Best Dainty Jewelry: 10 Impressive Small Diamond Gifts

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Our obsession with diamonds is undeniable, but our budget to afford them often can’t keep up. Never fear, dainty jewelry can save the day. Whether you’re looking for an April birthstone gift, or you’re just making a special occasion more so, diamond jewelry is guaranteed to thrill any woman.

These gems have been enthralling people for millennia. The ancients believed diamonds were actually the tears of gods, or perhaps shards of falling stars. Later they were symbols of power and royalty. (Think British Crown Jewels here.)

In the last few centuries, diamonds (apparently the bigger, the better) are believed to be expressions of love. We’re bombarded daily by commercials and media devoted to seriously sizey celebrity engagement rings. But why isn’t there more affordable diamond jewelry for commoners like us?

In the realm of April birthstone jewelry, we have to wonder if those born in that month are often denied birthstone jewelry gifts, simply because of perceived price? So we struck out in search of some dainty diamond jewelry – the kind of jewelry that’s both smallish in size, and features smaller, but still beautiful stones.

Guess what? We found dainty diamond rings, earrings and necklaces that would thrill any April birthday girl, or any woman who has always coveted a piece of diamond jewelry. And while we hesitate to classify these beautiful pieces as cheap diamonds, per se, the fact of the matter is that there’s not one item featured on our list that tops $200, and there are lots under $100. Amazing, right?

We’ve made sure to choose the most trendy styles, while bringing price points into the realm of reality. The majority of these pieces also feature conflict free stones, so you don’t have to feel guilty, because you’ll know they were mined in an ethical way.

It’s a great time to shop for diamonds for yourself, or the women in your life, because with the Best Dainty Jewelry: 10 Impressive Small Diamond Gifts, you’ll soon discover that diamonds really are a forever kind of investment.

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Best Dainty Diamond Rings

1. 10k Yellow Gold Dainty Diamond Stackable Rope Ring

14k yellow gold dainty diamond stackable ring

Dainty and Elegant Gold Rings

This dainty stackable ring is the perfect way to honor an April birthday girl. With 15 tiny diamonds to catch the light, and her eye, this 10k gold rope ring is an affordable way to give the gift of April birthstone jewelry, without breaking the bank.

Perfect to wear alongside any of her other rings, this small diamond ring is petite, with a presence. It’s been hand polished to give the gold and brilliant sheen, which adds to the overall look of this little cutie. It has 0.05 carats of prong set, round cut diamonds. At just under $130, it’s a steal of a deal.

If you’re looking for slightly more total carat weight in your dainty diamond ring choice, but you’re sticking to your budget, the 10k Rose Gold Dainty Diamond Ring delivers 0.10 carats of glittering white diamonds, that are bezel set for a really different look. It’s less than $120.

The 10k Gold Diamond Accent Ring has that perfectly petite look, with a slightly wider band and more spaced out, bezel set stones.

Price: $129.99

Buy the 10k Yellow Gold Dainty Diamond Stackable Rope Ring here.

2. 10k White & Yellow Gold Diamond Ring

10k white and yellow gold and diamond ring

Jewel Connection

This two tone diamond ring delivers a big impact, at a pretty small price. The mix of white and yellow gold makes it look like a designer piece, although this small diamond ring comes in at less than $150. It features seven smallish stones, channel set into a narrow white gold band.

At each edge of the channel, highly polished yellow gold wraps around the band, adding both dimension and warmth to the look. With 0.15 carats of diamonds, this diamond ring is perfect as a birthday or promise ring.

It would look gorgeous, stacked with the 14k Yellow Gold Three Stone Princess Cut Sapphire and Diamond Dainty Rope Ring. Since this ring does indeed include diamonds, you could probably get away with giving it as an April birthstone jewelry piece, just this once.

And everyone will be green with envy if you give her the 14k Yellow Gold Three Stone Round Emerald and Diamond Dainty Rope Design Ring, which would also stack perfectly with the two tone band.

Price: $145.95

Buy the 10k White & Yellow Gold Diamond Ring here.

3. 10k Yellow Gold & Diamond Promise Ring

10k yellow gold diamond promise ring

Amazon Collection

It’s rare to find a diamond promise ring that delivers this much style at such an affordable price. With 0.08 carats of round white diamonds, clustered into a stacked three circle design, this dainty diamond ring would be a perfect April birthday present. After all, you’re making a promise to love your lady on her birthday, and every day, right?

This April birthstone ring features a white gold inlay down the band that actually mimics the look of additional diamonds without the price. The 10k Gold Small Diamond Cluster Ring features 0.08 carats of white diamonds, in a centered grouping that looks super impressive. This ring also uses tiny diamonds prong set on the band, to give it the look of a more expensive piece, but still fits your budget at just a little under $140.

If you’re searching for the popular bypass design, there’s a diamond ring that fits that desire, and your budget, that features even more total carat weight with 0.12 carats of stones including a little larger center stone as the focal point.

And if you’re planning to pop the question as her birthday surprise, you can even get a dainty engagement ring. The 10K Rose Gold Round Diamond Bridal Engagement Ring is absolutely precious, with 0.20 carats of diamonds for under $200.

Price: $141.38

Buy the 10k Yellow Gold & Diamond Promise Ring here.

Best Small Diamond Earrings

4. Sterling Silver Diamond Accent Heart Earrings

sterling silver diamond accent heart earrings

Amazon Collection

These sweet diamond earrings add a playfully romantic flair to your sweetheart’s jewelry wardrobe. They have shimmering sterling silver tendrils that shape the playful heart. The hearts are each pavé set with 18 glittering white diamonds, which really amp up the sparkle factor.

The hearts attach to a short silver dangle with a stud post, and friction back clasp. These diamond heart earrings feature 0.05 carats of glittery stones. If your birthday girl doesn’t like dangle earrings, these heart diamond stud earrings feature 0.05 carats of tiny diamonds, set in sterling silver for under $35.

We also think she’ll go wild over the Sterling Silver Diamond Cluster Flower Stud Earrings that feature 0.10 carats of her birthstone, set in swirls of shimmery silver, for around $54.

At under fifty-four bucks, the Sterling Silver Diamond Accent Pave Stud Earrings have a center round diamond set on a faceted plate, with a diamond accented halo. It’s that faceted plate that’s the kicker, because it mimics the look of a large center stone, without the high price.

Price: $36.09

Buy the Sterling Silver Diamond Accent Heart Earrings here.

5. Sterling Silver Diamond Round Stud Earrings

sterling silver & small diamond cluster stud earrings

Amazon Collection

These small diamond stud earrings make a huge impression, with a whopping half carat of total diamond weight. At less than $170, your lady would love these for formal and casual occasions. They feature round and baguette stones, in a halo style, that glitter from every direction. A great option, at far less than you’d pay for similar solitaire studs, they’ll impress anyone who sees them.

If you’re trying to stay closer to that $100 mark, the Sterling Silver Diamond Square Shape Stud Earrings are another gorgeous option in your quest for dainty jewelry. To emphasize the size of the stones, these diamond studs are set in extra-shimmery miracle plating.

You can snag a pair of tiny diamond solitaire studs set in 10k gold for just $62. At just 0.10 carats these are perfect for a second piercing. If you want to size up to 0.33 carats of diamonds in 14k gold, you can still keep your cost under two hundred dollars.

Price: $167.22 (36 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Sterling Silver Diamond Round Stud Earrings here.

6. 18k Rose Gold Plated Diamond Huggie Hoop Earrings

18k rose gold plated diamond hoop earrings

Amazon Collection

Diamond hoop earrings never go out of style. That’s the beauty of these petite earrings, that sparkle with 0.10 carats of channel set stones. Plated in 18k rose gold, which looks fabulous with every skin tone, these sweet little hoops literally hug the ear lobe.

A center hinge makes these huggie hoops easy to put on, and snap closed. While they’re indeed tiny, they’ll never pinch or catch her hair. Their delicate appearance makes these cuties a particularly feminine choice.

Right now, you can get 10k Gold Diamond Pavé Huggie Hoop Earrings on sale for half off, at less than $110. They feature 0.10 carats of sparkling tones in two shimmery strands down the front of the hoops.

For a dramatically different look that still fits the April birthstone bill, consider colored diamonds. The Sterling Silver and Blue Diamond Hoop Earrings feature pavé set stones, and a sweet pop of color, and because they’re set in sterling, they’re a little more impressively sized as well.

Price: $57.31

Buy the 18k Rose Gold Plated Diamond Huggie Hoop Earrings here.

Best Dainty Diamond Necklaces

7. 14K White Gold White Diamond Circle Pendant

14k white gold & diamond circle pendant necklace


This sparkling diamond circle necklace is both classic and contemporary, with an on trend design that looks good with anything. With 0.10 carats of round cut stones, this small diamond necklace is the quintessential jewelry piece that’s universally adored.

Set in 14K white gold, the diamond circle hangs from a delicate 18 inch sterling silver rolo chain, perfect for snuggling in right below her collar bone. At $83.22, it’s a real diamond deal. If you’re willing to spend a bit more, you can get this pretty diamond circle necklace with .25 carats of stones for just $186.90.

Matching diamond earrings would be an extra special gift to go with this necklace, and you’d still come in at under $200. The 10K White Gold Round Cut White Diamond Ladies Circle Shape Fashion Stud Earrings are under $65 and they feature screw back posts to keep them secure on your lady’s ears.

If you’ve already gotten her diamond studs, or she’s got another favorite set of gemstone stud earrings she loves, you could also get her some 10K Gold Round Diamond Halo Removable Earring Jackets to give them a dressy flair, plus they too would look great with her circle pendant necklace.

Another beautiful take on the diamond circle necklace, the 10k Yellow Gold Diamond Accent Sun Pendant Necklace features a romanticized design of old Sol.

Price: $83.22

Buy the 14K White Gold White Diamond Circle Pendant here.

8. Sterling Silver & 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Cross Heart Pendant Necklace

sterling silver & 14k gold diamond heart cross necklace

Amazon Collection

One of the most spiritual icons, a cross necklace is a wonderful way to embrace her love of diamonds, in a meaningful way. This dainty diamond necklace features the popular mixed metal style, with a 14k yellow gold heart wrapped around the sterling silver cross.

Set with 0.08 carats of sparkling white diamonds, it features a larger focal stone in the center, along with smaller stones on the entire pendant. With beautiful filigree work on the sides, it’s got a dimensional look that makes it seem like a much more expensive piece of jewelry. It comes with a sparkly 18 inch box chain that’s sturdy, but looks just as delicate as the pendant.

An even more dainty cross is a lovely gift idea as well. The 10k White Gold Diamond Cross Pendant Necklace features 0.10 carats of diamonds for just a few dollars more, and the fact that it’s made of gold, means it will last for a lifetime.

This 10K White Gold Diamond Cross Pendant features three focal stones in the center, and leaves the highly polished white gold to add extra shimmer.

Price: $109.33

Buy the Sterling Silver & 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Cross Heart Pendant Necklace here.

9. 14K White Gold Round Cut Diamond Bar Necklace

14k white gold diamond bar necklace

Dazzling Rock

Bar necklaces are one of the hottest fashion trends of the year, and this diamond bar necklace is the perfect way to start your own dainty jewelry collection, or someone else’s. The 14k gold bar hangs horizontally across the chest, and it’s studded with 0.10 carats of brilliant cut white diamonds.

The slightly curved pendant features milgrain edging, which gives it an even more substantial look. This diamond necklace hangs from an 18 inch sterling silver rope chain that adds the perfect vertical contrast to the pendant. Another plus? The diamonds are certified to be conflict free.

You can get a 14k Gold Straight Diamond Bar Necklace features 0.12 carats of prong set sparklers, in a frame of shimmering rose gold. It’s under $110.

We also think any lady would love the 10K Gold and Diamond Stick Bar Vertical Pendant, with it’s top studded with 0.05 carats of white diamonds, and the bar’s bottom in highly polished yellow gold. It’s a beauty, at just $89, but you will need to order a gold chain separately.

The White Diamond 10K Gold Stick Bar Dangle Earrings would make a great April birthstone jewelry gift for her next special day.

Price: $119.90

Buy the 14K White Gold Round Cut Diamond Bar Necklace here.

10. Sterling Silver Black & White Diamond Angel Wings Pendant Necklace

 sterling silver black and white diamond angel wing necklace

Amazon Collection

There’s nothing quite as dainty as an angel, and her wings are even more delicate. This beautiful angel wing necklace features a full half carat of sparkling black and white diamonds, pavé set in highly polished sterling silver. Each feather of the wings is intricately cast, with a narrow border of silver defining the small diamonds inside. It hangs from an 18 inch sterling silver rolo chain.

If you love this design, but want to stay under a hundred bucks for your diamond purchase, the Sterling Silver Black and White Diamond Angel Wing Pendant Necklace features a single wing, set with 0.20 carats of gems for just a little under $80.

The Sterling Silver Angel Feather White and Black Diamond Pendant Necklace is a gorgeous interpretation that features 0.17 carats of small stones. Another dainty angel wing necklace features .25 carats of black and white diamonds, with a lovely silver openwork design.

Price: $169.99

Buy the Sterling Silver Black & White Diamond Angel Wings Pendant Necklace here.

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