WATCH: Video Shows Chicago Police Officer Shooting Laquan McDonald 16 Times

WARNING: The video below is graphic. Viewer discretion advised:

Police have released video showing Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke shooting 17-year-old Laquan McDonald in October 2014.

The video, which you can watch above, was recorded on a police vehicle’s dashboard camera and does not have audio. It begins with several minutes of the officer whose vehicle recorded the shooting driving to the scene. At about the five-minute mark of the video, the officer arrives at the scene. McDonald can be seen running down the street.

McDonald, who was armed with a knife and suspected in an armed robbery, was shot 16 times in about 30 seconds, from about 12 to 15 feet away. Van Dyke was the only officer at the scene to fire, and he did so just seconds after exiting his SUV along with his partner, who did not shoot McDonald. Several of the shots were fired while McDonald was on the ground. Van Dyke’s partner then approaches McDonald and kicks away the knife. No medical aid was provided to McDonald by the officers.

An autopsy report shows where McDonald was shot:

Van Dyke was arrested on Tuesday, more than a year after the shooting, and charged with first-degree murder.

Read more about Van Dyke at the link below:

You can read the charging documents in the murder case below:

View this document on Scribd

The city initially fought the release of the video, claiming it would interfere with the state and federal investigations into the shooting, but decided not to appeal a judge’s decision that it must be made public. The Cook County State’s Attorney said the murder charge against Van Dyke was moved up because of the judge’s order to release the video. She said she wanted to wait until the completion of the federal investigation, but decided it would be best to announce the charge along with the video.

The video shows McDonald walking west in the middle of Pulaski Street with a knife in his right hand. Two officers jump out of a SUV with their guns drawn. McDonald can be seen continuing to walk west, with a lane of traffic separating him from the officers. One of the officers, later identified as Jason Van Dyke, begins shooting from about several feet away from McDonald. The teen is spun around by the first shots and the officer continues firing. McDonald falls to the ground and an officer walks up to him and kicks the knife out of his hand.

McDonald’s family settled a lawsuit with the city for $5 million in April.

According to the Chicago Tribune, officers began to follow McDonald after he was allegedly trying to break into vehicles at a trucking yard. The officers followed him for nearly a half-mile, through a Burger King parking lot and onto a busy street. The officers were waiting for backup units with Tasers and tried to corral McDonald to keep him away from passers-by, the Tribune reported.

Laquan McDonald, Jason van dyke

Laquan McDonald (Family photo)

The caller reporting the attempted break-ins at the trucking yard had told police McDonald was armed with a knife and had threatened him with it. He also punctured a tire of a police vehicle that was following him and struck the vehicle’s windshield.

Jason Van Dyke, Jason Van Dyke Chicago police officer, Jason Van Dyke video

Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke. (Twitter/Idschi)

The police union says Van Dyke was in fear for his life.

“The officers are responding to someone with a knife in a crazed condition who stabs out tires on a vehicle, on a squad car,” Fraternal Order of Police spokesman Pat Camden told the Chicago Tribune. “You obviously aren’t going to sit down and have a cup of coffee with him. He is a very serious threat to the officers, and he leaves them no choice at that point but to defend themselves.”

City officials and McDonald’s family have called for peaceful protests after the video’s release.

“We ask for calm in Chicago. No one understands the anger more than us but if you choose to speak out, we urge you to be peaceful. Don’t resort to violence in Laquan’s name. Let his legacy be better than that,” McDonald’s family said.




I don’t get why black on white crimes are fine but white on black crimes start chaos all over. It’s because we don’t whine about every little thing that goes wrong and it’s a real medical fact that this happens and stop!!! saying he was a perfect child because he’s not!!!


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This shouldn’t be about race. Problem though is it is. More often then not these officers carry a sort of racism. Honestly what the problem is, these murders are going on without any kind of punishment. What happened to tazers or beanbags. These cops are looking for reasons to kill. You think we would stand up and unite against these punks. RIP Laquan.. And I’m white if that means anything.

Farrow Charlie Walter

Thank U Richard for Ur logic, wisdom and insight… Ur concern for State of being and where we’re headed as a Nation. And U empathy & sympathy for a seemingly mixed up teen… Murdered by the hands of an over zealous, power hunger, driven man…posing as a Police Officer..seemingly looking for a reason to kill. Anyone That fearful for his life… from a teen ager walking AWAY from the police…. obviously Don’t have what it takes to be a Real Police Officer. Our good & great Police Officers who already have a hard enough time … being un appreciated and sometimes, under paid for the tough job they have… Do Not need people like This… who seem 2B afraid of their own shadows, and looking for a reason to Kill… to make Good Police Officers job any harder… And Less Trusted by Communities…
And for “felonyjayne” who want to live under the false pretense of safe…if we allow Police 2B judge, jury and executioner… and the penalty for a seemingly misguided teen, accused of Trying to break in a vehicle,… is 2B Shot down in the streets 16 times…. worse than a rabbit dog. This man pumped… Not 1… Not 2..Not 3… Not 4… Not 5… but this man pumped SIXTEEN (16 ) 9mm BULLETS into this 17yr old kid. And anyone who thinks “This Type” of judgement call will keep us all “SAFE”… are Sick, Misguided & Dangerous… !!! Not only to them selves, America and society over all… Where’s Ur humanity…??? Police / Marshall State of law…is No Joke… And No Freedom !!! food for Thought… With attitudes like felonyjayne and others… “Mindset of Division & Denial that there is a racial problem, In Our Country… Us against them’… R the reasons we have senseless shooting like we had last week,,, in Baton Rough, ( Alton Sterling)- Minnesota ( Philando Castile ), Dallas, ( 5 Protecting, Police Officers and innocent Civilians)… Any nation, people, communities, or everyday relationships… unless there is some Clarity, wisdom, direction and plan of action for Unity.. Divided against itself…. “They Will Fall”.. Together We Stand… or Divided We Fall … Citizens of America… This Is Our Nation… What kind of a Nation do We want to be… ??? Thanks again Richard… We Must keep our heads up Richard… look for the Better in our Country… And Fight for Change… For a Better Nation !!!

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Okay so this guy was caught breaking into peoples vehicles to rob them, then when the cops caught him he pulled a knife out and slashed their tires while threatening them… Why exactly is anyone angry about this piece of shit being taken off of the streets? I’m sorry, but I like my car, and I like my valuables. If some deadbeat loser is out in our communities stealing from us then he deserves to be permanently removed so we can be safe.


I hate how everyone is making this into a race issue when in reality this is the law vs “citizens”. It’s only got so much publicity due to black people coming together and fighting for what they believe is right


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