Andrew Yang’s Family & Children: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Andrew Yang's family and children

Andrew Yang 2020 Andrew Yang's family and children

Andrew Yang is an outside-the-box Democratic candidate for President who’s gained so much traction that he’s now sometimes polling as high as 5 percent. He’s a successful entrepreneur campaigning on platforms like Universal Basic Income. He’s even planning to use a hologram for some of his events. He and his wife, Evelyn Yang, have been married since 2011. Read on to learn more about his family and children.

1. Yang’s Wife Stays at Home with Their Children

Andrew Yang’s wife, Evelyn Yang, stays at home with their children. He talks about their relationship in his interview with Lovett or Leave It Live. During the interview, he mentions that his wife’s work with the children is incredibly valuable, even though she doesn’t earn a paycheck.

Yang has tweeted the same thing, talking about how valuable his wife’s work is.

2. One of His Children Has Autism

One of Yang’s children has autism. That’s why one of his platform policies is to fund autism intervention. He writes on his website:

One of my boys is on the autism spectrum—I know how invaluable resources and intervention can be, particularly if adopted early on. Families struggle with this in very personal ways. As a country, we should provide ample resources to parents to be able to intervene to support the development of children with autism or who are exceptional in other ways. Many of these children have something unique to offer.”

He’s also talked about his son on Twitter and how much he’s learned from raising him.

He and Evelyn have two sons that they’re raising in New York City. They keep their children out of the spotlight for the most part.

3. His Parents Immigrated from Taiwan to the United States in the 1960s

Yang is the son of immigrants. He shares on his website that his parents immigrated from Taiwan in the 1960s. They met in graduate school, he shared.

Yang’s father, Kei Hsiung Yang, is a researcher for IBM. He generated 69 patents throughout his career and had a Ph.D. in physics from UC Berkeley. His grandfather was a geologist.

Yang’s mother, Nancy Yang, was a systems administrator at a local university in New York. Now she’s the president of the Pastel Association of Taiwan and has won awards in Spain and Taipei for her paintings.

4. Andrew Yang’s Older Brother, Lawrence Yang, Is a Psychology Professor

Andrew has one sibling, an older brother named Lawrence Yang. Andrew Yang has shared jokingly on Twitter that while he is not a Patriots fan, his brother is (even though it doesn’t make sense to him.) Lawrence was born in 1972 and Andrew was born in 1975.

Yang shared on Twitter that his brother Lawrence is a psychology professor.

5. Yang’s Family Is Supportive of His Presidential Run

Yang’s family is very supportive of his presidential run. In fact, Yang often mentions on his website about how his wife Evelyn played a big role in his business and political decisions. He was CEO of a boutique education company that he expanded nationwide. He ultimately took the earnings from the company’s sale and committed his time to creating jobs in cities that were hit hard by the financial crisis. He’s quick to note on his website that this big decision was made “with Evelyn’s support.”

And his mom follows him on Twitter, he shared recently.

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