FBI Blocks Autopsy Release of Ibragim Todashev, Friend of Tsarnaevs

Ibragim Todashev unarmed, Ibragim Todashev execution style, Abdul-Baki Todashev son

Abdul-Baki Todashev claims his son, Ibragim Todashev while being interrogated by the FBI about his ties to a Boston Marathon bombings suspect was killed “execution style.”

Today, RT reported that the FBI has ordered the Florida Medical Examiners office not to release the autopsy report on Ibragim Todashev, a Chechen man with connections to the ‘Boston Bombing’ Tsarnaev brothers.

Ibragim Todashev: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

An MMA fighter who knew Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev has been shot dead in Florida by an FBI agent.

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Todashev was reportedly confessing to a triple murder that occurred in Boston in 2011 when he was shot by his FBI interrogators.

Initially, the FBI reported that Todashev had lunged for a weapon, but a later investigation uncovered that he was unarmed when he was shot by the agents.

Todashev’s father has claimed that his son was killed “execution-style,” with one shot to the back of the head and six more to the chest.

FBI: Ibragim Todashev Confessed to Murder of Bomber’s Friend

The friend of "Boston Bomber" Tamerlan Tsarnaev who was killed by the FBI this morning had allegedly confessed to a 2011 triple-murder that killed Tsarnaev's friend.

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‘Execution Style’: FBI Shot Bomber’s Unarmed Friend 7 Times, Says Dad

Abdul-Baki Todashev, the father of Florida resident Ibragim Todashev who was shot and killed by the FBI last week after being questioned about his connection to the Boston Marathon bombing suspects, claimed his son was killed "execution-style".

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