Elizabeth Schneider: El Campo Teacher Accused of Making Porn in Classroom

Elizabeth Anne Schneider

Facebook/Elizabeth Anne Schneider Elizabeth Anne Schneider pictured on her Facebook page.

Elizabeth Ann Schneider is the former El Campo High School teacher who is accused by the local school district of making porno movies in her classroom and uploading them to PornHub. The scandal began on June 25 when ABC Houston was the first to report that the incident involved a female teacher allegedly making pornographic videos in her classroom.

A school source told the station that the teacher had allegedly made lewd videos in a classroom and a teacher’s workroom in May 2019. Fox Houston reports that the teacher had been with the school for three months before being fired.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Schneider Said on Her Pornhub Channel That Someone Recognized Her Classroom & Told the Police

Elizabeth Ann Schneider Facebook page

Facebook/Elizabeth Ann Schneider

Schneider went by the moniker O0oAnnieo0O on her PornHub channel. Schneider described herself as “a mom of a rambunctious toddler and a substitute teacher.” She adds, “I’m a bit of an exhibitionist and I want people to watch me please myself or be pleased.” In the profile, Schneider says that she is in an open relationship and that she joined PornHub in May 2019.

Schneider uses that profile to advertise her Snapchat account. One video on that page is titled, “Naughty Substitute Teacher Almost gets Caught in the Teachers Lounge.” While another video shows Schneider masturbating in a classroom. The Texas state flag can clearly be seen in the background of the video. There are videos filmed elsewhere, some show Schneider masturbating at home with another showing her performing oral sex on a man.

On June 20, the teacher wrote on her page that she may need to make a new channel due to “So Much Drama.” On June 19, the teacher wrote, “Naughty Substitute Teacher vids being deleted. Check my snap story for the reason why. Download them if you wanna keep them I guess.” Earlier that day, the teacher explained, “Some one recognized the classroom in one of my videos, they told the principal and he asked me to take them down ???? I might lose my job over this. I won’t know till next semester.”

2. No Charges Have Been Filed Against Schneider

El Campo ISD substitute fired, accused of filming porn in classroomAn El Campo ISD substitute teacher was fired for allegedly recording pornographic videos at school.2019-06-25T21:29:53.000Z

El Campo Police Department Chief Terry Stanphill told the Houston Chronicle that nobody else was involved in the filming and that the teacher made an effort to ensure nobody at the school knew what was going on. The chief added, “I’ve been in law enforcement for 27 years, and this is the first time I have ever run into anything like this.”

At the time of writing, no charges have been filed in the case although the teacher could face trespassing or public lewdness counts. While the school district will seek to ban the teacher from the school campus.

3. Schneider Has Disabled Her PornHub Page

Elizabeth Ann Schnieder El Campo Teacher

Facebook/Elizabeth Ann Schneider

As the scandal broke out of El Campo high school, Schneider has disabled her PornHub page. In only one of those clips was Schneider’s face visible. In another, the voices of students can be heard. Schneider has also switched her Facebook page to private while also changing her name. Posts on that page that were viewed by Heavy.com before it was privatized showed that Schneider holds a mixture of conservative and liberal political views. Unsurprisingly, Schneider made no mention of her porn career on her Facebook page.

4. Schneider Is Active in the Local Theater Scene in Her Hometown

Elizabeth Malachowski

Various news reports from the Bay City Sentinel show that Schneider is active in her town’s local theater. In March 2015, the newspaper reported that Schneider performed alongside her sister, Becky Malachowski, in a performance of the song “Sisters” from the musical “White Christmas.” The review reads, “The pair earned a lot of laughs from the crowd during their final performance.”

In July 2016, the Sentinel reported that Schneider was making her debut as the director of a show titled “Alice in Space.” That piece mentioned, “Some may remember Schneider from her roles in last summer’s “Oklahoma!” and this springs’ “Picasso at the Lapine Agile.””

5. In August 2018, a Michigan Teacher Lost Her Job After Her Porn Career Was Publicly Revealed

Linda Janack photos pictures

Pinterest/Scott Janack

In August 2018, Linda Janack, an elementary school teacher in Michigan lost her job after her porn career was revealed to the public.

Scott Janack Facebook page

Facebook/Scott Janack

Janack was found to have been running porn website along with her husband, Scott. The couple runs the website, Hot for Teachers. In her porn career, Janack goes by the moniker, Ms. Beulah Ballbreaker. Her husband, who is also a teacher, is known as Jasper Woodcock. Click on Detroit was the first to report that Janack operated and was a star on the website. Janack is a reading teacher at Edgemont Elementary School in the Van Buren Township in Michigan.

Van Buren Township teacher investigated over X-rated online contentVan Buren Township school officials are investigating an elementary teacher who operates and performs for an X-rated internet porn site with her husband.2018-08-22T22:12:44.000Z

Speaking to Click on Detroit, Scott Janack, said that he hoped the media attention would result in more hits for their website. The couple operates the website as part of the ManyVids.com network. Janack’s profile reads, “Recently started camming and it has been fun. We’ve meet [sic] so many people and the sex is great too.”

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