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9 Best Ice Fishing Sleds: Compare & Save

Whether you utilize an ATV, snowmobile, or your own two feet, hauling all of your gear to your favorite fishing spot is made simple with an ice fishing sled.

Our top list has tracked down the best ice sled options for hard water anglers of all styles. Whatever it is that you bring along out onto the ice, we’ve got you covered with some simplified storage and transport with one of our top picks! A stellar tool for your own gear locker or a killer gift for a fellow ice fisherman, owning a sled will change your game on the ice. Fish on!

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Towing your Ice Fishing Sled

If you utilize an ATV or snowmobile while ice fishing then there's, of course, no need to manually pull your ice sled! Towing kits are affordable and easy to install, requiring very little hardware or installation effort.

One thing to consider if you're towing your ice sled behind a motorized vehicle is the snow, ice, and dirt that's bound to be kicked up and back onto your sled by either your ATV tires or snowmobile tracks. An ice sled cover will ensure your gear isn't wet, cold and dirty when you reach your fishing spot.

While you're at it, consider reinforcing your ice sled with some extra-durable runners in order to better protect the bottom from wear and tear and therefore maximize lifespan.

Ice Fishing Shanties or Shelters

An ice fishing shanty is a brilliant tool for remaining warm and comfortable all day (or overnight) on the ice. It's a space you can set up and customize to act as a sort of headquarters while braving the raw winter elements

Check out our list of the best ice fishing shanties for some stellar shelter options that will easily fit into your new ice sled!

Ice Fishing Gear

If you're thinking about purchasing an ice fishing sled to tote all of your gear, then you're going to have more room than ever to load up all of your essential equipment, and then some! 

With all the hands-free storage space your ice sled provides, you can consider purchasing or upgrading new gear such as ice augers, rod cases, portable live wells, waterproof gear storage, fishing chairs, shanty heaters, and other ice fishing accessories and gadgets! Load it up and slide on!