Unexpected Bachelor Nation Couple Hard-Launches Their Romance

Kiptyn Locke Angela Amezcua Dating

Heavy Kiptyn Locke and Angela Amezcua are dating.

There is a new romantic couple in Bachelor Nation, and it is likely that nobody would have predicted this pairing. After quietly dating for several months, Kiptyn Locke and Angela Amezcua officially hard-launched their relationship on Instagram.

Here’s what you need to know:

Angela Amezcua & Kiptyn Locke Were Ready to ‘Share Their Love With the World’

On April 2, Amezcua revealed the news in an Instagram post. “After many amazing months together, guess it’s about time we share our love with the world,” the former “Bachelor in Paradise” star wrote.

Amezcua included four photos in her post and tagged Locke in several of them. The first picture showed Locke and Amezcua posing together outdoors while wearing dressy attire.

Another picture was a casual selfie, and there was one that seemed to be a Halloween snapshot. The last picture in the post showed the couple kissing.

The couple has clearly been dating for a while, if they were together at Halloween. Unfortunately, at this point, neither of them shared the story of how they came together in the beginning.

New Instagram Stories from both Locke and Amezcua indicate they are currently in Mexico, seemingly together. Now that they are not hiding their relationship any longer, the “Bachelor in Paradise” stars may share some vacation content with eager fans.

Both Amezcua & Locke Tried Finding Love on Camera More Than Once Previously

Us Weekly noted that Locke first appeared on Jillian Harris’ season of “The Bachelorette, which aired in 2009. He later joined season 1 of “Bachelor Pad,” and that was where he fell for former “Bachelor” contestant Tenley Molzahn.

Molzahn and Locke, 46, dated for a couple of years before going their separate ways. Molzahn married her now-husband, Taylor Leopold, while Locke entered a long-term romance with Samm Murphy.

Murphy and Locke had a son together, Koltyn, who was born in July 2015. The couple split some time later.

Amezcua, 34, first joined Bachelor Nation during Nick Viall’s season of “The Bachelor” in 2017. She joined season 5 of “Bachelor in Paradise,” and later revealed she was dating fellow franchise alum Clay Harbor. They split about seven months later.

She returned to “Bachelor in Paradise” for season 6, and Amezcua also joined “Bachelor in Paradise Canada.” She did connect with fellow contestant Brendan Morgan during that season, but they later split.

Bachelor Nation Had Lots to Say About the Pair’s Hard-Launch

Quite a few fellow Bachelor Nation veterans commented to show their love. Amanda Stanton, Kendall Long, Haley Ferguson, Raven Gates, and Katie Morgan made it clear they were all thrilled for Amezcua and Locke. Harris congratulated the couple with a comment, too.

Graham Bunn, who is also a franchise veteran from the early days, commented, “Ok Kip!!!!! Let’s gooooooo brother. Congrats bud.”

Fellow franchise alum Kasey Kahl added, “Ohhh shoooot lol congrats brother @kiptyn 🔥.”


One excited fan gushed, “Ahhhhhhhhh as bachelor nation fan from day 1 this makes me so happy!”

Another fan asked for the tea. “Oh myyyyy gosh! We are going to need allllll the tea ASAP! How? When? Where? SPILL IT! ☕️🐸”

“Oh my Gooooooosh. I would have never guessed. I’m glad you are Happy,” wrote someone else.

A Redditor in “The Bachelor” subreddit admitted, “This was definitely not on my bingo card.”

“This pairing is blowing my mind,” another Redditor admitted.