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15 Best Ice Fishing Chairs: Which Is Right for You?

Whether you’re set up in a cozy ice shanty or watching tip-ups in the open air, a long day of ice fishing calls for a proper throne. We’ve highlighted the best ice fishing chairs for all angling styles so you can cut to the chase and select the perfect seating option for your ice fishing system.

Featuring ultralight options for the minimalist angler as well as some seriously comfortable, more heavy-duty fishing chairs for those that utilize ice sleds and prefer to pack all the bells and whistles, there’s something here for every ice angler!

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Comfort Vs. Portability 

Selecting the best ice fishing chair for you is more than anything about finding the proper balance between the weight and packed profile, and the comfort rating and integrated features. 

If you're the type of ice fisherman who pulls an ice sled with an ATV or snowmobile and sets up a shanty, why not own a full-feature fishing chair with an emphasis on comfort? If you're used to hauling all of your gear onto the ice on your person, or pull your ice sled yourself, the benefits of a lightweight, minimalist chair likely outweigh that of more cumbersome and feature-rich options.

Heated Chairs

Who doesn't love a little extra heat while exposed out in the winter elements? Whether or not you utilize an ice shanty or shelter, it can get cold out there, especially during long fishless periods waiting for the bite to start.

A chair with integrated heating capabilities is a great way to retain your warmth throughout the day, so don't overlook this style of chair if insulation is typically a challenge for you. Most options have enough battery power to run all day, and you can always simply pack a second power bank to keep the heat pumping!

Our top picks for heated chairs are listed below, but don't forget to check out our post on the best heated camping chairs for some awesome additional options!

Ultralight Camping Chairs

If you don't run an ATV or snowmobile, hauling all of your gear onto the ice can feel like a chore, with or without an ice sled. Owning functional, practical equipment that doesn't dramatically boost the weight of your gear load is pivotal to a streamlined ice fishing system.

While they may not offer the same degree of comfort or frills as some of the full-feature options, owning ultralight, portable seating is a great way to minimize the packed profile and weight of your overall gear load. Fortunately, there are countless options available that are surprisingly pleasant to sit in while remaining impressively portable. Some of our favorites include:

Ice Fishing Sleds

When it comes to getting all of your equipment onto the lake, employing an ice sled is a major game changer. You can only carry so much gear on your person, so ambitious ice anglers who want to go the whole nine yards when it comes to targeting fish are wise to implement a system for transporting their tools and gear. Check out our top list of the best ice fishing sleds for a look at our top picks.

Ice Fishing Rod Cases

Transporting one's rods onto the ice can be a bit dodgy if you don't have a proper transport system - especially if your ice sled is cluttered with a plethora of other gear, or your hands are already full. Our list of the best ice fishing rod cases has highlighted a variety of options for safely and efficiently getting the most important tools of the trade out to the honey hole and back.

Ice Fishing Boots

Proper footwear while ice fishing is underrated in our opinion. Traction, insulation, and waterproofing are the three most pivotal factors that make or break your boots on the hard water, so set yourself up for success and make sure you're wearing adequate footwear. 

Pairing your regular winter boots with ice cleats is a solid option, but make sure to check out our list of the best ice fishing boots if you want to explore the best footwear for the job!