had viewers buzzing, as it was a truly unprecedented franchise development. After “The Bachelor” finale, Anderson was asked how the two ladies decided to ride together and what they talked about during the ride.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kelsey Anderson Called the Time With Daisy Kent ‘Really Special’

Anderson and Graziadei chatted with Us Weekly on March 27 and the car ride was brought up.

“The Bachelor” winner explained, “We were both really emotional after our conversation, so we both just decided, let’s ride together there.”

She noted that unplanned time together was “Really special.” Anderson shared, “We just were really embracing each other and telling each other how amazing each other [was].”

Kent “Just really wanted Joey and I to be happy,” Anderson added. She said that Kent was insistent that Anderson shouldn’t worry about her.

“She knows how I am and I was going to be thinking about her, just like how she would be in that situation,” Anderson explained. Kent insisted she would be okay and didn’t want Anderson to worry about her.

Anderson revealed Kent told her, “You embrace this moment.” She added, “I did” embrace it just as Kent encouraged.

Joey Graziadei Had no Idea Kent & Anderson Arrived Together

Graziadei revealed that he was unaware that Kent and Anderson arrived together until after the final rose ceremony. He was asked if he was surprised by it, and he admitted, “I think anyone would have been surprised by that.”

“I didn’t even know it was allowed, so I was confused by it,” Graziadei added.

“The Bachelor” star also noted, “I think that is special, and then obviously, being able to watch it back with everyone else, it was an empowering moment.”

Ultimately, Graziadei explained, “I’m really happy that they took that into their own hands and created their own story in that moment.”

“The Bachelor” fans had a lot to say about the car ride that will likely become iconic within the franchise. On Instagram, Kent’s mother gushed, “I am so incredibly proud of my daughter Daisy!!!”

A comment from a show fan page expressed, “Jesse Palmer actually wasn’t lying when he said it was a finale like we’ve never seen before.”

Former “Bachelor in Paradise” star Mari Pepin wrote, “Did NOT see that coming!!!!!”

A fan declared, “Greatest Bachelor season ever!!!”

“Daisy is the best woman that has ever been apart of bachelor nation. We don’t deserve her,” gushed another viewer.

“One of the most mature finals I’ve ever watched. Everyone just being so respectful and demonstrating what true love and mutual respect really is,” someone else noted.

“This was the best bachelor season to date. Joey is a class act and so are Kelsey and Daisy,” added a different fan.