Patrick Xavier Clark, Takeoff Shooting Suspect: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

patrick xavier clark

Houston PD Patrick Xavier Clark

Patrick Xavier Clark is the suspect accused in the shooting death of Migos rapper Takeoff.

“He was charged with the murder of Takeoff,” Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said in a news conference.

Takeoff was shot after a party at a Houston, Texas, bowling alley on November 1, 2022. Graphic video, which is linked later in this article, captured the tragic aftermath. He was 28.

The Harris County medical examiner’s office told Heavy by email the cause of death for Takeoff, whose real name was Kirshnik Khari Ball, was “penetrating gunshot wounds of head and torso into arm.” An autopsy found the manner of death to be homicide, the medical examiner’s office said.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Takeoff Was an ‘Innocent Bystander,’ Police Say

In a news conference on December 2, 2022, Finner to alongside Mayor Sylvester Turner to “announce an arrest.”

He said he had spoken with Takeoff’s mother that morning and that prayers would continue to go out for her and “all of Takeoff’s fans throughout the world. We lost a good man.”

There was an argument after a lucrative dice game at a private party, according to Sergeant Michael Burrow during the news conference. Takeoff was not involved in the dice game or argument and he was not armed, according to police. He was an “innocent bystander,” Burrow said. About 30 people were standing outside when the shooting happened, and all of them left the scene. Police are still looking to talk to those people. They used physical evidence and videos that emerged to solve the case, they said.

In addition, Cameron Isiah Joshua, 22, has been charged with unlawful carrying of a weapon, police said.

Finner thanked the community for its patience as police “worked through the facts” and investigated the murder.

“I’m glad a suspect has been arrested,” Turner said. “This is a significant step toward seeking justice.”

TMZ first reported that Takeoff was the victim in the shooting, which unfolded in the early morning hours of November 1, 2022. A representative for rap group Migos later confirmed the news to The Associated Press.

The entertainment news site posted video of Migos rapper Quavo in a verbal dispute before gunfire breaks out. Takeoff is standing at the edge of the group, but he doesn’t appear to be participating in the dispute. TMZ reported that about 10 shots were heard from two different weapons after a discussion about playing basketball.

According to Houston Police, two “other victims were taken in private vehicles to hospitals.”

2. Authorities Believe That Clark Was Planning to Flee to Mexico

takeoff migos

GettyTakeoff of Migos attends The 2019 ESPYs at Microsoft Theater in 2019.

Click2Houston reported that Clark planned to flee to Mexico.

A court document obtained by Click2Houston explained, “The defendant shot a firearm into a crowd of people and struck the complainant in the back and head, causing his death. Further, a low bond is unreasonable and insufficient to ensure the defendant’s appearance in court based on his successful efforts to obtain an expedited passport shortly after the murder and an imminent travel itinerary to Mexico.”

Finner spoke to the media shortly after the shooting death in early November.

“I spoke to this young man’s mother just an hour ago. … I want everyone to understand the pain and suffering of a mother,” Finner said in a news conference on November 1. He said the rapper’s mom flew into town after Takeoff’s death.

“This morning, at about 2:34 a.m., officers received a call of a shooting in progress. Officers arrived shortly thereafter,” Finner said. “A downtown location. Billiards Bowling Alley. … Once officers arrived, they came upon a male who was deceased. That male has been identified as Kirshnik Khari Ball, better known as Takeoff. He is a member of the Migos rap group out of Atlanta.”

3. Clark Is a ‘Popular Strip Club Promoter’ Known as ‘DJ Pat’

According to the Daily Beast, Clark is a popular strip club promoter.

The outlet reported that Clark is “a well-known local promoter, who ran a strip club and had a large social media presence.”

Daily Beast reported that Clark “ran The Flame HTX, a strip club that Clark posted about regularly on social media to his 20,000-plus followers” and was called “DJ Pat.”

Rapper Jmali told Daily Beast that he did not believe Clark was a violent person.

“You could see by the reactions of everyone that we’re shocked because that’s not the type of person [Clark] is,” Jmali told The Daily Beast. “He was about business, not violence.”

Graphic video also emerged from the scene showing a person posters claim is Takeoff lying on the ground with blood coming out of his head. The video, which was shared on Twitter, is disturbingly graphic.

A Twitter user warned, “theres a video on takeoff at the scene after it happened that someone posted so if ur in the tag and u see a video honestly prob just dont watch it to be safe. feel sick rn.”

A Twitter user shared a second video, writing, “From this video, the clothes that both Quavo & Take Off have on, it’s definitely them. You can see Quavo bending over him & stand up in disbelief.”


4. Takeoff Was Shot & Killed at a Houston Bowling Alley, Police Say


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Houston Police Sergeant Michael Arrington said in the November 1 news conference that Takeoff was located dead at the scene right outside the front door of 810 Billiards & Bowling.

Two other people had gone to area hospitals on their own with non-life-threatening injuries, he said. They were a 23-year-old male and 24-year-old female.

Employees said there was an “incident that occurred after the party had ended.” It was a private party. When it ended, a large group of people gathered outside the building. “It led to an argument, where the shooting took place from the disagreement,” Arrington said.

Many of the people present fled the scene, and police are hoping they will call the homicide division or Crime Stoppers to provide “any information” or videos.

According to TMZ, Takeoff and Quavo were playing dice “when an altercation broke out” and Takeoff was shot “either in the head or near his head.”

Finner said he respects the people in the hip-hop community. He said he received many calls about Takeoff, and everyone said what a great person and artist he was, calling him peaceful.

He called on the community to “police” itself and make sure “nobody tears down that industry,” referring to hip-hop. He said he wants to meet with some of the artists and see “how we can taper things down.”

5. A Text From a Purported Witness Says Takeoff Was ‘Just Chillin’ When He Was Accidentally Shot

Finner said police “have no reason to believe he was involved in anything criminal at the time,” referring to Takeoff, saying that people describe him as a peaceful, loving and great entertainer.

He said at least two firearms were used in the shooting incident. Finner did not want to say whether Takeoff was the intended target.

Finner said he believed all of the people involved were in their 20s.

A text circulating online from a purported witness said that “Quavo was shooting dice and he was getting his pockets broke off bad so dude had an attitude and he tried getting aggressive with the wrong mob ties n**** (not gone drop names) and dude got on his a** then somebody they was with jumped up and that’s when everybody bunched up then shots just started ringing but they were coming from somebody Migos was with but he was shooting wild and hit Takeoff on accident and the other n***** start shooting back and I think he got hit again but ultimately his own n***** killed him cause when he got hit the first time I see his body just drop.”

The witness added:

Quavo was plexxed up over some small s*** it really wasn’t worth it. Takeoff was the coolest quietest n**** in the room the whole time. He wasn’t saying a word just chillin in the cut he didn’t even know what was going on. He just jumped up and got shot out of nowhere. Houston for sho about to be a no fly zone cause Mob supposed to be protecting these artist.

Houston police told Click2Houston that 40 to 50 people were at the scene, and they confirmed Quavo and Takeoff, of rap group Migos, were both there.

Turner said “too many young men of color” are being killed in disputes. He said that does not have to be Houston’s reality.

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