Clinton vs. Trump: Who Won the Popular Vote?

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Who’s winning the popular vote now? (Getty)

Not since 2000 has a candidate lost the electoral college after winning the popular vote. But it looks like that’s happening again in 2016 with Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump. Trump has handily won the electoral college, currently with 290 to Clinton’s 232. But Clinton is leading in the popular vote. (Find out all about who the electors are going to be in each state in Heavy’s story here.)

What is the most current popular vote count?

Clinton Is Leading Trump By More than 600,000 Votes

According to AP’s count as of November 15, 2016, Hillary Clinton has 61,324,576 votes to Donald Trump’s 60,526,852 votes. (Meanwhile, Gary Johnson got 4,164,589 votes and Jill Stein got 1,255,968 votes.)

The popular vote count means that Trump got 47.23 percent of the vote while Clinton got 47.85 percent. It’s a small percentage difference, but it’s significant. Essentially, Clinton currently has 797,724 more votes than Trump as of the latest count.

How could Clinton win the popular vote and lose the electoral college? This video helps explain how this works. It was made five years ago, so it’s not updated for the current election:

Clinton & Trump’s Popular Vote Count: State-by-State

If you want to break the popular vote down state-by-state, here are the latest numbers according to AP, as of November 13:

  • Trump won Alabama with 1,306,925 to Clinton’s 718,084.
  • Trump won Alaska with 130,415 to Clinton’s 93,007.
  • Trump won Arizona with 1,021,154 to Clinton’s 936,250.
  • Trump won Arkansas with 677,904 to Clinton’s 378,729.
  • Clinton won California with 5,931,283 to Trump’s 3,184,721.
  • Clinton won Colorado with 1,212,209 to Trump’s 1,137,455.
  • Clinton won Connecticut with 884,432 to Trump’s 668,266.
  • Clinton won Delaware with 235,581 to Trump’s 185,103.
  • Clinton won D.C. with 260,223 to Trump’s 11,553.
  • Trump won Florida with 4,605,515 to Clinton’s 4,485,745
  • Trump won Georgia with 2,068,623 to Clinton’s 1,837,300.
  • Clinton won Hawaii with 266,827 to Trump’s 128,815.
  • Trump won Idaho with 407,199 to Clinton’s 189,677.
  • Clinton won Illinois with 2,977,498 to Trump’s 2,118,179.
  • Trump won Indiana, with 1,556,220 to Clinton’s 1,031,953.
  • Trump won Iowa, with 798,923 to Clinton’s 650,790.
  • Trump won Kansas with 656,009 to Clinton’s 414,788.
  • Trump won Kentucky with 1,202,942 to Clinton’s 628,834.
  • Trump won Louisiana with 1,178,004 to Clinton’s 779,535.
  • Clinton won Maine with 354,873 to Trump’s 334,838.
  • Clinton won Maryland with 1,497,951 to Trump’s 873,646.
  • Clinton won Massachusetts with 1,964,768 to Trump’s 1,083,069.
  • Michigan is still not called by AP, but Trump is leading with 2,279,210 to Clinton’s 2,267,373
  • Clinton won Minnesota with 1,366,676 to Trump’s 1,322,891.
  • Trump won Mississippi with 678,457 to Clinton’s 462,001.
  • Trump won Missouri with 1,585,753 to Clinton’s 1,054,889.
  • Trump won Montana with 274,120 to Clinton’s 174,521.
  • Trump won Nebraska with 485,819 to Clinton’s 273,858.
  • Clinton won Nevada with 537,753 to Trump’s 511,319.
  • New Hampshire is still not called with Clinton leading at 348,126 to Trump’s 345,598.
  • Clinton won New Jersey with 2,021,756 to Trump’s 1,535,513.
  • Clinton won New Mexico with 380,724 to Trump’s 315,875.
  • Clinton won New York with 4,143,874 to Trump’s 2,640,570.
  • Trump won North Carolina with 2,339,603 to Clinton’s 2,162,074.
  • Trump won North Dakota with 216,133 to Clinton’s 93,526.
  • Trump won Ohio with 2,771,984 to Clinton’s 2,317,001.
  • Trump won Oklahoma with 947,934 to Clinton’s 419,788.
  • Clinton won Oregon with 934,631 to Trump’s 742,506.
  • Trump won Pennsylvania with 2,912,941 to Clinton’s 2,844,705.
  • Clinton won Rhode Island with 249,902 to Trump’s 179,421.
  • Trump won South Carolina with 1,143,611 to Clinton’s 849,469.
  • Trump won South Dakota with 227,701 to Clinton’s 117,442.
  • Trump won Tennessee with 1,517,402 to Clinton’s 867,110.
  • Trump won Texas with 4,681,590 to Clinton’s 3,867,816.
  • Trump won Utah with 397,004 to Clinton’s 237,241.
  • Clinton won Vermont with 178,179 to Trump’s 95,053.
  • Clinton won Virginia with 1,916,845 to Trump’s 1,731,156.
  • Clinton won Washington with 1,523,720 to Trump’s 1,043,648.
  • Trump won West Virginia with 486,198 to Clinton’s 187,457.
  • Trump won Wisconsin with 1,409,467 to Clinton’s 1,382,210.
  • Trump won Wyoming with 174,248 to Clinton’s 55,949.

Some Votes Are Still Being Counted

Some votes are still being counted, but they won’t be enough to give Clinton an electoral lead over Trump. According to the New York times, at least 7 million ballots are still not counted. (You can read more about uncounted votes in Heavy’s article here.)

Al Gore was the last presidential candidate to win the popular vote and lose the election. It’s possible that this will fuel calls to end the electoral college. However, Gore’s election was even more controversial, in many ways, because of a dispute over the validity of the vote count in Florida. Gore eventually conceded before that question could be fully decided.

Other candidates who won the popular vote but lost the election were Andrew Jackson in 1827, Samuel Tilden in 1876, and Grover Cleveland in 1888.

This election has been highly controversial. Thousands of people have been protesting the vote across the country. See where the protests took place in our story below.