Indiana HS Teacher Todd Weaver Accused of Impregnating Student: Cops

Jackson County Todd Weaver, former teacher and wrestler.

Todd Weaver, 50, is a former high school teacher at Indiana‘s Seymour High School, who has been accused of having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a student, according to police.

Police also say the student became pregnant from that relationship and gave birth to a child. According to the Seymour Police Department, Weaver is being charged with a level 5 felony of child seduction and has been arrested.

Police Say ‘Disruptions’ at the School Started an Investigation

Local news station WLKY reported that Weaver was from a place called Waldron, Indiana. According to the Seymour Police Department, Weaver was a teacher and a wrestling coach at Seymour High School.

On September 24, 2020, the Seymour Community School Resource Officers and the Seymour Police Department began investigating Weaver and an unidentified student when what police described as “disruptions” began to occur. Weaver was then placed on administrative leave and before his arrest, he resigned.

Local news site WDRB reported that the girl, who was under the age of 18 at the time, is “no longer a student at the school.”

Police Arrested Weaver After a Paternity Test Was Conducted

The Seymour Police Department wrote an incident release detailing what they say led up to Weaver’s arrest. Police said they were investigating “an inappropriate relationship” that occurred “while the former teacher was employed with the school and while the former student was enrolled in school.”

According to the police:

Investigators conducted interviews and obtained Jackson Superior Court 1 Search Warrants to examine cell phone activity and to obtain known DNA standards of all parties involved. This included the former teacher, the former student, and the child born to the former student. The DNA standards were then forwarded to the Indiana State Police Lab for paternity examination.

Based on the results of the paternity test conducted on November 13, 2020, Weaver was arrested on November 17.

Weaver Is Accused of a Felony

According to the Seymour Police Department, Weaver has been charged with one count of child seduction, based on the fact that he “(was) in a position of authority as a teacher, and (he had) an inappropriate relationship with a student who was under the age of eighteen…”

Several people who commented under the police department’s post appeared to be upset about the case’s handling, including one person named Anna Hawkins, who wrote, “Why did this take a year to happen. Why did he get suspended last year when SEVERAL of the wrestlers went to the School Officials AND Resource Officer saying there was something going on. Im gonna go out on a limb and say they thought they could sweep it under the rug but only to be fooled cause someone forgot to use protection and along came a baby. Perhaps Mr.Weaver should repeat Sex Ed Class. Prayers going out to his EX Wife and their daughter cause they are the ones suffering….”

Another person, who appeared to be irritated by the police’s referral to the accusations against Weaver as “further disruptions,” wrote over the statement, “child rape.”

According to WDRB, Weaver is being held at the Jackson County Detention Center.

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