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  • Houston COVID-19 Report: New Study Reports on Link to Diabetes

    Researchers are continuing to study the disease that caused more than six million deaths worldwide as the nation begins to move toward an endemic phase. In Texas, data is revealing the possible link between COVID-19 and diabetes.

  • This Day in Houston History: Pioneer 10 Launched in 1972

  • This Day in History: Texas Celebrates Its Independence March 2

  • Houston Man Shot Restaurant Workers During Argument Over BBQ Sauce: DA

  • Popular Memphis Rapper Snootie Wild Found Shot Dead in Houston Ditch [VIDEO]

  • Houston COVID-19 Report: Health Department Employee Placed on Leave Following FBI Raid

    As COVID-19 case numbers continue to decline, the Houston Health Department is facing new problems unrelated to the virus. The FBI raided the facility February 23, 2022, and a system glitch exposed personal information of some of those tested for the coronavirus.

  • Houston History: Columbia Space Shuttle Breaks Apart on Re-entry

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  • Texas Company Sold Possibly Tainted Fuel to NASA for SpaceX Rocket Launches: Feds

  • WATCH: Creepy Video Shows Houston Home Invasion Suspect Wearing Horror Movie Mask

    A creepy video released by the Houston Police shows a home invasion suspect wearing a "Friday the 13th"-style mask. The armed man tied up a contractor working in the house during the robbery.

  • Houston COVID-19 Report: Data Shows Continued Decline of Cases

  • Today in Houston History: NASA Announces Discovery of TRAPPIST-1

  • ‘Granddaddy Bandit’ Busted: James Glenn Blythe Robbed 2 Houston Banks, FBI Says

  • HOUSTON ARREST LOG, 2/20/22: Daughter Charged in Mom’s Murder + 48 Other Felony Cases

  • Houston Obituaries: Remembering Lives Lost This Week [2/18/22]

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  • Houston’s Most Wanted: Woman Accused of Murder of Man Found Dead Without Pants

  • 9-Year-Old Houston Girl Shot by Man Who Was Robbed at ATM, Police Say [VIDEO]

  • Houston COVID-19 Report: Coronavirus Cases Drop to Lowest Number Since December [2/14/22]

    COVID-19 cases in the Houston area dropped to the lowest number since mid-December, the time when the omicron variant began spreading in the area, according to the latest data from health officials.

  • WATCH: Middle Schoolers Chase & Attack Cy-Fair Baseball Coach [VIDEO]

  • Today in Houston History: Mars Opportunity Rover Dies Feb. 13, 2019

  • Houston Obituaries: Remembering Lives Lost This Week [2/11/22]

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  • Houston Woman Accused in Brutal MS-13 Execution Flees While on Bond, DA Says [LOOK]

    Karla Jackelin Morales is a Houston woman accused of taking part in a brutal MS-13 execution who authorities say cut off her ankle monitor and fled.

  • Houston COVID-19 Report: Mandates May Drop Along With Coronavirus Case Numbers [2/9/22]

  • Jesslyn Zuniga: How Did the Houston Woman Die?

  • An Up-Close Look at the New Memorial Park Land Bridge Tunnels [VIDEO]

  • Watch Out Below: Man Throws Items From 24th Floor of Houston Skyscraper [VIDEO]

  • Today in Houston History: Bruce McCandless Goes on First Untethered Space Walk

    Bruce McCandless marked this day in history with the first untethered space walk on February 7, 1968. He spent much of his life in Houston.