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15 Best Shoes for Bunions: Cute & Comfy Options

Lots of people suffer from bunions, but women seem to suffer the most which, sadly, may be caused by wearing all those stunning high heels with super pointy toes. Heredity also plays a big role in bunion development. Nearly 30 percent of adults in the Western world suffer from them, but women, particularly seniors, develop bunions far more frequently than men who, frankly, wear more sensible shoes.

If you’re at the age where you care more about comfort than trend-worthy looks, good for you – because when it comes to the best shoes for bunions, fashionable finds become a lot more difficult. That’s why we’re here to help you out with our best recommendations.

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What Are the Best Bunion Shoe Options?

There are lots of footwear options without having to head straight to the orthopedic shoe section. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but most of those shoes do indeed look orthopedic. There are a number of shoe solutions to accommodate your boney protuberance, as well as your hammertoe which likely accompanies it.

Should You Size Up When Buying Shoes for Bunions?

Sizing up often isn't the most effective option because you lose the fit for the rest of your foot - but sizing wide is an excellent alternative. In lieu of a wide size option, look for those shoes with a wider toe box that, in effect, do the same thing. Try to look for deeper toe boxes too.

What Are the Best Shoes for Bunions Made From?

Stretch fabric uppers can help to alleviate the need for wider sizing, because they flex to the shape of your foot. As a bunion sufferer myself, these styles have been a really terrific addition to my shoe wardrobe for all-around comfort and looks - especially when it comes to athletic and walking shoes. Do keep in mind, the fabric uppers have a shorter shelf life than leather and will almost always wear out first over your bunion and hammer toe. Experience speaking here.

Elastic straps make for bunion friendly sandals, as do toe post (aka. flip flop and thong) styles. If you're opting for those, try to strive for orthotic footbeds that add stability to your stride because the wide open sides don't deliver much support.

Are There Any Work-Worthy Bunion Shoes?

And if you're looking for professional shoes, you can't escape the need for an occasional pair of high heels. Those that come in wider sizes, with moderate height heels and front platforms, can minimize the stress (and accompanying pain) on the balls of your feet.

Check out these terrific bunion friendly shoes for women who love to be active, look good and most importantly, feel comfortable on their feet.

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