Dorie Hofmann Olds Now: Where Is Mark Hofmann’s Ex-Wife Today in 2021?

dorie olds now

Utah Department of Corrections/Facebook Mark Hofmann/Dorie Olds

As Mark Hofmann serves out the remainder of his life in a Utah prison, his ex-wife, Dorie Olds, has moved on. She found healing for herself through hypnosis, she says, and has channeled her focus into helping others out of difficult situations and negative thought processes.

Hofmann is imprisoned for orchestrating three separate bombings that killed two people and injured himself. The bombings were intended to hide forgeries he committed with the intent of embarrassing the Mormon Church, and the last bomb was meant to kill him. He pleaded guilty to killing Steven Christenson and Kathy Sheets with separate pipe bombs less than two hours apart on October 15, 1985. Soon after the bombings, Olds found herself as a pregnant single mom with a husband in jail, shunned by some of her former friends in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

A new Netflix docuseries, Murder Among the Mormons, examines the strange case and the motives behind the Salt Lake City murders. The three-part series was released Wednesday, March 3, 2021.

Here’s what you need to know:

Olds Remains in the Salt Lake City Area & Owns Her Own Business as a Hypnotist, Calling Herself ‘The Creation Coach’

Olds owns her own business, School of Creation, in Millcreek, Utah, a region of Salt Lake City. She calls herself “The Creation Coach,” and works as a board-certified consulting hypnotist, a Reiki master instructor, and a lymphatic massage therapist. She writes that her techniques can erase years of negative thought processes in just minutes.

She struggled with a negative view of herself as a child, she wrote. She eventually discovered the tools that helped her find healing, and she now uses those tools to help others. She said she has helped clients lose weight, quit smoking, build confidence and develop skills both mentally and physically. She likes to work with children especially, and with women who remind her of her former self.

Olds wrote:

When I was a child I felt bad about myself, bad about my life. I felt like I shouldn’t exist, felt un-loveable. un-acceptable, no value, no worth, that there was something very wrong with me. I felt like I was living a pretend life; feeling dis-empowered, hopeless with no future.

Through divine intervention, I was brought to people, who using the same tools I now use, assisted me into a healing path.

Now I have dedicated my live to helping you-clear the obstacles in your way and create THE LIFE YOU WERE BORN TO LIVE and THE DIFFERENCE YOU CAME TO MAKE!

Olds Was Pregnant When Hofmann Killed 2 People With Pipe Bombs & Was Shunned By Some of Her Friends in the Mormon Church

Olds told The Salt Lake City Tribune in 2015 about the bombings that shattered her life. She was pregnant when her husband’s case went to court, and could not bear to sit through proceedings and hear about the lives he ended abruptly. While she struggled to care for her children alone, she said she was harassed by the media and shunned by some of her former friends in the Mormon Church. Her kids were bullied at school because their dad was in jail.

She filed for divorce from Hofmann in 1988 after he pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated murder. They have not spoken since then, but have exchanged some letters to discuss their children, the newspaper reported in 2015. With little career and educational experience, she was unable to fully support her children financially at the time, and enlisted relatives to help her care for her youngest children.

Over the decades, she found peace and healing. She told the newspaper she loves the opportunity to help women who are “stuck” like she once was.

“I see their pain, their stuckness. They have done the best they can with where they are, and I can now give them true love and compassion,” she said. “Only to the extent that I truly love myself can I truly love another.”

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