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25 Best Beach Games for Summer Fun

When you’re hitting the lake or shore with friends and family, a great day gets even better when you bring along some fun beach games to play together. Whether you want something low-key or competitive, there are a ton of games to play at the beach on our list. So read on and make your summer the best it can be by grabbing a few for your next trip.

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Best Beach Games

When asked what the best beach games are, responses are always going to be subjective. But many will tell you that whether it's beach games for kids or beach games for adults, you want something that's both casually fun yet a bit of a challenge. 

The top options on our list that we consider fun beach games provide just that. Sure, you can be ultra-competitive if you'd like while playing Kan Jam, Spikeball, cornhole, and bocce ball. But you can also just have a great time playing all these casually too while enjoying great weather and great company.

Beach Games with Balls

Beach games with balls are by far the most dominant category of beach games out there. There's such a slew of variety, from casual paddle ball sets to more intense action from games like Spikeball

Bocce ball is, of course, a tried and true fun beach game. But don't be scared to give newer options like Bucketball a chance which brings beer pong style action into the beach setting.

Beach Games for Adults Team Building

There are quite a few great beach games for adult team building. While in the sand, a classic game of tug of war is typically always a good time. Shaka Ball, Kan Jam, Spikeball, cornhole, and bocce ball all incorporate team-building elements that force you to work together to win. And even something as wacky as 4 Legged Race while banded together will develop chemistry amongst coworkers and friends. 

Drinking Beach Games

There aren't a ton of games specifically designed to be drinking beach games. But many options on our Best Beach Games list can be easily twisted into fun games for those that like to drink.

The Hoyle Waterproof Clear Playing Cards should give you a ton of options right off the bat. BucketBall is essentially beer pong already. Bung Hole Toss is a game you and your friends can laugh hysterically at while playing. And Bottle Bash is a game that actually utilizes beer bottles into its gameplay.