Tom Brady Would Pick Ex-Falcons Legendary QB in Madden Over Himself

Tom Brady

Getty Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots.

The GOAT himself knows who the GOAT of Madden QBs is. Tom Brady responded to a  recent viral Tweet created by SportsCenter on Thurday asking, “Which Madden QB Would You Choose?”

The options came down to Michael Vick 2004, Peyton Manning 2006, Tom Brady 2008, or Patrick Mahomes 2020.

Despite being on of the options, Brady went with ’04 Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick.
Brady also joked thanking EA Sports for giving him unrealistic biceps.

“Even I have to go ’04 Michael Vick,” Brady wrote. He also poked some fun at the design he got in Madden 08, adding, “Also, appreciate whoever decided to give me those biceps.”

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Vickes 2004 Ratings

Vick’s ratings back in 2004 were absolutely crazy. He soley made people who would never root for the Falcons choose him.

The ratings made Vick nearly unstoppable in the game and a Madden legend. He had insane speed, accuracy, and was one of the fastest players.

Vick had a 90 overall rating with a 95 speed, 98 throwing power, 97 passing accuracy and 92 elusiveness.

Patrick Mahomes is set to have a 99 in Madden 2021 and Tom Brady stands at No. 5 with rating of 90. The new Madden will be released at the end of August.

Madden Used Falcons QB on 2004 Cover

This year, Baltimore Raves quarterback Lamar Jackson will be the cover of Madden but 17 years ago, Atlanta Falcons star quarterback Mike Vick stole the show and was featured on the cover of Madden.

On the cover, the game-changing, left-handed passer, as always, looked so focused and appeared to be looking downfield for an open target. He had the same look in his eyes, but there was something new about him, it was his uniform.

That year, No. 7 Vick jerseys were hard to keep in stores due to every fan across America wanting one. Though Vick didn’t spend the decade with the Falcons due to poor choices, the jerseys did.

The Falcons unveiling this year definitely wasn’t as exciting as 2004, mainly because they were leaked early and had to be released in video format due to quarantine. But nonetheless, it was a much-needed change.

Vick’s Outstanding Career in Atlanta

In 2001, Vick was chosen as the Falcons first overall draft pick.

He soon became an Atlanta icon through his time with the Falcons. He only ever played a full 16 games in one season. In 2002 Vick threw for 2,936 yards, his best year yet. From 2002 to 2006, Vick averaged a total of 2,534 passing yards per season. He also had a total of 3,363 rushing yards between that time period as well. And 84 touchdowns, 46 interceptions, and 21 all-purpose touchdowns per year.

When Atlanta lost Vick to the dog incident, Matt Ryan was drafted and filled the void quite nicely.

Vick eventually returned to the NFL where he spent time as in Pittsburgh with the Steelers as well as the Eagles and a brief stint with the New York Jets.

In his 13-year career, Vick threw for a total of 22,464 yards and had 133 touchdowns.

Vick was fun to watch regardless of his inability to stay consistent.

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