FBI: Ibragim Todashev Confessed to Murder of Bomber’s Friend


Ibragim Todashev tsarnaev friend killed in orlando

Ibragim Todashev.

According to new reports from NBC News, Ibrahim Todashev, who was killed after an interrogation turned violent this morning in Orlando, Florida, had confessed to a role in the September 2011 murder of three men, including Brendan Mess, a friend of “Boston Bomber” Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

Todashev was a known acquaintance of Tamerlan but is not suspected of a role in the bombing.The two Chechnyan men were both active in the MMA and where acquainted during Todashev’s time in Boston. According to the interview earlier today by Todashev’s friend, Todashev still had Tamerlan’s phone number in his phone.

Since the bombing, both of the accused Tsarnaev brothers have been suspected in the unsolved murders, but NBC says that Todashev was in the process of confessing to the triple murder when he supposedly attacked the FBI agent and two Massachusetts state troopers with a knife.However, according the FOX 35 Orlando, since the events of the shooting the FBI has backed off the original story.

In the brutal murder, which occurred in September 2011, Tamerlan acquaintance Brendan Mess and two others, were found with their throat’s slit and their bodies covered in marijuana. $5,000 was also found on the scene. NBC is now reporting that the murder was a result of a drug deal gone wrong. After cheating the victims, Todashev and Tsarnaev murdered the three men in hopes they would not expose their identities.

According to an April report from ABC, the two “Boston Bombers” were wanted in connection with the murder because one of the victims trained in boxing with Tsarnaev in hopes of becoming an MMA fighter.

According to NBC, officials have said that Todashev did have some connections to “radical Chechen rebels” but, “it’s not clear whether he had any role in radicalizing Tsarnaev.”