Todd Gurley Joins Bryce Harper, Zion Williamson in ‘Ready to Play’ Campaign [WATCH]

Todd gurley

Getty Former running back Todd Gurley #30 of the LA Rams.

It’s been way too long since any of us have been able to purchase an overpriced ticket to see our favorite stars live in action while drinking an overpriced cold brew. And you’d be lying if you said you didn’t miss it.

After four months without most sports, things are still looking questionable but Gatorade has spoken up for all of us in their new ‘Ready to Play’ campaign featuring star athletes across professional leagues such as; Philadelphia Phillies heavy hitter Bryce Harper, New Orleans Pelicans Zion Williamson, Washington Mystics star Elena Delle Donne, Olympic hurdler Sydney McLaughlin and Atlanta Falcons running back Todd Gurley.

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Todd Gurley is Ready to Play. . . Baseball?

That’s right, these players are just as sick as the fans they’re willing to play any sport to keep us and themselves entertained.

The commercial starts with Harper saying, “Time to play some baseball” and the other athletes agree to take a wack at the sport, well any sport fo that matter. In the ad, Gurley even considers taking up lacrosse or fencing.

According to Bleacher Report who got a first-hand look at the new Ad, Gatorade said the campaign “offers a fun and inspiring message to athletes everywhere, encouraging them to be ready to play when their sport returns and celebrates a shared love of all things sports—whatever it might be.”

Although there’s still a lot of uncertainties on whats ahead, Harper and many other players want to spread hope with the hashtag ‘#ReadyToPlay’ to let their fans know they’re ready and that sports will come back.

“Baseball players, from pros to Little Leaguers, have missed the game,” Harper told Bleacher Report. “This is a new reality we’re living in, but we’re all ready to get back out and play again. Gatorade knows this better than anyone, and is having some fun celebrating sports by showing that athletes are willing to play just about anything at this point to get back at it.”

Will the NFL Season Start On Time?

Players are expected to report to their team facilities on July 28th. With areas such as Los Angeles and Arizona shutting down again, this could affect the NFL season, but I doubt it will.

If the MLB, NHL, MLS, NBA, and Nascar can resume their seasons, then so can the NFL.

Todd Gurley is ready to play since baseball is in session.

America Needs Sports

Nothing really makes sense right now. Most states are allowing residents to go to bars and restaurants and “safe distance” which from what I have seen in Georgia, isn’t happening.  Nascar can have fans. Baseball can have a season.

Football can’t be canceled. Players, coaches, and fans need this for our sanity even if we can’t go to every game.

Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank said back in March that he is hopeful the NFL will find a way to start on time.

“I’m not a physician, I’m not a scientist and what have you, but I read and follow everything else,” Blank said on NFL Total Access. I know that it’s important, I think regardless of the sport — the sport’s important for lots of people for lots of reasons, not just the economics of it but to bring people together in a sense of community, sense of togetherness, et cetera, and a sense of purpose that they can join in together with.”

These players are #ReadyToPlay, and we are ready to watch.

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