New Hampshire Polls: Trump Draws Ahead of Clinton in Newest Polls

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Hillary Clinton in Manchester, New Hampshire on October 24. (Getty)

Two new polls from New Hampshire released just four days before the general election on November 8 should give the Hillary Clinton campaign some worry. The latest polls in the state have shown her lead in the Granite State over Donald Trump disappear. She has either tied or fallen behind Trump in the newest polls.

The latest Auto Alliance and Entertainment Software Association poll shows Clinton’s lead down to a single point, 43-42 percent. The poll also shows Gary Johnson with 8 percent support  and Jill Stein with 2 percent.

Candidate Percentage Points
Clinton 43
Trump 42
Johnson 8
Stein 2

However, this appears to be one of the few remaining polls showing Clinton with a lead at all. The newest polls listed on Real Clear Politics show Trump with a lead or tie, although one within the margin of error. For example, a poll released on November 3 by UMass Lowell and 7 News shows Trump and Clinton in a tie at 44 percent, with 4 percent of the 695 likely voters polled still undecided. In early October, that same poll showed Clinton with a 6-point lead.

Candidate Percentage Points
Clinton 44
Trump 44
Johnson 5
Stein 2

As previously noted, a poll from the New Hampshire Journal and Inside Sources showed Trump with a 44.6-42.9 percent lead. While even the pollsters behind that admitted that their landline method has been favorable to Trump in the past, it seems to be a predictor for the way other polls have moved.

A poll from WBUR/Mass Inc Polling Group, taken between October 29 and November 1 of 500 likely voters, showed Trump up 44-42 percent in a two-candidate race. However, that poll’s margin of error was 4.4 percent.

On November 3, the American Research Group’s latest poll of 600 likely voters gave Trump a five-point lead. The issue with this poll though is that it included 209 Republicans, as opposed to 191 Democrats. The rest of those polled were unregistered voters. The margin of error was 4 percent.

Candidate Percentage Points
Clinton 43
Trump 48
Johnson 4
Stein 1

New Hampshire has just four electoral votes, but the state has remained heavily contested, with both candidates hosting rallies there late last month. Trump is in the state again today.

Clinton’s New Hampshire communications director, Julie McClain, told USA Today that they are not nervous about the latest polls, because they “always tighten in New Hampshire around election day.”

The state last voted for a Republican presidential candidate in 2000, when its electoral votes went to George W. Bush. It has gone blue in the past three presidential elections.

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