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101 Best Toys for 11 Year Old Boys: The Ultimate List

Trying to find toys for 11 year old boys isn’t easy. Some are too babyish, others too advanced. That’s why here at Heavy we’ve scoured the Internet to find the very best toys for 11 year old boys out there for every kind of budget. If you’re in need of a birthday or Christmas gift, our guide is sure to have something for everyone.

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Our expert reviews don't just stop with the above gifts. If you'd like answers to the most commonly asked questions online, we're here to help. 

Best Tech Gift For 11 Year Old Boy

This is a nice and simple question to answer. Although I should warn you, there's multiple answers coming your way. 

The short version is Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 2DS XL, or a tablet or mobile phone

Kids love video games and they love watching YouTube videos, so having access to either or both is a great idea. 

Both the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 2DS XL are video game consoles designed for kids, meaning it's not all blood and guts and endless violence. 

For a tablet, I'd suggest the Amazon Fire 7, simply because it's affordable and if it breaks, Amazon will replace it. It's perfect for seeing how they look after a tablet, then if you want to upgrade them to something more powerful later on, you haven't wasted anything. 

On the mobile phone front, I always recommend the Moto G7. It's a budget phone that packs in a lot of power when compared with other phones in this price range. 

I should note, all of the above have the ability to watch YouTube videos, so it all comes down to whether your child also plays video games. If they do, I'd suggest going with the Nintendo Switch, purely because the games available for it are excellent!

Outdoor Gifts for 11 Year old Boy

Another easy answer for you. Go with the Backyard Discovery Playset

This brilliant play and swing set is an absolute beast! 

It's made from cedarwood, which is the industry standard when it comes to outdoor wood choice. It's strong, but more importantly, it's super weather-resistant, meaning it'll survive heavy rain and general outdoor grime. 

In terms of what comes with this set, well, a bit of everything really. 

You've got an indoor play area with windows and roof to protect from the wind, three swings, a slide, and a ladder leading up to the upper area. 

And best of all, this will cost you under $1000, which is a steal given how expensive some of these types of playsets are. 

Seriously, I've seen some sets go for $4000-plus! It's mad!

Toys for 11 Year Old Girls

We've actually got a rundown of the best gifts for 11 year old girls

The main difference between boys and girls from a toy perspective is cuteness. Boys tend to like things more monster-like, whereas girls will opt for more fluffy toys. 

Sure, yeah, that's as obvious a statement as you can get, but check out the gift guide I linked. It's crazy how this small difference can affect so much!

In terms of toys, we're talking mega dollhouses, twerking llamas (no, really!), video games for the game-playing cool kid, Lego, and Pokemon. 

What Do 11 Year Olds Like For Their Birthday? 

Whenever it comes to Birthdays, you want something with the wow factor. If they're not amazed by their gift then what's the point? 

The wow factor doesn't necessarily translate to expensive, though. You can get your fill of wows by picking the right gift for the right child. 

If they're into building Lego, a larger Lego set is sure to garner a wow. If they spend their time on YouTube or playing video games, the Nintendo Switch will leave them wowing. Still into Marvel toys? Go with Marvel Legends. 

If we're speaking broadly about what kids want - I.e. the most popular toys - then this gift guide has everything worthy of your consideration. Just head back up the page and check out the first 10 gifts. There's something for every child in there. 

Best Electronic Toy at the Moment

That would be the Nintendo Switch or the Nintendo Switch Lite. Also, I love easy questions like this. Especially when the answer is products I'd personally recommend. 

Both are video game consoles that play Nintendo Switch games. The only games the Switch Lite can't play are motion-controlled games, which make up around 1 percent of games. 

The other main difference you need to know is the Switch Lite is purely a handheld console. The Nintendo Switch can be played as a handheld and on the tv, whereas the Switch Lite won't work on the tv. 

But because of that, the Switch Lite has a much stronger battery than the Nintendo Switch, and the Switch Lite costs around $100 less.

Most kids actually use the Nintendo Switch in handheld more than they do on the tv, so the Switch Lite is a much more attractive option for a lot of parents. 

If this is all a bit confusing (WHY NINTENDO, WHY?) then just try to keep in mind: Nintendo Switch = tv and handheld. Switch Lite = Handheld. Both of them play Switch games. Switch Lite is cheaper. 

I Need Even MORE Gift Ideas!

That's why we're here! Be sure to take a look at our toys for kids hub for a breakdown of different gift guides all by individual ages. We have literally thousands of different reviews across the different guides, so there's definitely something for every kind of child.