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Men’s Summer Fashion 2020: 25 Style Essentials

Summer is almost here and there are some new looks that are going to be incredibly popular. Along with those new looks, there are some old favorites that have stood the test of time that will keep you looking and feeling cool during the summer heat. There are 25 style essentials you’re gonna wanna get your hands on so you are looking your best all summer long.

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What's the Best in Beachwear for Men?

Beachwear can be a tricky thing for guys. Do you wear shorts? Do you wear light pants and sneakers or flip flops or sandals? It's 90 degrees during the day but when the sun goes down so does the temperature so how do you plan for that? Luckily, everything you need to be comfy on the beach from sun up to sun down is on this list.

Flip flops are a great pair of kicks to bring with you whether you wear them out of the house or tote them and change at the beach. Reef makes some of the best flip flops and sandals in the game and they are super lightweight so you can toss them in a bag and bring them with you if you want to go from shoes to flip flops ad back to shoes.

When you hit the sand and the sun is high in the sky you're going to want to rock something light like a Hurley tank top or even a linen shirt like the one that Perry Ellis makes. Either way, you're going to be comfortable and look great in bright colors that will definitely make you the talk of the beach party.

As far as shorts or pants go, you can rock either. Board shorts are a great look, you can go in and out of the water with them and they dry off super fast. If you want to rock pants I recommend something light like khakis that you could roll up or swishy pants like windbreakers in case it gets a little windy being so close to the water. 

Bring some shades with you no matter what you wear for an outfit. Oakley is a great bet for a pair of shades that will keep your eyes protected while showing off your unique style. Add a hat like a dope trucker hat and you, my friend, have yourself a great looking outfit that will get you a ton of compliments and keep your self-esteem at an all-time high. 


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