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11 Best Insoles for Runners: Compare & Save

best insoles for runners

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Sore, achy feet can be a cry for help. If your foot, ankle or lower leg issues are restricting your workouts, it could be time for some insoles. There’s a huge selection of best insoles for runners to choose from, but finding the right ones can be tricky. Our comprehensive guide features the best insoles for every runner, whether you want custom, maximum support, plush cushioning or something else. We’ve tested several of the insoles – here are our favorites to slide into your running sneakers for fast relief.

CURREX RunPRO Insole Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Fits low, medium and high arches
  • Fully supportive with 3D dynamic arch
  • Thin but supportive material
Price: $49.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
dr. scholl's running insoles Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Fits most running shoes
  • Easy to cut to size
  • Odor-neutralizing topcloth
Price: $16.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
superfeet berry insoles Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Women-specific design
  • Narrower heel cup keeps feet from sliding
  • Lasts up to 500 miles
Price: $59.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
road runner sports custom insoles
  • Custom molded for a precise fit
  • Three insole options
  • Easy to trim for your running shoes
Price: $88.79 Shop Now at Road Runner Sports Shop Now Read our review
narrow running insoles Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Fits narrow shoes
  • Great for high arches
  • Ideal for running, walking and hiking
Price: $44.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Powerstep PULSE Maxx Insole Amazon Customer Reviews
  • May reduce pain from plantar fasciitis
  • Rigid arch support shell for added protection
  • Top cover controls heat and friction
Price: $38.23 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
spenco insoles Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Ideal for flat feet
  • Stiff insoles provide maximum stability
  • Improves motion control
Price: $31.96 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
VKTRY Performance Insoles Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Stiff and responsive material
  • Great for sprinting and jumping
  • Fits most types of athletic shoes
Price: $169.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Superfeet CARBON Premium Insoles Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Lightweight and durable carbon material
  • All-natural odor-control coating
  • Fits most running and cycling shoes
Price: $59.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
walk hero inserts Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Improves foot and leg alignment
  • May reduce stress on the ankles, knees and feet
  • Provides pronation control for high-impact activities
Price: $18.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Powerstep Original Insoles Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Best for neutral arches
  • Trusted brand name among athletes
  • Low-profile design for athletic shoes
Price: $24.30 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews

    • Can help reduce pain from plantar fasciitis
    • Won't add unwanted weight or bulk
    • Helps reduce foot and leg fatigue
    • Tends to absorb odors
    • Not heavily cushioned
    • Doesn't come in extra-wide

    A favorite among runners, triathletes and walkers, the CURREX RunPRO Insoles are rigid and supportive yet have enough flex to feel natural and comfortable. They fit low, medium and high arches, and are even shaped differently for a more customized fit. All three versions share the same features.

    Depending on your arches, you’ll need varying levels of support to continue enjoying your active lifestyle without lingering pain.  Whether you’re training for a marathon or you want an insole that feels natural and comfortable, this one has a 3D dynamic arch for full anatomic support. It also reduces fatigue so your stride feels more stable and controlled. If you have pain from plantar fasciitis, you may notice an improvement as well.

    Runners and walkers also appreciate the thin construction, which doesn’t add unnecessary weight or bulk to your shoe. Your toes won’t feel squished or uncomfortable. These insoles work with most shoes and easily slide in once you remove the existing liner. You may need to trim them for a more precise fit.

    As with running shoes, insoles tend to wear out over time. CURREX suggests replacing these every 600 miles or 12 months. If you’re heavier or a distance runner you might need to replace them sooner.

  2. 2. RUNNER UP: Dr. Scholl’s Athletic Series Running Insoles

    • May reduce pain from shin splints and plantar fasciitis
    • Three protective layers reduce shock by up to 40%
    • Reinforced arch support for even weight distribution
    • Can feel slippery during lunges and similar movements
    • Fit inside the shoes is a bit tight
    • Some say they squeak when flexed

    Here’s proof that you don’t need to spend a fortune on custom orthotics to get results. If running on the pavement has your feet and legs feeling achy or painful, check out these Dr. Scholl’s running insoles.

    They’re made with three protective layers to reduce shock by up to 40%. Not only does this better protect your legs from wear and tear, it can also help with pain associated with shin splints, plantar fasciitis and runner’s knee.

    To get quick relief, remove the insoles from the box and cut them to size. They’re designed to fit most brands of running shoes and measure 12.6″L. You can easily trim the material with scissors for an accurate and precise fit. 

    An odor-neutralizing top cloth minimizes unpleasant odors and stretches over padding on the ball of foot to reduce pressure. Behind that is reinforced arch support for improved weight distribution from landing to push-off. Your heels are supported by a deep cup that absorbs impacts for a more comfortable stride.

  3. 3. Best Women’s Insoles: Superfeet Berry

    • All-natural organic coating controls odors
    • Responsive full-length foam for long runs
    • High-impact forefoot cushioning absorbs shocks
    • May not be supportive enough for high arches
    • Higher price point
    • Slightly wide for narrow shoes

    As a distance runner, I’ve tested and tried many different insoles. The Superfeet Berry really stands out. They have a slimmer heel and an arch length for active women, which naturally cradles the feet. Then there’s the deep and narrow heel cup that prevents feet from sliding around yet has plenty of cushioning for long runs.

    The Berry has medium arch support for improved stability during high-impact activities. Besides giving your arch some much-needed support, it also helps reduce stress in key places such as your knees, feet, ankles and back. If you have high arches, the Green is also worth a look. It offers even more arch support but is unisex and doesn’t have the same slender profile. 

    Whether you’re pounding the trails or pushing your kids in a running stroller through the local park, the responsive full-length foam cushions against prolonged impacts. The base of the insole is also reinforced to keep the rear foot stable. My heels (and feet) are quite narrow, and I never felt like they were sliding around with these insoles.

    As with other running insoles, these won’t last forever. However, they should retain their shape and level of support through 12 months or 500 miles and can help extend the life of your women’s running sneakers.

  4. 4. Best Custom Inserts: Road Runner Sports Custom Insole

    • Personalized scans accomodate each foot's unique shape
    • Shock-absorbing cushioning is ideal for runners
    • Moisture-wicking top layer for odor control
    • Higher price point
    • Heavily cushioned insoles are relatively thick
    • May take more than one fitting to get it right

    If your feet don’t feel quite right with generic insoles, or you think custom insoles could work better for you, check these out. Road Runner’s custom insoles are created with a personalized scan that’s custom molded to each foot’s unique size and shape. It’s possible to get relief from pain associated with runner’s knee, plantar fasciitis and other pesky running injuries with custom orthotics such as these or SuperFeet’s ME3D custom insoles.

    The first step is to visit your local Road Runner store to have your gait analyzed and your feet measured. You’ll learn about what type of arch you have, whether you tend to over or under pronate, and more. The in-store scan makes it easier to find the insole that promotes optimal alignment and healthy foot function. You’ll find three options: Support, Performance and Max Cushion. 

    Support insoles have stiffer arch support and a moderate amount of cushioning. They can reduce fatigue and pain during activities such as walking, running, hiking and weightlifting. If you don’t need that much support, the Performance insoles could be right for you. They’re slim and lightweight and won’t hold you back on race day. True to its name, the Max Cushion insole is the most heavily cushioned of the three. It features a cushy memory foam layer that feels plush underfoot when you’re hiking, walking and running.

  5. 5. Best for Narrow Feet: FORM Premium Insoles

    • Moisture-reducing top layer minimizes odors
    • Heel cups keep heels stable and properly positioned
    • High-density foam protects against impacts
    • May not fit AA narrow shoes
    • Higher price point
    • Not great for flat feet

    Are you tired of trying to find narrow insoles that fit your slender running or athletic shoes? The Form Premium narrow insoles are sleek enough to slide comfortably into your shoes without extra trimming along the sides. From walking to running, comfort-shaped arches help reduce stress on the knees and feet during high-impact activities. If you don’t need a narrow fit, check out these other FORM inserts.

    Designed for runners with high arches, these anti-fatigue insoles make exercising and daily activities more comfortable. They’re thick enough to absorb impacts and protect your joints. A deep heel cup helps stabilize and support the heel when you’re moving.

    These aren’t custom orthotics, but you can gently customize the fit with an optional molding feature. Besides running shoes, these insoles work in casual boots, work shoes, hiking boots and other types of footwear. They offer year-round protection against foot odor with a moisture-reducing top layer to keep feet dry.

  6. 6. Powerstep PULSE Maxx Insole

    • Made in specific sizes to avoid trimming to fit shoes
    • Can help reduce pain from shin splints and plantar fasciitis
    • Neutral arch support for added stability control
    • Heel cup is quite large
    • Runs slightly wide for narrow shoes
    • Foam layers aren't ventilated

    Running (and walking) puts a lot of pressure on your arches, which is where a supportive insole such as this one stands out. This PowerStep orthotic has a unique arch shape to fully support your feet during workouts. Even during intense activities such as running, the rigid shell improves motion control and reduces stress on your joints and ankles.

    All that pounding on the pavement or trails can make your feet, joints, ankles and tendons feel sore and painful. You might even experience injuries such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints and Morton’s neuroma. These insoles don’t promise to cure any of these common running ailments, but they can keep your feet and ankles properly aligned for a more balanced and stable gait.

    The top layer of material reduces perspiration, friction and heat for a more comfortable and enjoyable workout. Underneath is a dual-layer cushion for additional comfort and a firm, supportive shell for full stability. An angled heel post prevents excessive inward movement, which can reduce extra strain on your knees, lower legs and joints.

    Delivering neutral arch support and maximum cushioning, these PowerStep insoles cover the entire length of your favorite running shoes. Just remove the existing inserts and slide these into place. To comfortably transition into these orthotics, the manufacturer suggests wearing them for 1 hour the first day, then slowly increasing until you can wear them for at least 5 consecutive hours without discomfort.

    Need arch support for flat feet? Check out the Powerstep Pinnacle Low, which has maximum cushioning and moderate support.

  7. 7. Spenco Total Support Max Shoe Insoles

    • Plenty of arch and heel support
    • Protects feet with multiple impact zones
    • Stiff material helps minimize injuries such as plantar fasciitis
    • Only comes in one color
    • Material isn't very soft on the feet
    • Padding is very thin

    If you’re an overpronator, meaning that your arches tend to flatten more than normal when walking or running, you may need rigid support under your feet. These Spenco orthotics have plenty of arch support for increased stability in your feet, ankles and lower legs. There’s also a deep heel cup for improved motion control and an uncompromised stride.

    At the front of the insert is a forefoot pad that reduces pressure on the ball of your foot. Whether you’re walking or running, it minimizes shocks in the front of your feet. Throughout the insert, multi-density impact zones keep your natural stride in check. There’s a good mix of cushioning and support to reduce pain and fatigue, whether you tend to land on your heel, forefoot or in-between.

    As a flat-footed runner, you may be more prone to plantar fasciitis, structural misalignment and other issues. Custom orthotics can bring relief, but they’re often quite expensive and aren’t always covered by insurance. According to the experts at Gotham Footcare, a supportive insole can deliver similar benefits over the softer and more pliable drugstore insoles.

    This orthotic comes in various sizes for men and women. It’s made with 100% polyester and easily slides into most walking and running shoes. 

  8. 8. VKTRY Performance Gold Insoles

    • Sturdy baseplate is made with 100% carbon fiber
    • Plenty of arch support
    • Comes in many different sizes
    • Stiff material can be hard to slide into shoes
    • Lack of cushioning under balls of feet
    • Runs slightly small

    Designed specifically for athletes, the VKTRY Performance Insoles absorb shocks and help propel your feet as you run, walk or jump. They’re made with rigid and supportive carbon fiber that runs the full length of your shoes. You’ll benefit from softer landings and improved explosiveness without the high price tag of custom orthotics.

    Stiff yet responsive, these carbon insoles won’t hold you back on your next run. They have a more significant energy return than plusher insoles, so you won’t feel like your energy is being spent just picking your feet up with each stride. Some runners also report less ankle and calf fatigue, especially during longer workouts.

    Crafted with aerospace-grade carbon fiber, each insole adds stability for improved heel and arch support. You may get relief from common running injuries such as shin splints, plantar fasciitis and more. The insoles are sold based on your weight for a more customized experience.

    These are the gold insoles, which are recommended for series athletes seeking maximum performance. If you’re a casual athlete, check out the silver VKTRY insoles, which are great for all types of fitness.

  9. 9. Superfeet CARBON Premium Insoles

    • Wide forefoot fits into wide toeboxes
    • Perforations help maximize airflow
    • Deep heel cup for maximum shock absorbption
    • Footbed is quite rigid
    • Insoles may squeak when walking
    • Not a ton of arch support

    If you’ve ever felt like your feet or toes were squished by bulky insoles, check out these carbon insoles from Superfeet. They’re made with a blend of ultralight foam and a mix of carbon fiber and polymer that slides into slim-fitting athletic shoes, including your favorite running and cycling shoes.

    You can use this versatile insert with most types of running and athletic shoes. Just trim the insole to the proper size and you’re good to go. Don’t be fooled by its slender profile, though, as this insert works equally well with sneakers that have a wide toebox.

    Ideal for comfort and performance, the Carbon insole features a low arch that helps stabilize the feet and reduce stress on the ankles, knees, feet and back. There’s also a deep heel cup to absorb shocks so you can run for miles on the pavement or trails. Even during the warmest months of the year, the natural coating reduces odor-causing bacteria to keep your feet and shoes from stinking. As with other Superfeet insoles, these retain their shape for up to 12 months or 500 miles. 

  10. 10. Walk Hero Arch Support Inserts

    • Fits inside most athletic shoes
    • Deep heel cup helps stabilize your feet
    • Top layer reduces friction when walking and running
    • Can take awhile to break in
    • Slightly bulky fit
    • Foam layer isn't very durable

    An affordable alternative to some of the pricier options on this list, these arch support inserts can help improve your foot and leg alignment. Equipped with a 7mm arch support, they can reduce stress on your knees, feet and ankles. From pronation control for flat feet to relief from heel pain and plantar fasciitis, these inserts are ideal for running and other high-impact activities.

    From walking to hiking to long-distance running, these versatile insoles slide into most athletic shoes. You can even use them in your work boots and shoes to reduce foot fatigue and pain throughout the day. A deep heel cup keeps your feet properly positioned during heavy impacts for maximum stability.

    To get the full benefits, replace your shoe’s original inserts with these. You can trim them with scissors for a more precise fit. The 5mm top cover slides into most athletic shoes with removable insoles.

  11. 11. Powerstep Original Insoles

    • May provide relief from plantar fasciitis and mild overpronation
    • Dual-layer construction improves comfort and stability
    • Backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee
    • Can take awhile to break in
    • Some find them too rigid
    • Might not fit into some work or casual shoes

    A familiar name to runners and walkers alike, the PowerStep Original insoles offer relief from sore, aching feet and specific issues such as plantar fasciitis and mild overpronation. These budget-friendly inserts can also ease aches and pains from Achilles tendonitis, shin splints and foot, ankle, hip and back pain.

    Equipped with a low profile and moderate cushioning, these PowerStep inserts slide into most walking and running shoes. You can also wear them in some work, casual and dress shoes for daily use. Dual-layer cushioning provides comfort and support without added bulk.

    Designed with several layers for pain relief and prevention, each layer serves a specific purpose. There’s a semi-rigid support shell for increased flexibility and stability and neutral arch support for added heel stability. An EVA base provides cushioning for lower-profile shoes and the top layer reduces perspiration and friction for more comfortable extended use.

    As with most running shoe inserts, these PowerStep insoles work best with an adequate break-in period. The manufacturer suggests limiting your use to a few hours a day until your feet are well-adjusted. 

Should Runners Use Insoles?

Runners don't have to use insoles, but they can be a helpful investment if you want relief from certain types of foot or ankle pain. Kinda like an anti-chafe sports bra that won't dig into your skin.

As you shop for the best insoles for your feet, consider why you want them. Is it to give your flat feet more support? Or reduce pain from common injuries such as shin splints or plantar fasciitis?

If your feet feel fine then you may not need insoles. However, if aches and pains are keeping you on the sidelines, a pair of inserts or custom orthotics can be just what you need.

Sometimes, using insoles along with therapy devices such as strengthening bands can deliver the best results. Pairing them with quality running gear, such as compression running tights, may also keep you running strong.

Which Insole Is Best for Running?

Depending on your feet, the amount of cushioning and your budget, some insoles will be better for your feet than others. 

Is saving money a priority? Then we highly recommend these Dr. Scholl's inserts. They have three layers of protection to reduce shock by 40% and help relieve pain from shin splints, runner's knee and plantar fasciitis.

If you think a custom orthotic would be better, I highly recommend the Road Runner customer inserts or a pair of SuperFeet custom inserts.

I haven't tried the Road Runner inserts but I have a pair of the SuperFeet custom inserts and am noticing less arch and foot pain, even on longer runs.

They're also really comfortable, unlike some custom orthotics, which tend to be quite stiff and rigid.

Which Are the Best Insoles for Runners with Flat Feet?

If you have flat feet, orthotics with proper arch support are crucial, according to experts at The Podiatry Group. The right orthotics can keep your feet properly aligned and even correct or help prevent certain structural abnormalities.

We suggest the Powerstep Pinnacle Low, which has plenty of arch support to and cushioning for high-impact activities.

How about Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a common cause of heel pain, especially among runners. Do you feel stabbing pain in your heels, especially with the first few steps in the morning? An inflamed plantar fascia could be the culprit. consider slipping some orthotics into your sneakers for some relief.

The good news is that several inserts on our list can help reduce heel pain. One of our top picks is the Spenco Total Support Max, which helps control over-pronation and excessive motion that can irritate the plantar fascia. There's plenty of arch and heel support for running, walking and other high-impact activities.

Which Are the Best Insoles for Runner's Knee?

Runner's knee, a common condition characterized by pain in the front of the knee, can be treated by strengthening muscles that might have contributed to the injury as well as resting and icing the area.

The right insoles for runners can provide relief as well, especially ones with ample arch support. To help understand what's causing your knee pain and correct specific underlying issues, an approach such as SuperFeet's personalized 3D-printed ME3D insoles can minimize pain and keep you off the sidelines.

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