21 Best Gold & Silver Crosses: Inspirational Jewelry for Easter

The symbol of the cross has been revered throughout history, centuries before it became emblematic of the Christian religion. Ancient Babylonians believed it was a symbol of protection. And its popularity among people across the globe, Christian and not, is nearly universal.

Faith, prayer, and dedication are all interpretations of the cross. Whether you’re religious, spiritual, or simply feel an affinity for this precious symbol, a cross necklace is the kind of inspirational jewelry that makes a wonderful gift at Easter, or for any other special occasion.

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I've been attracted to cross necklaces my entire life, without knowing why. I recently came across a baby picture in which I was wearing a tiny Black Hills Gold cross. Was that the beginning of what's now become a large collection of cross necklaces? I wonder.

Whether you embrace a traditional crucifix, marking the end of Jesus' earthly life and the beginning of his spiritual impact on millions, or you simply embrace it for its beauty and simplicity, it can be a symbolic reminder of your devotion to those things greater than yourself. 

Cross necklaces often become a most beloved item - one that's worn in times of stress and grief, as well as in celebration of life and the abundant gifts of the world.

We've chosen twenty of our favorite silver and gold cross necklaces for both men and women that embody beauty, spirituality, and fashion. Naturally, we've added a few dozen of our other favorite recommendations, in addition to those we've featured.

This Easter, rather than presenting someone you love with the commercialized holiday trappings of bunnies and chocolates, why not give them one of these gorgeous necklaces? Each time they wear it, they'll be reminded of you, and their joy that you're a part of their life.


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