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Do you have a Twitter account? For the latest and greatest from the world of mixed martial arts, you need to follow us @HeavyMMA. For starters, we’ll give you instant links to the latest content we publish here on Heavy, so you can stay in the know and impress your friends with your MMA knowledge.

We’re also going to do plenty of “special event” tweeting, and we’re starting tomorrow with the UFC 113 media conference call featuring Lyoto Machida and Shogun Rua. We’ll give you real-time updates from the call and hook you up with thoughts from both Machida and Shogun as they head into their much-anticipated rematch next weekend.

The goodness doesn’t stop there, however. The Heavy staff attends almost every major MMA show in North America, and we’re going to use our Twitter account to bring you random bits of news and info during fight weekends.

Oh, and we’re going to make it worth your while in the next week or so. Promise.

What are you waiting for? Follow us now.

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