‘Last Chance U’ Season 4: Where Are They Now in 2019?

Last Chance U

Twitter Kailon Davis stole the show on "Last Chance U."

“Last Chance U” Season 4 provided many must-see moments, and fans are curious to know where some of the players landed after the show ended. As we await an announcement on Season 5, let’s take a look at where some of the top players will be playing next season. Please be advised there are a few spoilers ahead if you have not watched all of Season 4.

Former Independence coach Jason Brown has created the most buzz since the season ended. Brown resigned after texting “I am your new Hitler” to a German student-coach, per ESPN. Brown is now facing legal charges after allegedly contacting local media members and pretending to be an attorney from Johnnie Cochran’s law office.

Jermaine Johnson will play at Georgia under Kirby Smart, while Malik Henry is competing for the starting gig at Nevada. Henry landed on his feet after once again finding himself on shaky ground at Independence. As for Season 5, we still do not know what the status of the show is and what school will be the next to be selected. Director Greg Whiteley detailed the thought process for the show through four seasons.

“Every year that we’ve done the show — it’s been four now — at the end of the year, when we’re done editing and we submit, and we think there’s a possibility that the show may get renewed, we [say], ‘Well, where do we wanna go?’” Whiteley told The Wrap. “In each stop that we’ve made so far, it made sense from a storytelling standpoint to go back for one more year.”

Here’s a rundown of where the top “Last Chance U” players from Season 4 are now.

Jason Brown Is Awaiting a Hearing on 8 Felony Charges

Last we saw Coach Brown, he was being interviewed in Los Angeles after resigning from Independence Community College. Brown noted in an interview on the final episode that he was asked to resign after disparaging texts to a student-coach were revealed. Brown is in a bit more trouble as he is facing four counts of blackmail, four counts of identity theft and two misdemeanor counts of criminal false communication, per the Parsons Sun.

Brown has a hearing set for August 22 where a judge will determine if there is enough evidence to warrant a trial. Brown has remained active on social media promoting his new book Hate Me Now, Love Me Later.

Jermaine Johnson Was the No. 1 Ranked JUCO Recruit & Committed to Georgia

Jermaine Johnson was the highest-rated prospect that was part of “Last Chance U” and was ranked as the No. 1 JUCO prospect, per 247 Sports. Johnson is headed to Athens to play at Georgia as he chose the Bulldogs over a number of top programs including Oregon, Miami, Oklahoma, Texas and USC.

“There was no other place like it,” Johnson told 247Sports. “The moment I stepped on campus I knew. They treated me like family. They treated my family like family. There are no other coaches like them. It makes you want to go play for them and put your heart on the line for them.”

Malik Henry Is Competing for the Starting Quarterback Position at Nevada

Henry’s second stint at Indy was short-lived as his time as scout-team quarterback ended well before the season ended. Henry walked on at Nevada where he is competing for the starting quarterback position. The former Florida State quarterback shined in the spring game and has a legitimate chance to see the field this season.

“A couple of coaches from Nevada reached out to me and with time we built a relationship, we built a rapport and our bond got stronger and stronger and I just feel comfortable with Nevada,” Henry told Nevada Sports Net. “These coaches are great. The first day they really welcomed me in here and treated me like family. A lot of other places can say they do that, but here I felt that.”

Jay Jones Is Evaluating Offers & Considering a Position Change

Jay Jones’ first season at Independence did not go as planned. After an up-and-down season at Indy, Jones plans for the upcoming year are unknown as “Last Chance U” noted on the final episode that he is currently evaluating offers. Jones is even open to playing wide receiver instead of quarterback at his next stop. It remains to be seen whether Jones will end up back at Independence.

Chance Main Is Playing for the University of the Incarnate Word

America’s favorite cowboy, Chance Main, is playing in San Antonio, Texas this upcoming college football season. Main has already enrolled at the University of the Incarnate Word and recent Twitter posts indicate he has bulked up at his new school.

“I got a feel for the gameplay and the physical level of college football last year,” Main explained to the Parson Sun. “This year, I’m ready to go 100%. I’m ready to really work hard. I chose UIW because of the coaching staff. I love them all here. I’ve learned so much in the spring, so I’m ready to put down what I’ve learned on the field and show some people what’s up.”

Kailon Davis Will Play for Arkansas State in 2019

From his research paper to battling concussions, Kailon Davis became a fan favorite in Season 4. The good news is “Last Chance U” fans can watch Davis play this season at Arkansas State. Davis also had offers from South Alabama, Southern Miss, UAB and Western Kentucky. Just as the show displayed, Davis has continued his praise for professor Heather Mydosh on social media.

Markiese King Originally Committed to Lamar University But Is Not Eligible to Play D1 Football in 2019

Markiese King’s future is still uncertain after initially committing to Lamar University. The last episode of “Last Chance U” noted that King was not eligible to play D1 football. King posted a Twitter video on February 6th showing his commitment to Lamar.

“Markiese King withdrew from ICC in the spring due to his mother’s health. He is currently not eligible to play D1 football,” “Last Chance U” detailed.