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21 Best Leather Jackets for Men: The Ultimate List

A genuine leather jacket can transform not only the way a man looks but the way he feels as well. The right leather jacket becomes a part of you. The breaking-in process is one that you will certainly enjoy. You’ll constantly be looking for reasons to wear it. Let’s face it, leather jackets are cool as hell. The right leather jacket can make all the difference. The best leather jackets for men are below in our ultimate list. I even used this list to shop for my current leather jacket and I love it.

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Materials to look for:

Obviously in a post about leather jackets, leather is the material to look for. There are different forms of traditional leather though. Stick with suede or regular authentic leather and keep it in good shape, the jacket should last you for years and years. 

Pro Tips:

Taking care of the jacket is paramount. If it is suede leather, keep it out of the rain or snow. If it is authentic leather you can really wear that thing anywhere, leather is incredibly durable and can withstand the elements. It's made from cowhide and cows don't run and hide in inclement weather. Trust that your leather jacket is durable and can stand the test of time. IF you go with suede leather look into getting a protecting spray or cream to keep it looking fresher, and longer.

What is the Most Durable Leather Jacket?

When it comes to durability you are going to want to buy a leather jacket that is waxed or brushed so that little nicks and cuts don't penetrate the fabric. You can also buy protective sprays for the jacket if that is the route you want to go. 

Leather is a naturally durable material and will withstand the most damage that it encounters. Leather is tough and is naturally water repellent to a certain level. Motorcycle jackets are made to be a bit tougher to protect the rider from falls and scrapes. 

The good news about leather jackets is that they are all relatively tough compared to other materials. Waxed or unwaxed, motorcycle or other, these jackets are supposed to last. Buying one of these jackets is a seriously good investment and should last you a long time. 

Are Leather Jackets the Best Jackets for Men?

Leather jackets really do add another dimension to a man's wardrobe. If you fear that you cannot pull off the jacket with your specific style, you are most likely wrong. There is a leather jacket for every style out there. 

If you're not sure about your ability to make a leather jacket work, there are some jackets that are tested and true. Jackets that celebrities and movie stars have worn and looked iconic while doing so. These may be the best choice for you as they have worked on other guys. 

If you're still not sold, there is a less expensive option that you can try before making the leap to a real leather jacket. Faux leather jackets are just as stylish, but they are less pricey and not as big of an investment if you can't swing the cash for a genuine leather jacket.