Presidential Election Results & Electoral College Map

In one of the biggest upsets in United States history, Donald Trump stunned Hillary Clinton Tuesday night to win election as America’s 45th President. Clinton has called and conceded the election to Trump.

Trump, who stunned the political world by winning the GOP primary in a field that included 17 candidates, entered Election Day trailing by at least 3 percentage points in national polls and as an underdog in virtually every election forecast. But the Manhattan real estate tycoon rode huge margins among white voters to an upset.

Trump’s victory could represent a big upset for Democrats, President Barack Obama’s legacy, and, in many ways, the political establishments in both parties. Trump won despite failing to gain the endorsements of any of the past three GOP nominees for President, and despite widespread criticism from elected officials in his own party, including House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Here’s a breakdown of the states won by each candidate:

States Won by Trump:

Indiana 11
Kentucky 8
West Virginia 5
South Carolina 9
Oklahoma  7
Alabama  9
Mississippi  6
Tennessee  11
Arkansas 6
Texas 38
Kansas 6
Louisiana 8
Nebraska 5
North Dakota 3
South Dakota 3
Wyoming 3
Montana 3
Missouri 10
Ohio 18
Idaho 4
North Carolina 15
Florida 29
Utah 6
Iowa 6
Georgia 16
Wisconsin 10
Pennsylvania 20
Arizona 11
Maine’s 2nd CD 1

States Won by Clinton

Vermont 3
Illinois  20
Massachusetts  11
Connecticut  7
New Jersey  14
Delaware  3
Maryland  10
Rhode Island  4
D.C.  3
New York 29
New Mexico 5
Virginia 13
Colorado 9
California 55
Hawaii 4
Washington 12
Oregon 7
Nevada 6
Maine statewide & CD 1 3

States That Are Too Close to Call

No polls have closed yet, so all states are too early to call. Note: Nebraska and Maine each award two electoral votes for the statewide winner and one electoral vote for each of their congressional districts. The total listed below is the combination of statewide votes and votes for congressional district.

Michigan 16
Minnesota 10
New Hampshire 4

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