Sacramento Bee Asks Faber To Retire

Urijah Faber was battered and bruised by Jose Also Saturday night. At age 30, the one-time king of the featherweight division has now lost three of his last five fights.

While Faber still seems way too young to call it quits, his hometown paper disagrees. Victor Contreras, the Deputy Sports Editor of the Sacramento Bee, believes it’s time for Faber to retire before he further tarnishes his legacy.

Here is what Contreras had to say about Faber’s future:

Retire. Retire now, not after another loss in which you’re cheered entering the octagon and booed leaving it.
Faber couldn’t beat Aldo on Saturday night or any other day of the week. No shame in that.
Aldo is a young, powerful kid. He didn’t even use most of his aggressive arsenal against a foe he truly respected.
Faber has made Sacramento proud, restoring pride to a once-great fighting city. He’s a true warrior who has survived many battles.
Why risk tarnishing that image or risk the chance of injury?
Take a bow, Urijah.

It’s doubtful he will retire at the age of 30. Aldo has made a lot of people look bad and Faber is still one of the most popular fighters in the sport.

Faber will take time to let his injured legs recover and think about his future. However, despite Mr. Contreras’ plea, retirement probably isn’t in the immediate cards for The California Kid.