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Bag Boy Push Carts: 5 Best Models for Golfers

The Bag Boy push carts are wildly popular for golfers who like to walk the course but not have to carry the load of a bag full of golf clubs for 18 holes.

Golf push carts are essentially a way to get your steps in and enjoy the day while preserving your energy for the actual game. In a nutshell, you strap your golf bag to the cart and use the handle setup to push it around the course without the weight of your gear on your back. Sounds easy, right? Well, that’s because it is. So we’ve got a list of the top Bag Boy push carts listed below to help make your decision easier.

And be sure to check out our recommendations for the best electric golf push carts, which run on battery power and often can be directed with a remote control! How cool is that?

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What is Top-Lok Technology?

Bag Boy's patented Top-Lok Technology is a bag-to-cart attachment system that securely attaches a Bag Boy or Datrek golf bag to a Bag Boy push cart. 

The technology is designed to keep the bag in place with no twisting or moving regardless of the terrain. And it does so without cart straps, which occasionally do come loose.

If you don't have a Bag Boy or Datrek golf bag, no worries. The Bag Boy push carts also feature bungee straps to keep your bag secure all round long.

The Top-Lok Technology is featured on the following Bag Boy push carts: Nitron Auto-Open, Quad XL, TriSwivel II, and Compact 3.