Emilio Hoffman: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

emilio hoffman, reynolds high school shooting victim


Emilio Hoffman has been identified by friends and acquaintances as the victim killed this morning in the Reynolds High School shooting in Troutdale, Oregon.

Dean Dodgson, a junior at Reynolds High School, confirmed to Heavy that Hoffman was the victim in the incident. The shooter, identified by police as a 15-year-old alleged shooter and classmate, Jared Padgett, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

A vigil dedicated to took place Hoffman at Walt Morey soccer field at 9 p.m. Tuesday evening.

Here’s what we know about Hoffman.

1. He Was a Soccer Player

The Reynolds High School JV soccer team roster from last fall lists Hoffman as a ninth-grade midfielder.

Several acquaintances on Twitter referred to their camaraderie with him as a member of the school’s “soccer family.”

Soccer is huge at Reynolds. Former U.S. Men’s soccer assistant coach Clive Charles began his coaching career at Reynolds before coaching the University of Portland team and eventually the U.S. national team. Hoffman’s friend and fellow soccer player Allan Berry told Oregon Live the two spoke just last week about beginning training for next year’s season.

According to his Facebook page, Hoffman’s favorite soccer player was England striker Wayne Rooney.

The shooting reportedly began in a locker room in the school’s physical education building. In the incident, the school’s track coach, Todd Rispler, was injured when a bullet grazed his hip.

2. He Had a Girlfriend

emilio hoffman girlfriend, reynolds high school shooting

Hoffman’s Facebook page says he was “in a relationship,” in a post dated May 24. Following the incident came an outpouring of grief and affection for Hoffman on Twitter.

Speaking to KGW, close friend Kaylah Ensign said that Hoffman was always there to, “make me smile…He’s just so amazing and great. It hurt that I’ll wake up tomorrow and he won’t be here.”

She said that Hoffman was the first person she tried to contact after the shooting. She reportedly waited by the evacuation buses with his mother, when they were told what happened.

3. He Was Beloved by the Community & His Family

emilio hoffman family

The family of Emilio Hoffman the victim of Tuesday’s school shooting weeps at a candle-light vigil in Troutdale, Oregon June 10, 2014. (Getty)

Adding to the tragedy is Hoffman’s age, just 14 years old. Photos of him on social media depict a baby-faced young man. Friends on Twitter said they had hoped to move up to the varsity soccer team together.

He was however just days away from finishing his school year. During his summers, Hoffman served as a soccer coach for younger boys. This photo, from his local soccer club, dated June 4, shows Hoffman surrounded by younger boys on the soccer pitch. His soccer club released the following statement:

Earlier today, Reynolds High School encountered a tragedy which resulted in the death of Freshman student and JV Soccer player, Emilio Hoffman.

On behalf of all TFA Barcelona Oregon families, we want to extend our prayers and express sincere condolences to the entire Hoffman family, friends, and loved ones.

Emilio, along with his parents and siblings, have been valued club members who have actively participated within various TFA Barcelona OR soccer programs for many years. Emilio most recently began coaching his younger twin brothers within our spring Micro program, along with plans to continue developing his coaching education within the TFA summer ESCOLA program next week.

4. His Last Tweet Came Minutes Before the Shooting

Hoffman’s final tweet was time-stamped 7:20 a.m. Pacific time. The shooting occurred around 8 a.m.

5. It’s Unclear if He Was an Intended Target

Reynolds High School Shooting Suspect

Officials have not revealed a motive for the shooting, nor have they confirmed whether the Hoffman was singled out as the specific target.

The shooter, fellow freshman Jared Padgett, seems to have no connection to Hoffman. He was a member of the school’s JROTC program and took the school bus the morning of the incident, hiding the rifle in a guitar case.