Fortnite Adds World Cup Skins

Fortnite World Cup Skins

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With the World Cup starting this Thursday it makes sense for Fortnite to capitalize on the biggest sporting event of the year with World Cup skins.

Like the Winter Olympics before it, the World Cup will feature several teams from across the world all competing towards one common goal.

Update: The skins are now live, see below for the original story.

Fortnite is getting in on the action with the addition of new World Cup-themed skins that will be customizable according to what country you can choose. Fortnite also did something similar for the Winter Olympics so it’s not all that surprising they chose to do the same thing here.

A new stadium was added into the Fortnite directly north of Pleasant Park which certainly seems like a place to test your soccer/football abilities. The complex south of Pleasant Park also remains and features a fully playable soccer game.

There are a variety of skins and backblings being added to the game in the near future, according to a recent datamine. There will be a large selection of World Cup skins as players will be able to rotate through and pick what country they want to support.

The same thing was done for the Winter Olympics skins but it looks like there will be many more options with the World Cup ones.

There’s currently no timetable as to when these skins will be released into the game but with the World Cup starting Thursday, we’re certainly looking at a sooner rather than later situation.

The datamine has also discovered a new PS Plus exclusive skin is on the way as well as many new back blings that aren’t World Cup related. Next week’s new item is called the gas grenade and it sounds like it’ll put down a cloud of poison that will damage players if they stay in it. It sounds like an item that will be used to flush players out of buildings.

Finally, the datamine also uncovered a plethora of new emotes. The two soccer ones are Soccer Juggling and Red Card while we are also seeing Cry, Pop Lock and T-Rex. These emotes also don’t have a timetable for release so stay tuned.

There are also a few different loading screens that were uncovered and they’ll be entering the game in the coming weeks.

Since all of this information has been uncovered via a datamine, we can’t say with absolute certainty these items and skins will come into the game. We have seen datamines make their way into the game before but we have also seen instances where they haven’t.

As to what changed with the patch that actually came out, the big news is the addition of the Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle. The weapon is available in Epic and Legendary variants and will light up players when you look at them through the scope. Players can find this weapon from floor loot, chests and supply drops.

The jetpack, which was announced as being vaulted last week, entered it this morning so you will no longer be seeing it in the game.

For the rest of today’s patch notes, head to the link here.

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