WATCH: Vladimir Putin Gives His Opinion On ‘Flamboyant’ Donald Trump

Vladimir Putin tried to downplay some positive words he had for Donald Trump today during a panel at the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg, Russia. Still, he said that Trump is “flamboyant” and suggested that there was nothing wrong with Trump wanting to restore U.S.-Russia ties.

After calling Trump “flamboyant,” Putin smiled as he asked, “He is, isn’t he?” Then Putin added, “I did not give any other assessment of him.” Putin also called Trump “bright.”

Putin was being asked about comments he made back in December about Trump being “very flamboyant,” “talented” and a leader in the U.S. presidential race.

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Vladimir Putin at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on June 17. (Getty)

In April, after a speech on foreign policy, CNN reported that others in Russia were happy that Trump wanted to better relations with Russia. “He expresses readiness to come to terms with the Russian President instead of making conflicts with us, the way today’s administration is doing,” Alexey Pushkov, head of the foreign relations committee of Russian parliament, said at the time.

Also during today’s panel, Putin surprisingly said that the U.S. is the only world superpower, notes Reuters. “America is a great power – today probably the only superpower. We accept that. We want to and are ready to work with the United States,” he said.