Falcons Rookie DT Marlon Davidson ‘Fixing to Kick Derrick Brown’s Butt’

Marlon Davidson

Getty Marlon Davidson #3 of the Auburn Tigers.

The Falcons took Derrick Brown’s shadow at Auburn, Marlon Davidson in the second round of the NFL draft this year. While Brown was the top DT in the draft, Davidson was considered to be the most savage player to come out of the 2020 draft class.

This is not just because he is a disruptive pass-rusher or is projected to be Grady Jarrett’s clone, but because Davidson loves to trash talk. And he’s good at it.

However, he lingers in the shadow of his teammate and roommate. It doesn’t seem to bother Davison too much.

NFC South Rivalry to A Whole New Level

The Panthers selected Derrick Brown in the first round at No. 7 and Davidson went at No. 47 to the Falcons. The two pals just went from being teammates to division rivals overnight.

During an appearance on “Bird Noises,” hosted by Falcons’ insider Matt Tabeek, Davidson discussed how he and Brown are handling the transition.

“I’m a big trash-talker,” Davidson said. “I can say that. But I told him, like me and him was talking, I told him like, ‘Bro, you don’t realize I’m fixing to kick your butt this year.’ He was like, ‘Bro, we’re going to see after the game.’”

Brown and Davidson were roommates in college and both decided to stay their senior years. They also roomed together at the Combine.

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Hard Work Pays Off

Davidson isn’t just looking forward to kicking his teammate’s booty, he really can’t wait to play against some future Hall of Fame quarterbacks.

“See where all the hard work went,” Davidson said, “all the hard work my freshman through senior year to get there to this level to be able to play against NFL, like, grown men. I’m not playing against little boys anymore, like with 18- to 21-year-olds, 22-year-olds. I’m playing against 22- to 34-year-olds. It’s a whole different aspect of the game. I get to play against Tom Brady and Drew Brees. Two games out of the year, I’m playing against two GOATs, so it’s like, ‘Wow.’”

The Falcons are considered to be the underdogs this season against the Bucs and the Saints.

Still Getting His Work in Regardless of Limitations

The unusual offseason is leaving Davidson with no excuses. He’s still managing to train daily and prove that he is NFL worthy.

“Just coming into this role, it’s ridiculous. It’s a dream come true. But at the end of the day, there’s still work to be done. I still go out there every day and pull that sled 120 yards up and down the field. It don’t matter about none of that. I’m still going to get my work in. I’m still going to show people why I belong here, because you made it, but you haven’t made it. You’re just there for right now. You can be out of there anytime. You know the NFL stands for Not For Long.”

In his last season at Auburn, Davidson recorded 12.5 tackles for loss and was the team’s sack leader with 7.5 (along with 48 tackles and two fumbles).

The Falcons and the Panthers will square off on Oct. 11 and again on Oct. 29, Thursday night primetime.

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