Electoral College Names: Who Are the Electors Who Will Vote for President?


Hillary Clinton may have won the popular vote, but Donald Trump won the electoral college and will be President of the United States. But millions of Americans have started a petition seeking to convince the Electoral College voters to become faithless voters, turn aside from their state’s popular vote, and switch their votes to Clinton. Who are the members of the electoral college and can they do that? We have a list of all the electors’ names right here.

The members of each state’s electoral college are selected by their state’s political party to cast ballots in a vote on December 19. They typically vote for the person who won the popular vote in their state, but there are no federal law or constitutional requirements that force them to do this. In many states, electors can become faithless electors and switch their vote to a different candidate — in fact, any candidate that they wish. They aren’t limited to vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump alone. However, some states use laws or pledges to bind their electors to vote for a specific candidate. These states are Alabama, Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, D.C., Florida, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. The penalty for breaking this pledge isn’t typically severe. According to Inverse, the charge is typically a misdemeanor and a fine of about $1,000.

There are 15 states that don’t bind their electors, according to NBC 11. These are Georgia, Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Virginia.

There are 538 electors. To be chosen as an elector, you must not be a federal Senator or Representative or hold any “office of trust or profit” in the United States. You also can’t serve as an elector if you gave comfort to an enemy or engaged in rebellion against the United States (this is a Civil War era requirement.) According to Politico and Wikipedia, the electors who will be casting their vote in each state are as follows. Remember, these electors are either from the Democrat or Republican slate, depending on which candidate won in their state’s popular vote.

(UPDATE: Many have been writing and asking how they can contact the electors below. Some of their addresses have been gathered on a website called A registered Democrat from New York put together a list of Trump electors, organized by state, with pre-designed address labels so you can mail letters to each one.)

Alabama Electors’ Names

The following are the Republican presidential electors for Alabama.

  • Frank Burt, Jr. of Bay Minette
  • Will Sellers of Montgomery
  • James “Jim” Eldon Wilson of Montgomery
  • J. Elbert Peters Huntsville
  • Mary Sue McClurkin of Indian Springs
  • Robert. A. “Bob” Cusanelli of Carrollton
  • Perry Hooper Jr. of Pike Road (elector certification here)
  • Grady H. Thornton of Birmingham (elector certification here)

Alaska Electors’ Names

The following are the Republican presidential electors.

Arizona Electors’ Names

The following are the Republican presidential electors.

  • Bruce Ash of Tucson
  • Walter Begay Jr. of Kayenta
  • Sharon Giese of Mesa
  • Robert Graham of Phoenix (GOP Chair)
  • Alberto Gutier of Phoenix
  • Jerry Hayden of Scottsdale
  • Carole Joyce of Phoenix
  • Jane Pierpoint Lynch of Phoenix (According to Politico, she plans to vote for Gary Johnson in the electoral college or a write-in, not Trump)
  • J. Foster Morgan of Glendale
  • James O’Connor of Scottsdale
  • Edward Robson of Phoenix

Arkansas Electors’ Names

The following are the Republican presidential electors.

  • Jonelle Fulmer
  • Jonathan Barnett
  • Keith Gibson
  • Sharon Wright
  • Tommy Land
  • John Nabholz

California Electors’ Names

The following are the Democrat presidential electors.

  • Dustin Reed
  • John Ryan
  • Faith Garamendi
  • Kathleen Scott
  • Timothy Farley
  • Analea Patterson
  • Janine Bera
  • Denise Wells
  • Mark Headley
  • Susan Eggman
  • James Donahue
  • Christine Pelosi
  • Saundra Andrews
  • Mark Olbert
  • Donna Ireland
  • Steven Diebert
  • Steve Spinner
  • Celine Purcell
  • Javier Gonzalez
  • Vinzenz Koller
  • Ana Huerta
  • Stephen Natoli
  • Andres Ramos
  • Gail Teton-Landis
  • Natalie Fortman
  • Shawn Terris
  • David Warmuth
  • Laurence Zakson
  • Nury Martinez
  • Sheldon Malchicoff
  • Cathy Morris
  • Benjamin Cardenas
  • Edward Buck
  • Olivia Reyes-Becerra
  • Robert Torres
  • Priscilla Richardson
  • Gwen Moore
  • Jacki Cisneros
  • John MacMurray
  • Marie Torres
  • Jane Block
  • Andrew Krakoff
  • Karen Waters
  • Dorothy Vann
  • Sandra Aduna
  • Gregory Willenborg
  • Carmen Perez
  • Raymond Cordova
  • Francine Busby
  • Patrick Drinan
  • Christine Kehoe
  • Katherine Lyon
  • Shirley Weber
  • Eileen Feinstein Mariano
  • Laphonza Butler

Colorado Electors’ Names

The following are the Democrat presidential electors.

  • Terry Phillips of Louisville
  • Mary Beth Corsentino of Pueblo
  • Jerad Sutton of Greeley
  • Robert Nemanich of Colorado Springs
  • Amy Drayer of Greenwood Village
  • Ann Knollman of Arvada
  • Sen. Rollie Heath of Boulder (state legislator since 2008)
  • Hon. Polly Baca of Denver (American politician, first Hispanic woman elected to Colorado State Senate)
  • Micheal Baca of Denver

Connecticut Electors’ Names

The following are the Democrat presidential electors.

  • Barbara Gordon of West Hartford
  • Ellen Nurse of Hartford
  • Edward Piazza of New Haven
  • Tyisha Walker of New Haven
  • Christopher Rosario of Bridgeport
  • Robert Godfrey of Danbury
  • Steven Jones of Tolland

Delaware Electors’ Names

The following are the Democrat presidential electors.

  • Lynn Fuller
  • Lydia York
  • Linda Cavanaugh

D.C. Electors’ Names

The following are the Democrat presidential electors.

  • Anita Bonds
  • Jack Evans
  • Franklin Garcia

Florida Electors’ Names

The following are the Republican presidential electors.

  • Ade Aderibigbe
  • Larry Ahern
  • Brian Ballard
  • Kristy Banks
  • Michael Barnett
  • LizBeth Benacquisto
  • Robin Bernstein
  • Pam Bondi (current Attorney General of Florida)
  • John Browning
  • Sharon Day
  • Dena DeCamp
  • Nick D
  • Jeremy Evans
  • John Falconetti
  • Peter Feaman
  • Kat Gates-Skipper
  • Joe Gruters
  • Debbie Hannifan
  • Blaise Ingoglia (Chair of the Republican Party of Florida. Contact information is here.)
  • Tony Ledbetter (chairman of the Volusia County Republican Executive Committee since 2012. He works for the Trump campaign in Northeast Florida as the political regional director.)
  • Mike Moberley
  • Susan Moore
  • Joe Negron (Republican member of the Florida State Senate since 2009)
  • Clint Pate
  • Ray Rodrigues
  • Carlos Trujillo
  • Robert Watkins
  • Susie Wiles
  • Christian Ziegler

Georgia Electors’ Names

The following are the presidential electors for Georgia. One Georgia elector, Boaky Nguyen Vu, already announced that he would not vote for Trump, but would instead be a faithless elector, according to NBC 11. However, before he could vote he ended up resigning as an elector instead. He’ll be replaced by an alternate.

  • Bruce Allen Azevedo
  • Brian K Burdette
  • Lott Harris Dill
  • John David Elliott
  • James Randolph Evans
  • Bobbie D. Frantz
  • Linda D. Herren
  • Rachel Blackstone Little
  • Deborah M. McCord
  • Michael Neil McNeely
  • Mary L. Padgett
  • Neil L. Pruitt
  • Joshua Kirk Shook
  • Frank B. Strickland
  • Baoky Nguyen Vu (resigned, will be replaced by alternate)
  • John B. White

Hawaii Electors’ Names

The following are the Democrat presidential electors.

  • John Bickel
  • Janice Bond
  • Marie (Dolly) Strazar
  • David Mulinix

Idaho Electors’ Names

The following are the Republican presidential electors.

Illinois Electors’ Names

The following are the Democrat presidential electors. There are 20 total and this only lists 19.

Indiana Electors’ Names

The following are the Republican presidential electors.

  • Stephanie Beckley
  • Kevin Steen
  • Kelly Mitchell
  • Daniel Bortner
  • Laura Campbell
  • Jeff Cardwell
  • Donald Hayes
  • Randall Kirkpatrick
  • Edwin Simcox
  • Ethan Manning
  • Chuck Williams

Iowa Electors’ Names

The following are the Republican presidential electors.

  • James Whitmer
  • Don Kass
  • Dylan Keller
  • Alan Braun
  • Krut Brown
  • Polly Granzow

Kansas Electors’ Names

The following are the Republican presidential electors.

  • Ashley J. McMillan of Concordia (vice party chair)
  • Helen Van Etten of Topeka (national committeewoman)
  • Mark Kahrs of Wichita (national committeeman)
  • Ron Estes of Wichita (Kansas State Treasurer)
  • Clayton L. Barker of Leawood (party executive director)
  • Kelly Arnold of Wichita (party chair)

Kentucky Electors’ Names

The following are the Republican presidential electors.

  • Jim Skaggs (Politico lists him as a Republican Trump skeptic who wasn’t sure he’d vote for Trump on Election Day)
  • David Disponett
  • Robert Duncan
  • Michael Carter
  • Scott Lasley
  • Walter Reichert
  • Mary Singleton
  • Troy Sheldon

Louisiana Electors’ Names

The following are the Republican presidential electors.

  • Chris D. Trahan
  • Lloyd A. Harsh
  • Charles L. “Charlie” Buckels
  • Louis Avalone
  • Kay Kellogg Katz
  • Lennie Rhys
  • Garret Monti
  • Steven “Scott” Wilfong

Maine Electors’ Names

The following are the presidential electors, three Democrat and one Republican.

  • Diane Denk (She preferred Bernie over Clinton, according to Politico, but still supported Clinton)
  • David Bright of Dixmont
  • Sam Shapiro of Winslow
  • Richard Bennett (R) of Oxford

Maryland Electors’ Names

The following are the Democrat presidential electors.

  • Lesley Israel
  • Robert Leonard
  • Lillian Holmes
  • Salome Peters
  • Hagner Mister
  • Claudia Martin
  • Courtney Watson
  • Karen Britto
  • Susan Ness
  • Wayne Rogers

Massachusetts Electors’ Names

The following are the Democrat presidential electors.

  • Nazda Alam
  • Mary Gail Cokkinias
  • Marie Turley
  • Dori Dean
  • Donna Smith
  • Cheryl Cumings
  • Marc Pacheco
  • Curtis Lemay
  • Jason Palitsch
  • Paul Yorkis
  • Parwez Wahid

Michigan Electors’ Names

The following are the Republican presidential electors.

  • John Haggard
  • Jack Holmes
  • Kelly Mitchell
  • Judy Rapanos
  • Henry Hatter
  • Robert Weitt
  • Wyckham Seelig
  • Ross Ensign
  • Michael Banerian
  • Brian Fairbrother
  • Ken Crider
  • Mary Vaughn
  • Jim Rhoades (a “motorcycle lobbyist“)
  • William Rauwerdink
  • Hank Fuhs
  • Joseph Guzman

Minnesota Electors’ Names

The following are the Democrat presidential electors.

  • Fred Knudson
  • Roger Gehrke
  • Marge Hoffa
  • Raymond Hess
  • Muhammed Abdurrahman
  • Betsy O’Berry
  • Mike Wammer
  • Mary Murphy
  • Jules Goldstein
  • Sherrie Pugh

Mississippi Electors’ Names

The following are the Republican presidential electors.

  • Ann Hebert
  • Joe F. Sanderson Jr.
  • Bradley R. White
  • J. Kelley Williams
  • William G. Yates Jr.
  • Wirt A. Yerger, Jr.

Missouri Electors’ Names

The following are the Republican presidential electors.

  • Tim Dreste (an “anti-abortion radical” according to Politico)
  • Jan DeWeese
  • Hector Maldonado
  • Sherry Kuttenkuler
  • Casey Crawford
  • Tom Brown
  • Cherry Warren
  • Scott Clark
  • Al Rotskoff
  • Susie Johnson

Montana Electors’ Names

The following are the Republican presidential electors.

  • Thelma Baker
  • Nancy Ballance
  • Dennis Scranton

Nebraska Electors’ Names

The following are the Republican presidential electors.

  • Phil Berlin
  • John Dinkel
  • Chuck Conrad
  • Craig Safranek
  • Paul Burger

Nevada Electors’ Names

The following are the Democrat presidential electors.

  • Dayananda Prabhu Rachakonda
  • Larry Jackson
  • Joetta Brown
  • Paul Catha II (A Bernie Sanders supporter)
  • Greg Gardella
  • Teresa Benitez-Thompson

New Hampshire Electors’ Names

The following are the Democrat presidential electors.

  • Bev Hollingworth
  • Terie Norelli
  • Carol Shea Porter
  • Dudley Dudley

New Jersey Electors’ Names

The following are the Democrat presidential electors.

  • Alaa R. Abdelaziz of Paterson
  • Tahsina Ahmed of Haledon
  • Anthony Cureton of Englewood
  • Lizette Delgado-Polanco of Ewing
  • Edward Farmer of Piscataway
  • Christopher D. James of East Orange
  • Leroy J. Jones Jr. of East Orange
  • Retha R. Onitiri of Clarksburg
  • Marlene Prieto of Secaucus
  • Ronald G. Rios of Carteret
  • Hetty M. Rosenstein of South Orange
  • Kelly Steward Maer of Manasquan
  • Mary Ann Wardlow of Lawnside
  • Heriberta Loretta Winters of Williamstown

New Mexico Electors’ Names

The following are the Democrat presidential electors.

  • Lorraine Spradling
  • Edward Torres
  • Noyola Archibeque
  • John Padilla
  • Roxanne Allen

New York Electors’ Names

The following are the Democrat presidential electors.

  • William J. Clinton
  • Andrew M. Cuomo (Governor of New York since 2011)
  • Kathy C. Hochul (Lieutenant Governor of New York)
  • Thomas P. DiNapoli (54th Comptroller of New York)
  • Eric T. Schneiderman (New York Attorney General)
  • Carl E. Heastie (Speaker of the New York State Assembly)
  • Andrea Stewart-Cousins
  • Bill de Blasio (Mayor of New York City)
  • Letitia A. James (New York City Public Advocate)
  • Scott M. Stringer (New York City Comptroller)
  • Melissa Mark-Viverito
  • Byron W. Brown (Mayor of Buffalo, New York)
  • Christine C. Quinn (former Speaker of the New York City Council)
  • Basil A. Smikle, Jr.
  • Melissa Sklarz
  • Mario F. Cilento
  • Rhonda Weingarten
  • George K. Gresham
  • Daniel F. Donohue
  • Stuart H. Appelbaum
  • Gary S. LaBarbera
  • Lovely A. Warren (Mayor of Rochester, New York)
  • Stephanie A. Miner (Mayor of Syracuse, New York)
  • Katherine M. Sheehan (Mayor of Albany, New York)
  • Anastasia M. Somoza
  • Sandra Ung
  • Ruben Diaz, Jr. (President of the Borough of the Bronx in New York City)
  • Hazel L. Ingram (93-years-old)
  • Rachel D. Gold

North Carolina Electors’ Names

The following are the Republican presidential electors.

  • Linda Harper
  • Charles Staley
  • Karen Kozel
  • Martha Jenkins
  • Celeste Stanley
  • Donald Webb
  • Robert Muller
  • Jennifer Dunbar
  • Andrea Arterburn
  • Glenn Pinckney Sr.
  • Mark Delk
  • David Speight
  • Ann Sullivan
  • Lee Green
  • David Smuski

North Dakota Electors’ Names

The following are the Republican presidential electors.

  • Duane Mutch
  • John Olson
  • Ronald Carlisle

Ohio Electors’ Names

The following are the Republican presidential electors.

Oklahoma Electors’ Names

The following are the Republican presidential electors.

  • David Oldham
  • Teresa Lyn Turner
  • Mark Thomas
  • Bobby Cleveland
  • Lauree Elizabeth Marshall
  • Charles W. Potts
  • George W. Wiland, Jr.

Oregon Electors’ Names

The following are the Democrat presidential electors.

  • Frank James Dixon of Portland
  • Karen A. Packer of Newberg
  • Austin Folnagy of Klamath Falls
  • Leon H. Coleman of Aloha
  • Harry W. “Sam” Sappington III of Albany
  • Timothy Norman Powers Rowan of Portland
  • Laura Gillpatrick of Eugene

Pennsylvania Electors’ Names

The following are the Republican presidential electors.

  • Robert Asher
  • Mary Barket
  • Robert Bozzuto
  • Theodore (Ted) Christian
  • Michael Downing
  • Margaret Ferraro
  • Robert Gleason
  • Christopher Gleason
  • Joyce Haas
  • *Ash Khare
  • James McErlane
  • *Elstina Pickett
  • Patricia Poprik
  • Andrew Reilly
  • Carol Sides
  • Glora “Lee” Snover
  • Richard Stewart
  • Lawrence Tabas
  • Christine Toretti
  • Carolyn “Bunny” Welsh

Rhode Island Electors’ Names

The following are the Democrat presidential electors.

  • Clay Pell
  • Grace Diaz
  • L. Susan Weiner
  • Frank J. Montanaro

South Carolina Electors’ Names

The following are the Republican presidential electors.

  • Glenn McCall
  • Matt Moore
  • Terry Hardesty
  • Jim Ulmer
  • Brenda Bedenbaugh
  • Bill Conley
  • Shery Smith
  • Moye Graham
  • Jerry Rovner

South Dakota Electors’ Names

The following are the Republican presidential electors.

Tennessee Electors’ Names

The following are the Republican presidential electors.

  • Beth Scott Clayton Amos (State Executive Committee member for the Republican party)
  • Joey Jacobs of Brentwood (Pres & CEO of Acadia Healthcare)
  • Jason Mumpower (Bristol)
  • Susan Mills (Maryville)
  • Liz Holiway (Harriman)
  • Lynne Davis (Lascassas)
  • Tom Lawless (Nashville)
  • Mike Callahan (Monterey)
  • Pat Allen (Clarksville)
  • Shannon Haynes (Alamo)
  • Drew Daniel (Memphis)

Texas Electors’ Names

The following are the Republican presidential electors.

In Texas, one elector has already spoken out. Voter Hannah Moskowitz write elector John E. Harper and sought to get him to change his vote from Trump to Clinton. Harper worte Moskowitz back and referred to Clinton as a despicable person and threatened legal action against Hannah. (See more about the letter in Heavy’s story here.)

  • Marty Rhymes (Suspicious of Trump, but believes the Clintons are tied to numerous deaths)
  • Thomas Moon
  • Carol Sewell
  • John Harper (Chastised a person who suggested he should vote for Clinton instead)
  • Sherrill Lenz
  • Nicholas Ciggelakis
  • Will Hickman
  • Landon Estay
  • Rex Lamb
  • Rosemary Edwards
  • Matt Stringer
  • Shellie Surles
  • Melissa Kalka
  • Sandra Cararas
  • David Thackston
  • Robert Bruce
  • Margie Forster
  • Scott Mann
  • Marian K. Stanko
  • Tina Gibson
  • Ken Muenzter
  • Alexander Kim (Received a letter from a concerned voter and said he would vote for Trump. “I have no desire for her to become President.”)
  • Virginia Abel
  • Curtis Nelson
  • Kenneth Clark
  • Candace Noble
  • Fred Farias
  • John Dillard
  • Tom Knight
  • Marian Knowlton
  • Rex Teter
  • Stephen (Chris) Suprun Jr. (Said he’d have trouble supporting Trump, but later denied he said that, according to Politico)
  • Jon Jewett
  • Susan Fischer
  • Lauren (Loren?) Byers – (Once called Trump a “loose cannon” but told Politico would still vote for Trump in the Electoral College)
  • William Greene
  • Mary Lou Erben
  • Arthur Sisneros (Member of the “liberty movement,” he was recruited to cast his vote against Trump. But now he’s changed his mind)

Utah Electors’ Names

The following are the Republican presidential electors.

Vermont Electors’ Names

The following are the Democrat presidential electors.

Virginia Electors’ Names

The following are the Democrat presidential electors.

  • Bethany J. Rowland of Chesapeake
  • Debra Stevens Fitzgearld of Harrisonburg
  • James Harold Allen Boyd of Culpeper
  • Jasper L. Hendricks, III of Pamplin
  • Jeanette C. Sarver of Dublin
  • K. James O’Connor, Jr. of Manassas
  • Kathy Stewart Shupe of Sterling
  • Keith A. Scarborough of Woodbridge
  • Lashrecse D. Aird of Petersburg
  • Susan Johnson Rowland of Chesapeake
  • Terry C. Frye of Bristol
  • Virginia L. Peters of Alexandria
  • Vivian J. Paige of Norfolk

Washington Electors’ Names

The following are the Democrat presidential electors. At least two electors have publicly said that they may be faithless electors and not vote for Clinton.

  • Elizabeth Caldwell
  • Dan Carpita
  • Peter Chiafalo (He previously said he wasn’t sure if he would vote for Clinton, but might be a “conscientious elector” and ignore his state’s popular vote.)
  • Levi Guerra
  • Eric Herde
  • Joshua Ivey
  • Esther John
  • Julie Johnson
  • Varisha Khan
  • Chris Porter
  • Robert Satiacum, Jr. (A member of the Puyallup Tribe, he has said he will not vote for Clinton because he believes she is a “criminal who doesn’t care enough about American Indians.” He doesn’t like Trump either.) 
  • Phillip Tyler

West Virginia Electors’ Names

The following are the Republican presidential electors.

Wisconsin Electors’ Names

The following are the Republican presidential electors.

  • Kim Travis of Williams Bay
  • Kim Babler of Madison
  • Brian Westrate of Fall Creek
  • Brad Courtney of Whitefish Bay
  • Kathy Kiernan of Richfield
  • Dan Feyen of Fond du Lac
  • Jim Miller of Hayward
  • Bill Berglund of Sturgeon Bay
  • Steve King of Janesville
  • Mary Buestrin of River Hills

Wyoming Electors’ Names

The following are the Republican presidential electors.

  • Bonnie Foster
  • Teresa Richards
  • Karl Allred

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  1. Please do your duty to protect the United States for a President who represents everything we teach our children to not be .But more importantly elect the president who won the popular vote na has no foreign influence from Russia and who will not take this great nation backwards 100 years.

    • Donald Trump won the election. Hillary will end the United States and will bring in the new world order. She is a criminal and needs to be on trial and hung for treason. Any one who supports a scumbag like her or obama is a traitor to this country.

      • “Anyone who supports scumbags like Hillary or Obama is a traitor to this country.” Really? Your statement alone makes you an ignorant asshole! For the record, at least Obama won both the popular and electoral votes, without cheating…twice, and Hillary had never been proven to have committed any crime, even after dozens of unnecessary, partisan hearings and investigations by republicans!!!
        You sound stupid and are obviously a supporter of racist beliefs, white supremacy and nationalism.
        Secondly, you are saying that you condone winning such an important election, as POTUS, by any means necessary? In your mind cheating, lying, be divisive, spewing hate and racially tinged insults, calling people names and being obnoxious, xenophobic, mentally unstable, ignorant of the issues, masogynistic, appealing to racist factions, disrespecting women being in collusion with a foreign government to hack into an American politicians computer servers, then deliberately distrubuting that information to muddy the waters, and above all, pressure the FBI to also put out an inaccurate and misleading information, just days before a major election to help your candidate win? Also, he’s not even President yet and he’s putting all the pieces in place to enrich himself and give even more power to the wealthy over everyone else! That’s your way of justifying and rationalizing Trumps win? That’s the person you support over Hillary, after all her political and personal accomplishments?
        If all that he’s done, plans to do, said and continues to say is okay with you, then it’s you who are a traitor and just as much the problem with this country and should be put out of this country because you are guilty of supporting treasonous, racist divisive behavior! This country would be so much. Water with the likes of you and those who think like you. Take two seats and just STFU!

        • Lol at you and our whole post….

          “You sound stupid and are obviously a supporter of racist beliefs, white supremacy and nationalism.”
          That’s why Trump won because all criticism of HRC was met with this. Good job pointing it out here in the forums.

        • Notice how blind, soulless HRC supporters have trip use so many words (lies) to try so hard to make sense and convince themselves and others of their incorrect facts.
          Trump and all associated with, have done Nothing behind closed doors, and when a fact is brought to view, it is not Dangerous to you or me or the USA.
          ALL that Bill, HRC, and Borack did was behind closed doors and in secret. And against the (you, me, plus our neighbors) people of this country.
          These are correct (true) facts. Please use your own logical calculations, based on truth.

      • comments coming from a child predator like you shows that you and those like you need to be publicly executed! you and your kind are the problem, your death will be the solution.

    • Yes President elect Donald J. Trump, was voted in by us hard working American citizens with real lives and dedicated parents. Electors lets get President elect Donald J. Trump in the White House!

      • God never chose Dumbass Trash to lead America. child predator bigots wanted him. proof that you americans are indeed last on the Education Table. Dead last. Pathetic.

  2. I beg the electors, both demonocratic and republican, not to vote for Donald Trump. He, along with his children and cabinet members, will ruin the United States. He has shown distaste and animosity for the people. His campaign promises were empty, some of which (convicting Hillary Clinton) were bad and others which were good (creating jobs, a better/modified health care system with better coverage for less money). I see him as a man that will do whatever he can to increase his own profits at whatever cost, similar to Putin. I believe that, under his presidency, the disparity between the rich and the middle class will grow every year that he’s in office. We will lose freedoms (he punishes those that speak against him) and national security (he likes Putin), and democracy in the U.S. will suffer. I fear the loss of my Social Security benefits under his presidency. I fear for the veterans, our children, the poor, the unemployed and soon-to-be unemployed, and for our environment under this presidency. I fear for the free world under his presidency. Most of all, I fear for the United States under his presidency. Please don’t let partisanship guide your vote. Please stand up for America and the American people. We elected you to take care of us. Please do that by voting No for Donald Trump.

    • I lost my hope on Obummer administration and his amateur leadership. I chance up on Trump for myself loose or not. God bless Trump.

  3. Trump is a disaster for this country. Trump built his campaign on lies and duped his followers. It’s amazing how one man can be such a threat to our country, but he is. The Electors will hopefully see that. Trump’s empire is largely financed by the Russian oligarchs, and that’s the main reason he will not release his tax returns. After the December 19 vote by the Electoral College, hopefully the House of Representatives will see him as a fraud and huckster as well, and approve the E. C.’s vote to oust this carnival barker. His morality is in the gutter, he changes his position to bend to the wind, is bored with intelligence, has NO vision for America, and will likely be impeached in his first 4 months in office, if he ever gets there. Dump Trump!!!!

  4. Electors, Please HONOR YOUR PLEDGE and cast your vote for DONALD TRUMP as our next president! the outrage and poor loser attitude of the left only serves to further illuminate the sense of totalitarian righteousness and DETERMINATION the the current administration and their followers have to continue the iron liberal grip they have instilled on this country. LIBERATE US FROM 8 YEARS OF LIES AND FAILED POLICIES! HONOR THE PLEDGE AND FOLLOW THE LAW OF THIS LAND! VOTE TRUMP>

  5. I have just prayed for each and every member of our electoral college. I prayed protection from threats and intimidation. I prayed for wisdom and strength to do the duty you were elected and have sworn before man and God to do. I prayed He will guide you, not the voices of anarchy, deceit, and partisanship.

  6. The people have spoken clearly. Donald Trump is our choice. Hillary Clinton is a woman who cannot be trusted and should not have even been allowed on the ballot. Even prior to his being sworn in, Donald Trump is having a very obvious positive effect on this nation. We do not need four more years of rule by socialists. This nation is a Republic. Hillary would have been a disaster for America. Have some guts and side with the people. That is something Obama has never done!!

    • I most first apologize for not responding when I should have to those who commented but I failed to realize My time with Word Press was over. I can only do so many of these things and that is one too many now.In leaving let me say there is no amount of foul langage that will ever change the mind of another person, maybe entertain them in some sick way, but not change their mind on any subject, for that you need clear reasoning which may sway them, or not. Please forgive me for having wasted your time. RsGoat

  7. The Electoral College needs to be banished. Is the government going to reimburse me for the gas I had to pay for to drive to the polls for a vote that didn’t even count. We, as a country, need to come together and abolish the Electoral College and get this government back to where it should be. Not where people would rather die or kill themselves than to stay alive and see how this country fails and falls, which it will do.

    • Hi Anonymous, You have your facts wrong. Even Mr. Trump said that the Electoral College was “genius” AFTER he got elected. But here’s the issue, that you do not understand: The popular vote, which Trump lost, is only the first of a three-part sequence to a presidential election. The 2nd part is the E.C. vote on Dec. 19. The 3rd part is the House of Representatives approval of the E.C. vote on Jan. 6. Now, please act like a good American, read the constitution, and put some more gas in your car.

    • The Electoral College is needed to keep this country a republic – I hope that the electors vote correctly and Mr Trump is our next president. If not be ready for civil war!

    • Are you insane or being stupid? Am the American citizens choice on Trump. Am fed up with political correctness. I will walk in the shadow of death and feel no moa shame, for Trump will create no more pain.

  8. I cant believe that a KGB agent….that tortured Americans in East Germany…While Ronald Reagan was President..would influence the vote of the American people…This is a slap in the face to all Americans but more importantly a grotesque smear on the legacy of our 40th President!

    • Anonymous, How do you know any American was influenced by any of the supposed “Hacked emails”? Hillary was a terrible candidate and the people did not trust her. The voting represents how the people felt about her. Don’t give me the popular vote argument, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out if you win California & New York the popular vote will be yours. This country is more then California and and New York and thank God for the electoral college that gives smaller states a voice. So all of you snowflakes,
      just shut the hell up.

      • Your language and tone of voice is typical of everything that is bad about trump. You really are a Neanderthal, if you know what that means.

  9. Electoral College current way should be abolished, dumped down a deep hole and forgotten forever. The Actuate Vote is the only true Democracy, after all the President represents the entire nation. No vote should count more then others which is not the case right now. The candidates certainly would have campaigned more then the Swing states and listened to a wider audience. This of course would have changed the total counts with no idea who would have won.

    Just who are the Electors which are selected by their parties? What qualifies the 528 Electors as the expert over the millions of voters!? The people should decide the president and not just the elite few.

    • Hi Criganer,
      You have your facts wrong. Even Mr. Trump said that the Electoral College was “genius” AFTER he got elected. But here’s the issue, that you do not understand: The popular vote, which Trump lost, is only the first of a three-part sequence to a presidential election. The 2nd part is the E.C. vote on Dec. 19. The 3rd part is the House of Representatives approval of the E.C. vote on Jan. 6. Now, please act like a good American, read the constitution, and ask your electors to vote for anyone but Trump the horse’s rump…..he will destroy America.

      • You did not need to describe the process, the statements in this Forum already show people here are aware of how the Electoral College works. Oh and Congress is now controlled by Republicans which will wipe out the Democrat option unless a huge very very unlikely turnover. Due to the Republican Congress; the reason why at least one Democrat Elector is changing his vote from Clinton and not to Trump either! More corruption when Republican and Democrat Electors pool their votes towards John K.

        2.5 million more votes for Clinton and Trump will be the President. Something definitely wrong with the Electoral process. Of course the numbers would be different due to the Campaigns would run based on Popular ACTUAL votes. Trump to me the best choice for change, but the Electoral College putting him over the people is so wrong. Changing the rules at the end by overthrowing Trump against the voteers certainly is wrong too.

      • Trump has brought up more of the positive JFK idea’s during his election while Hillary discussed something JFK spoke of as the worst thing a person could do to the American people. Listen to his 1963 Astoria Speech and compare their idea’s for our economy!The most damage being done to our country is by the nay sayer’s painting pictures of doom and gloom putting fear in the hearts of the public and they themselves building up racism while driving in the wedges of separation between communities so we will hate each other instead of work together and heal our country! I can understand that if Trump succeeds the Democratic Party will have egg on it’s face so they and the Media that supports them must do all in their power now to make him fail and that is what you are doing! You and other treacherous villains like you who claim no prejudice but ooze the illness from every pore. You have sickened me. We either work to make a better country together or play like children spit in the drink like you are doing.

  10. anonymous from Illinois

    I am a hispanic blue collar worker. I live out in rural country where’as I rarely feel this state let alone this country truly represents my concerns. I just hope to survive economically day to day and want my family to feel secure.
    This country is so torn apart now, do we really need to add fuel to the fire? If the electors change their vote after they’ve made a pledge to go the way of their state, why would should people vote at all.
    I live in the state of Illinois that Hillary Clinton won. I did not vote for her. Chicago’s mass popular vote determined the way my state goes. I will never see my issues addressed, unless they affect the largely populated cities in this country, but you know what? I still vote. Can the electoral college be improved? yes. Stand up and do what you’ve pledged to do. Let’s have some faith in something as a free country that people will uphold their promises and pledges. Then let’s fix what needs to be fixed.
    I hold my head low as I see on the news americans killing, beating and mouthing words of hate just based on who someone voted for. We all have have opinions,choices and ideas that need to be heard. We should feel safe to express them freely without repercussions.
    Let’s keep moving forward and get this over with. We need to start thinking positive and have hope we get a chance to see America come back together.

    Thank you for your time and consideration, I appreciate and respect the role you serve in our electoral process.

    • I can’t find how he is disqualified but I’m not a lawyer. The only thing I can suggest is to advertise his place there and point out his ability to continue campaigning for Hillary behind closed doors! We as citizens must shine a light on this because obviously the media is taking no notice of “William Clinton” as “Bill Clinton”! It is like hiding in plain sight. Once the vote is taken it is too late. put this in any on line statement you make even if it looks awkward!

  11. UNFAIR!…UNFAIR! I wanted Hillary to win, so change the rules. My mommy would. I am going to hold my breathe til someone makes it all better. WAA WAA WAA. Who wants to live in a bad place like AMARICURE if us entiled Libby’s can’t get our my. I am going to CANADA with all the Hollywood elite cause they are such great roll models and would not lie. Just like Hillary, she never told a SINGLE LIE. O LOOK, TRUMP has done more good for this country in one month than Hillary did in 30 years and no one died.

    • Laura,
      You are absolutely correct. Hope for wisdom and good judgment from the Electoral College and the House of Representatives.

  12. I beg you not to vote for Donald trump. He did not win the popular vote, he has no knowledge of foreign policy except to help himself. I fear for the freedoms that we have fought to keep. Please please. Do NOT vote for Donald trump

  13. …As articulated by Alexander Hamilton in Federalist Paper 68: “The process of election affords a moral certainty, that the office of President will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications.” Donald Trump continues to demonstrate that he lacks the requisite qualifications.There are many reasons to reject Donald Trump as unfit to be president. I will name just one: he will pervert our standards of law and ethics by using the presidency to enrich himself and his family.
    Let’s not inaugurate a president whose greed destines him for impeachment.

  14. I saw that some electors are trying to get updates from CIA and FBI about Russian hacking. Please remember that reports are being ultimately provided by a Democratic leader that is biased and does not want a Republican candidate to take over. I had seen where many of the CIA analysts are Democratic, where the people in the field are Republican. They were saying you cannot 100% trust their reports because they could potentially sway things based on their personal feelings. FBI also has the potential as we know when Bill Clinton boarded the plane and then all of a sudden Hillary Clinton was cleared of everything the following day. Please keep this in mind when listening to reports. I do believe that Russia and other countries did not want Hillary to become President and there should be nothing wrong with those countries expressing their opinion. They simply felt that they could work with Trump and not Hillary. I also believe that whatever DNC emails that were released were equally as damaging to her as the bias during debates where Trump was attacked and other things released about him. While campaigning for Hillary, President Obama even stated that Trump will be tied to KKK (which was completely inappropriate and possibly damaging to Trump). It was a very unfair election for him as well. It is something we should learn from and move on and make changes in the future. Candidates should make things about politics in the future and not make personal attacks on each other. The Democratic party was in no way innocent and made things just as ugly during the process. Donald Trump should be our President. He will be a great leader for the country. We need a President that will be respected by other leaders because we ultimately need to get along with other countries to continue to survive.

  15. Electors: Please vote Trump out. He is not qualified to be president of this country, and he will bring ruin to all of the standards and beliefs that has made the U.S. a beacon of hope to all the world. His Russian ties are becoming more obvious, and his international business dealings are financed by the Russian oligarchs. And his NY & Atlantic City ventures are backed by the mafia and the mob. That is why he will not release his tax returns. His morality is in the gutter, he takes revenge on all that disagree with him, his narcissistic, fragile ego will cloud his judgment, he has disdain for our own intelligence, he will NOT cooperate with our international partners, he mocks people less fortunate, and he will never extricate himself or his political life from his business dealings. The presidency will be used to enrich himself and his family. PLEASE do not vote in a person now who will only work to get himself impeached later. Please vote Trump out.

  16. President Trump – 306 Electoral College Votes Monday 12-19-2016

    With the dispute of the Popular Vote and SIX Electors ignoring the voters, will the Electoral College survive?
    Most Electors stayed with their Pledges following the ballots of voters they represent. However, SIX Electors were Faithless and chose people not even on the ballot! The voters the Electors represented were ignored. An additional three Democrat Electors attempted to cast their votes for Sanders, but changed their decision or were replaced as required by the laws of their states.

    Who are these people, what makes the 538 Electors wiser then the millions of voters?
    House Speaker Pelosi’s daughter is one of the Electors in California. Take a wild guess which party she is pledged to. Former President Bill Clinton is a New York Elector, with his wife running for President! In Michigan out of just 16 Electors, there is a Father Daughter Elector Team taking up two of the limited slots. Really!? Where is across the board representation of “We The People” when a daughter of a State Representative, a spouse of a Presidential Candidate and two Electors are immediate family members!

  17. It looks like all of the electors in Florida are Republican. I’m not sure I understand, because of course they will all cast a Republican vote.

  18. This is to all the electors, but particularly, Michigan and Florida. The Electoral College was formed as a safeguard in the event a mentally unstable person talked his way into the Presidency. Any observant person could see that Donald Trump, the Predator-in-Chief, was a delusional, meglomaniac, suffering from narscissistic personality disorder but would be a disaster for this country and its democracy. A white Supremacist who has made living in America, the land of the free, unsafe for minority groups. He has maligned the Courts and its Judges because they will not let him violate the Constitution. YOU FAILED MISERABLY IN YOUR DUTY TO THIS COUNTRY. Because of you, the Electoral College will probably be abolished. CLEARLY, YOU CANNOT BE TRUSTED TO DO YOUR DUTY. YOU ALLOWED A CLEARLY INSANE MAN TO OCCUPY THE HIGHEST OFFICE IN THE WORLD. SHAME ON YOU. There should be a penalty for you all failing to what was correct and good for the United States.


    The members of the electoral college who voted gop neocon should be charged with treason.

    electoral college = useless bunch of morons. Why do we have the electoral college? –> James Madison worried about what he called “factions,” which he defined as groups of citizens who have a common interest in some proposal that would either violate the rights of other citizens or would harm the nation as a whole. ….. fast forward to 11/9/2016, 12/19/2016, and every day since…………………FAIL.

  20. Anon.
    We have just seen the tip of the iceberg. We will always be AMERICANS FIRST. I am a proud veteran who knows that politicians, what ever their cause will band together if they see their ship sinking. That is what is great about America. This is what is great about little old you and I. A great thank you to all parties. My faith and your faith in AMERICA will never be shakend. GOD BLESS AMERICA.