WATCH: Trump Wants Dr. Fauci To Challenge AOC’s House Seat

Dr. Fauci and AOC

Getty Trump suggests Dr. Fauci should run for AOC's congressional sear.

For those doubting if Donald Trump was a fan of Dr. Fauci, the President put an end to that speculation on Friday’s White House press briefing. After CNN’s Jim Acosta asked Trump about listening to his task force doctors if they say the nation is not ready to open back up May 1, the President said he’d do whatever Dr. Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx has to say.

Taking things one step further, Trump said he’d love for Dr. Fauci to move to New York City and challenge Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s congressional seat. AOC, the 30-year-old representative of New York’s 14th District has amassed a huge fanbase since she took office, and it’s no secret that she is not a fan of Trump or his policies.

Dr. Fauci, 79, the National Institute Of Allergy And Infectious Diseases Director, has become nothing short of an American hero amid the coronavirus pandemic. He’s unquestionably the nation’s leading voice of reason during these uncertain times, but the idea of him turning to politics full time seems like a stretch.

Trump announced, “I said, ‘Why don’t you move to New York, run against AOC?’ You will win easily.” But Fauci told him “he’s not going to do that.'”

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, who was previously been campaigning hard for Senator Bernie Sanders to become the Democratic presidential nominee, has not commented on Trump’s remarks.

While Trump has marched to the beat of his own drummer amid the coronavirus pandemic, doubting its seriousness early on, and prematurely announcing that America could be back to normal by Easter, the President says that he has nothing but respect for Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, and the members of his White House Task Force.

“I listen to them about everything. I think they’re actually surprised,” Trump said of his own acumen. I have tremendous respect for these people. All of them.”

Users Online Worried Trump Would Get Jealous Of Dr. Fauci’s Fandom & Fire Him

On April 3, after a reporter asked Trump why Dr. Fauci was not present at the White House Press Briefing, the President lost his temper. Again, this question was asked by Jim Acosta, with whom Trump has continuously butted heads throughout the past month.

Trump’s response to Acosta asking, “Where is Dr. Fauci,” was not answered in what could be described as a kind answer. He said, “Every time you ask that question, you say ‘Is there a problem.’ There’s no problem whatsoever. Sometimes I ask him to come because that’s the first question you and a couple of others from the fake news establishment ask. We’re doing great together.”

Reporters and viewers watching at home always want assurance that Dr. Fauci was not missing because he was feeling ill, or because the President has fired him. Trump may get jealous of all the attention being showered on Dr. Fauci, who’s become the No.1 get for interviews on every news station. If Trump were to kick him to the curb, it would be a devastating development for millions across the country who look to him as the most trustworthy voice during coronavirus.

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