Judge Jerri Collins: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A judge in Florida is facing outrage after she jailed a domestic violence victim for three days because she didn’t show up to testify against her abuser.

There have now been calls for elected Seminole County Judge Jerri L. Collins to resign or be impeached after video of her berating the victim and sending her to the county jail was reported on by WFTV. You can watch the video above.

Collins has not commented about her decision to jail the victim, who has not been identified publicly.

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Here’s what you need to know about Judge Collins:

1. The Victim Says She Didn’t Come to Court Because of Anxiety

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Judge Jerri Collins. (Ballotpedia)

Video recorded in the courtroom shows an angry Judge Jerri Collins berating the sobbing victim. According to WFTV, the contempt of court hearing happened in July.

The victim told the judge and the state victim’s advocate that she was feeling anxiety about testifying, so she did not come to court. She told the victim’s advocate that she wanted to have the charges dropped and just move on with her life, WFTV reports. But Judge Collins showed no sympathy.

“You think you’re going to have anxiety now? You haven’t even seen anxiety,” Collins told the victim.

Collins asked her if the statements she made to police after the father of her child was arrested were true, and the victim replies that they were.

“Then why wouldn’t you come to testify?” Collins asked.

The woman replied, “I’m just not in a good place right now.”

Collins then said, “And violating your court order did not do anything for you. I find you in contempt of court. I hereby sentence you to three days in the county jail.”

The women, crying and screaming, says, “please! I’ll do anything!,” but is ignored by Collins.

“Turn around,” Collins tells her. “You should have showed up. I’ve already issued my order.”

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2.The Abuser in the Case Received a 16-Day Sentence

Myles Brennan, Judge Jerri Collins

The woman’s abuser, Myles Brennan, was sentenced to 16 days in jail. (Seminole County Sheriff’s Office)

The suspect in the case, who has prior domestic violence convictions, according to WFTV, was accused of choking the victim and threatening her with a kitchen knife.

Myles Brennan, who is the father of the woman’s 1-year-old child, was sentenced to 16 days in jail for simple battery.

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3. Advocates for Domestic Violence Victims Have Blasted Collins for Her Decision

Advocates for domestic violence victims have expressed outrage over Collins decision.

“She’ll never call again. Look what happened to her. She could be lying, broken in a ditch somewhere, and she would probably not call police because of what happened to her in this place,” Jeanne Gold, the CEO of SafeHouse, a Florida organization that offers shelter to abuse victims, told WFTV. Gold called the judge’s behavior “appalling” and “horrible.”

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4. Collins Was Appointed to the Bench by Governor Jeb Bush in 2005

Collins was appointed to the Seminole County Court by former Florida Governor and 2016 Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, according to Ballotpedia. She has now been re-elected to the bench several times.

Collins, who earns $138,000 a year as a judge, graduated from Eastern Illinois University and Mercer University Law School. She began her career as an assistant state’s attorney in Seminole County, and then opened a private practice in Longwood, Florida, before becoming a judge.

She has received negative reviews in the past from those who have appeared before her.

“She is the worst judge in all of central Florida,” a person claiming to be a criminal defense lawyer wrote on the anonymous review site The Robing Room, in July.

Another reviewer said, “She is the worst judge I have ever appeared in front of. She is completely bias towards the state and does not try to hide it one bit. She is nasty to the attorneys and defendants that appear in front of her and has no business on the bench.”

Another comment says:

My name is Patricia Tommaso, and I am using my husband’s email address. I was in front of Judge Collins this morning. This is a very nasty person; she issued a summary judgement in a pre-trial conference, which my papers said could not happen. My husband tried to talk for me, but she told him to shut up and would have had him removed from the courtroom. My husband is a well-educated individual, and I was crying, and he was just trying to talk for me. She made fun of his medical condition (he is close to being terminal), she found that funny. She is a terrible individual in my opinion, and I will be filing a complaint with the JQC. I am a businessperson (for 30 years) in Central Florida, and I will do everything that I can do at the next election to get her voted out.

A civil litigator wrote in 2013, “I agree with Patricia and the other comments. She is capricious and has no logic to her rulings. She rules based on her emotions. She also does give a lot of legal advice from the bench, which she is not supposed to do as a judge. She is biased, and that comes out clearly.”


But some have stepped up to defend her:

I served as a volunteer mediator in the Small Claims Court in Seminole County, and had numerous opportunities to observe Judge Collins. (So I am an impartial observer, never having appeared before her as a litigant.) She is sometimes very sharp. However, it is always when attorneys try to run over pro se defendants. She will not tolerate attorneys who argue with her. The attorneys should know that they can always appeal her rulings to the Circuit Court. She always shows respect for the litigants until they show disrespect for her. She knows the law, and knows that in many instances the rules of civil procedure give the Court a great deal of leeway. Some of the pro se litigants try to argue with her. My guess is that some of the negative comments here come from people who have done that. Judge Collins will not tolerate that.

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5. She Was Most Recently Re-Elected Last Year & Her Term Lasts Until 2021

Collins was re-elected to her seat in 2014, and her six year term does not end until 2021.

She was challenged by Sandra Rivera and Alex Finch.

“My reputation is one of fairness, firmness and hard working,” Collins told the Orlando Sentinel during an editorial board interview last year (watch it above). She told the editorial board she has a “positive impact on the citizens and the litigants that come before the court.”

“I’ve enjoyed my role as a judge. I enjoy the law. Most importantly, I enjoy serving my community,” Collins said.

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  1. Just sad that a so called “Honorable” (I use that term loosely) female judge, victimizes another female, in the name “of the law”. Collins has too much power which makes her dangerous. Let’s hope she never becomes a victim of Domestic violence, or any other type of violence. She sure would be in bad shape if she got the same as she dishes out

    • Jerri Collins should be disbarred! She is an insult to women’s rights and women’s dignity. She is just another “wanna be”…..a sorry excuse for a judge! Get her off of the bench a.s.a.p.!

  2. I can’t speak for any of her other decisions, but I’m glad to see a judge make DV victims responsible for testifying against their abusers. If they don’t testify then the perpetrator gets off or with 16-day sentences like this case. I know it can be difficult to testify, but other violent crime victims – including rape – do it all the time. DV victims seem to want to be put in a class all by themselves with special rules and exceptions.

    • Actually the more I think about it, that was a ignorant thing to say. Each case has very different circumstances an it should be left up to the individual if they feel like testifying or not. I didn’t take my meds today and am acting like a total cunt.

      • Well, here we go again! The same troll who copies others’ names to make retracting comments. Try commenting under your own name and without the profanity and maybe we’ll have some respect for what you say. Until then – if you ever have the nerve to do so – you’ll just be an ignorant troll with no real purpose in life but to take up space.

        • Until I grow some balls and learn to post with my own name I guess I’ll just keep being a huge pussy and hiding behind ones like (fromthepitts) is there a girly man support group anyone can direct me to?

            • LMAO See taking your meds isn’t so bad after all. I started off a bit on edge with your 1st post. Then you came with the 2nd I then understood and warmed to you and your plight. OMG but the 3rd message made me love you to pieces. There you have balls. If you have a GOOD job you better use an alias people loose their jobs for freedom of speech. Have a good one

  3. What happen to professional judicial demeanor, code of conduct?
    Clearly, in the video this judge’s body language is very telling.
    There’s a special place in sheol for those who abuse their authority and cause irreparable harm to the public.

  4. The judge could have dealt with her contempt in a better way. The lady should not have been put in jail for her absence! This is ridiculous, as most, she should have been fined. This judge will get her karma one day…… Maybe she will in the same situation as the lady she sent to jail! I hope this judge is treated the way she treated the victim that was in her courtroom. Jerri Collins “you haven’t even seen anxiety.” Karma is a bigger BITCH than you!!

  5. i agree with the judge. the woman had no valid excuse for not showing up. it seems she doesnt want him to go to jail because she didnt get her child support when he was in jail for 2 weeks before. too many people play this game. they call the cops, then back out on the criminal case for assorted reasons. it cost the county big bucks to arrange a trial. and worst of all, she put her children at risk by not pursuing the charges. who wants this jerk out on the street & able to take the kids. and him getting 16 days?! horrendous. but thats could be due to the wifes non participation.

    • That was a ignorant thing to say and until you have walked a mile in her shoes you should stfu. Each case has very different circumstances an it should be left up to the individual if they feel like testifying or not.

    • She is a “c you next Tuesday.”

      And for the rest of you who have never been in a domestic violence situation before, shut the f*** up. You don’t understand the fear.

      I was a child who had a severely abusive childhood. Why do you think that when DCFS came to our house and asked us in front of our father if we were being abused, we would say no? Because if he wasn’t taken away right then and there, or if we weren’t, we knew the abuse would be more severe when DCFS left.

  6. just wanted to correct your headline. this woman never once said she was “too scared to testify” i heard a bunch of rambling about being depressed, wanting to move on, not getting any money, waa waa…she didnt EVEN bother to call or respond..just didnt show up when she knew they would be all set up for trial. all sitting around waiting on her. she should have some consequences. a fine? she has no money. she broke the law. why would you presume that she is above the law?! because she is a woman?! jees, let them put us back in the kitchen barefoot, why dont ya?!

  7. I recently encountered this judge in a Criminal Misdemeanor Case where I was the defendant. I am currently a student and she refused to accommodate my exam schedule by postponing my trial by a paltry one week. She basically laughed in my face in court and had no problem showing her extreme bias in favor of the state throughout all the proceedings. I’m glad that her terrible court demeanor and rude attitude is now on display for the world to see.

  8. Has any one here who has entered a “comment” bothered to read and “listen” to the entire procedure? Do you realize what it cost the community, getting a jury together (which is so difficult to do today, as no one wants to serve) If she thought it was so important to file, why didn’t she feel it necessary to show up? Defied a court order….no one respects the law any more.

    • So what, it’s okay for this POS judge to abuse her power and be a bully just like this woman’s POS abuser? I bet this judge wears the pants in her home life and VERBALLY abuses her family in the exact same manner. Let’s throw judge loser Collins in jail for 3 days…in the community population to feel a lot of anxiety from women who would deliver karma and put this bitch in her place. If she has children I feel so sorry for them. If she does this in public you can only imagine what she does at home.

  9. This Judge is a slap in the face to Domestic Violence Victims! Shame on you for NOT locking up the perpetrator! YOU are the reason why women don’t come forward. Are you proud of yourself? You should be REMOVED FROM THE BENCH! YOU are an Elected Official and you JOB is to seek Justice not to punish Domestic Violence Victims.

  10. Bad-bad Judge Collins, Are you crazy? What a mean, inconsiderate, and ignorant thing to do to a battered mother! People like you are part of the reason abuse continues. I’m not going to write anything. I am too disgusted with you!!!!!!

  11. This is a huge problem with so many elected/appointed officials. So power hungry, so full of themselves. She sentenced her to jail because she was pissed off that she didn’t show, because the judge felt as though wrong was done to her. If that is going to be allowed to stand then how are we any different from Russia? Just because some appointed judge feels as though wrong was done to her she can use a blanket generality and throw this poor lady in jail. Another thing is the absolute appalling level of insensitivity to mental illness in this case is incredibly disturbing. If this judge wants to act like it is 1945 then she should get her ass in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. It’s 2015 judge!! How dare you attempt to set the rights of woman back 50 years, how dare you. Just another sad day for America.

  12. The victim was homeless, with a one year old child, petrified of facing her abuser, depressed and anxious. Mothers with much less on their plate can be depressed with a one year old, what about this victim, imagine her plight. Judge has the compassion of a maggot. Must debench her

  13. I pray God will deal with her on His terms and very soon. She has no respect for the position she holds, and since God puts people in power, He can remove them also. I think she should be voted out.

  14. Judge Collins has set back Domestic Abuse Survivors from reporting their Abuser by years. It’s hard enough to get an abuser to report their abuse and then to be abused by the Judge is outrageous. Judge Collins should be thrown off the bench.

  15. Having appeared before Judge Collins multiple times as an enforcement officer I can say beyond doubt that she is a fantastic judge. If given the opportunity, I believe wholeheartedely that she would have crucified the abuser. She is not prone to the myopic outlook most people seem to have, and understands that by not testifying the victim here has only empowered her abuser. I feel terrible that the woman was abused here, but I have no problem at all with Judge Collins holding her accountable for her failure to appear in court as ordered, for a case that was likely financed with taxpayer money. The sad truth is that the next time this maniac decides to beat on a woman, that victim may not be so lucky as to have the opportunity to testify at all. I can tell you from personal experience that while Judge Collins doesn’t suffer fools lightly, she is also very compassionate towards those who need and seek the protection that the courts can offer. My question for all those looking to destroy Judge Collins is this: Would you rather have judges who are willing to uphold the law regardless of appearances, or do you want judges who waiver under the weight of sympathy and apathy? I’ll take the former personally.

    • Well of course a POS like you would love her to death with her record of siding with the prosecution on little more than hearsay over the years.

    • Has anyone ever known a cop who didn’t suck a judges cock? Keep your opinion to yourself porky, or better yet go shoot some niggers.

      • Why should he keep his opinion to himself, and yet you feel so free to give yours? Are you any more qualified than Mike the cop? He could be very good, professional, and courteous in performance of his job, and I can understand that cops want to see the persons they bring to court not get a slap on the hand and then back on the street doing the same thing again. I do not agree that the Jerri is a fantastic judge. She seems very arrogant and perhaps enjoys a sense of power that could easily be taken away from her. Just vote her out of office!

    • To Mike the cop. I understand the point you are trying to make in your statement above. The lady may even suffer worse abuse in the future with that man. But as to defending Jerri Collins, I disagree that she is a fantastic judge, from what I saw in the video. I’m referring to her response to the defendant about anxiety. Jerri said something to the effect – you haven’t seen anxiety. I think that’s an arrogant statement, especially the way she said it! Then she goes on to say turn around, and that she has already made her statement. What a horrible ego!! Fantastic judge? I don’t think so! Perhaps a little power hungry. A fantastic judge could have made the same ruling, but in a much more controlled and considerate manner.

    • Mike, I get your point about be needing the witnesses to testify, as it is what helps put away the perpetrators. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for you to do all the work that is needed to get an arrest warrant and to have a criminal walk away with little to no consequence for their criminal and horrendous actions. (This very sentiment was one of the things that kept me from applying to law school after I graduated college.)

      However, having to sit in a room and testify against someone who has abused you mentally, emotionally, verbally, etc. for likely years before they ever lay a hand on you is something that traumatize a victim for months before an impending trial. Many suffer from PTSD from the sustained abuse, and this kind of thing can turn their world upside down.

      I truly don’t understand why the courts will not allow someone to testify from another room and have their testimony shown in the courtroom via skype so that the victim does not have to be retraumatized when trying to get justice.

      Moving on after abuse is incredibly difficult, and if you have PTSD, the smallest things can send you right back into the moment of the abuse mentally. It is horrifying to have it happen and know that you can’t control it. This woman is trying to heal from obvious trauma, and putting her in jail unfortunately puts her in a position where she will likely never call the police for help again. Your next call involving her could be to investigate her murder.

      This judge truly needs to be educated on how being abused affects a victim so that she can help get to the truth instead of revictimizing someone.

      Stay safe out on the streets.

  16. This judge is a disgrace. I feel so sorry for this poor woman and her child. I hope the people of Florida and any domestic abuse agency steps in to help this woman and her child and try and do something to get rid of a judge who clearly is not competent. This judge should be ashamed of herself.

  17. There is nothing honorable about this judge and she should be removed as a judge. It is judges like her that prohibit victims from coming forward and she obviously no understanding or compassion for people who suffer from depression and anxiety.

  18. Are you Kidding!! This judge needs to be THROWN off the bench & NEVER allowed to oversee ANY domestic abuse case, or any other case for that matter!! What a HEARTLESS COMPLETE LOSER!!!!! Hope Karma Whips her A#%!!!!! If she had any brains, she would understand the depth of fear and despair victims of domestic violence live with everyday! Don’t they teach that in law school? I would love to see her spend a few days in a domestic violence shelter and actually see the trauma behind the scenes instead of making snap decisions from her all mighty bench. Truly pathetic! Its no wonder people are afraid to get the law involved in protecting their rights! Judge Jerri Collins….YOU ARE A COMPLETE FAILURE AS A JUDGE!!! You should consider another line of work!!!!!!!!!

  19. This is exactly the type of person we should NEVER have judging others! She’s obviously full of herself and loving her power over any and all who fall victim to her courtroom. Disgusting. Is she even human?? She should be recalled, at the very least. Disbarred, too.

  20. Now the Judge will experience some anxiety as I assume public pressure will force her to resign. There should be a way to delay prosecution until the victim’s contemt of court issue is resolved and she is forced to testify.

  21. This bitch has no right being a judge, I was in a abusive marriage, the woman was in fear of her life. Who the hell is she to judge her. Let her walk a mile in her shoes. I hope karma gets her good

  22. Jerri Collins would be better serving fast food than serving justice. The world would benefit if Jerri (and those like her) had a major wake-up call and be put in their rightful and deserved places.

  23. Very sad that this judge has such penis envy that she seems to have a reputation for abusing women in her court room. I can’t stand women that devalue other women in order to get their honorary penis

  24. I’m just waiting to be called a liberal again by someone that has no capacity for original thought but here goes. I am not a liberal I am a woman who would like to see women like this judge investigated as I would a male judge for the same kinds of abuse of power. I’m very glad this has been revealed and I hope it leads a review of her behavior in past cases.

  25. Did the girl show up with a doctors note for her so called anxiety? Medical docs showing this condition? Or do we have someone who has made a very serious accusation and then didnt show up to make these accusations? How about the official police report? Was the sentence to the abuser enough? What are we calling abuse? All I see is a one sided story with very few facts. Shame on you media for not finding all of the facts to answer these questions and allow people to make informed decisions instead of the non-sense posted all over the web….

    • A very good point. This woman had options. She chose to say “forget about it” by not showing up. She wasted everyone’s time and money. How about those six jurors who had to take time off for jury duty? You guys like jury duty? I don’t. What about the money the tax-payers put up for this trial? Heartless as this sounds, it takes more then a crying witness to know what’s right and wrong. The woman screwed up.

  26. How dare Judge Collins send a VICTIM of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE to jail! Obviously there are reasons this victim did not appear in court and obviously Judge Collins does not care one bit that this victim has been traumatized as a result of being the victim of domestic violence. The judge even went so far as to make snide remarks about the anxiety the victim said she has been suffering from – “You think you’re having anxiety now? You haven’t even seen anxiety.” What a nasty and threatening thing to say. Judge Collins should, at a minimum, be removed from the bench and sanctions should be leveled against her. She has shown she has an anger/attitude problem and it does not appear she gives a damn about this victim. I am outraged about this and I hope Judge Collins pays dearly for her inhumane treatment of a woman who is a VICTIM of domestic violence.

  27. No. I think you guys are wrong. She did call the police. She gave them a statement of what happened. The matter went to court. A jury was selected and she apparently made no effort to contact the court or the DA before the trial date. She was a no-show. I sympathize with the woman and her troubles but you can’t just pretend it’s not there. I think she had other options the LEAST of which is contacting the court about what to do if she didn’t feel emotionally ready before the trial date.

  28. As a private lawyer for 7 years I can say that while the laws are not perfect and will never be perfect is the reason why cases are looked at by a case by case basis.
    I can say that current legal system is obviously flawed due to the one size fits all punishment and that’s regardless of the crime in general. Having said that I do believe there are people in prison who don’t belong there in the first place. Remember prison was meant for the most worst of the worst criminals. Let me make an example, there are two men the first robbed a bank for $5,000 and the second man was wealthy that he had all of his 25 million dollar earnings for the year in an offshore bank to not pay his percent of his tax? which we all know essentially is stealing. Who would you rather pay to be behind bars? Of course the latter, I say pay because it does come out of your and my taxes one way or another.

    We all know there are good people and bad people, I have seen some men take advantage of situations like these to cause harm to their victims (In light of recent events this year and last this pertains to police officers too) I say some because some don’t go looking for their victims to cause trouble, surprisingly some have got their act together. Same holds true with women, I have seen women who have taken advantage to call the police on their abuser to put them in jail, and yet they don’t testify so they wont lose their child support If their abuser goes to prison. Anxiety, and/or Depression is not a valid excuse to not go to testify. If it was then I’m pretty sure there would be a lot of people pulling that excuse over and over again.

    While I may not know all the details of this case I will say that the the Judge seemed to take the problem personally and ruled with her own vendetta rather than weighing the options. I can also say that It is highly possible the judge has treated other cases the same way. While people in the legal world from cops, lawyers, to even judges they will only see black and white and nothing more. Cops always will side with the judge and vise versa so they can say they don’t make mistakes. If I were judge I would have sent him to jail for six months and given him a $5,000 fine, half would go for the court and attorney fee’s and the other half would go to the victims compensation. As for the lady who did not appear when she was court ordered to do so, I would have given her a $2,500 fine for the legal costs and for failing to appear. Furthermore I would have filed a restraining order on them both and If either one or both of them broke the order voluntarily, they both would be subject to 6 months in prison. Of course the child would have to be left to the lady’s parents or closest relative who are financially stable.

    I understand it can be hard for domestic violence victims whether male or female now with today’s new legal relationships, but It’s still no excuse to be exempt from testifying like any other case. People tend to forget that there are people who are in much more worse situations than this and they are not exempt. It’s one thing to protect yourself as a victim from an abuser, but at the same time It’s another thing to go looking for the abuser for trouble. Which is another reason the decisions should be weighed by a case per case basis.

  29. My goodness…this Judge reveals narcissism at its ‘best’….insightless, arrogant, ignorant and self serving……’not’ serving the community…

  30. She was jailed for failure to apear, the judge can’t make her testify.
    How many times have you heard I don’t remember.
    The b!tch is just working the system.
    She most likely filed a false report.
    This happens way to often then the man is automatically guilty.

    These b!tchese are just working the system.

    Most of these women are the abusers. Who believes a 6′ man is being attacked by his 5′ nothing wife.

    The bitch calls the cops, the man goes to jail and the woman gets the house, or $5k from welfare because she claims she’s fleeing abuse.

  31. The laws don’t apply to me because I have an excuse.
    This is America, you’re innocent until proven guilty, the accused has the right to face the accuser,
    What is this shit today.
    Laws only apply to other people all you need is an excuse.

  32. Jerri Collins is an abuser! Probably has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Zero empathy! Lacks basic human qualities to be in such an important position.

  33. She might face the same thing one day, & then she’ll UNDERSTAND! !! THIS OUTRAGES ME!!! Maybe SHE OUGHT TO BE PROTESTED AGAINST?

  34. So sad that you are still sitting on the bench! You are a disgrace and you disgust me! What is wrong with you woman! You definitely are not an honorable judge!

  35. And this is exactly why people don’t report. If you get involved with the court, you’ll end up in jail, regardless of the situation.

  36. The judge is deranged. Arrogant, mean, with utter disrespect for humans, full of visible hatred. Look at her face, the composition of her facial features clearly indicating for her to be a psychopath. Earning a crappy 138K her frustration is evident in taking the built-in anger on people with misfortune. Not only the trash needs to be immediately removed from the bench and disbarred, she is in need to be slapped around for a good while and introduced to long term unemployment or imprisonned. A veritable detriment to society. Good thing I live in Europe.

  37. I’m in her court as i key this and she threatened to lock me up for questioning her jurisdiction. She is the female slope.

  38. The main problem for Judge Jerri Collins is that she is extraordinarily beautiful. Someone obviously wanted to get inside her panties and she didn’t allow it. And because he wasn’t able to get inside her panties he has found a way to get back at her. It could be a prosecutor or a fellow judge. She clearly did nothing wrong. Even if a judge needs to be reprimanded there is absolutely no reason to shame her in public as was deliberately done here. She has made someone very angry indeed. That someone is very powerful. And that someone wanted so much to be intimate with her.

    All you have to do is look at the video of the incident in question. The video of her entire interaction with the defendant is available. From beginning to end Judge Jerri Collins behaved professionally and with the utmost restraint. Not a single word or action on her part can be held against her. She did absolutely nothing wrong.

    Judge Jerri Collins was reprimanding a woman who deserved to be reprimanded. And she jailed her for three days which she had every right to do. She could have put her away for much longer and had she done so she would have been well within the guidelines. The woman certainly deserved more than three days.

    In her verbal interaction, Judge Jerri Collins was very classy and very respectful. Not one time did she show signs of anger. At all times she was fully in control of her emotions. There is absolutely no reason for Judge Jerri Collins to take an anger management course. She was never angry. She was a model of restraint and cool headedness. When I first read about the anger management classes I thought that she jumped off the bench and threw a punch at the defendant. Judge Jerri Collins’s behavior was at all times above reproach.

    The woman whom she reprimanded failed to show up for a scheduled hearing. Six jurors were empanelled and were sitting and waiting. Anyone who deals with the courts or has ever served on a jury knows how painstaking it is to finally arrive at a jury that is acceptable to both sides. Voir dire is a cumbersome and lengthy process. Not to mention the enormous expense and court hours involved.

    And so the jury was assembled and ready to go. They were sitting in their seats and ready to hear the testimony. And then the star witness who brought forward the allegations in the first place was nowhere to be found. She decided that she had better things to do than show up to court. She was in violation of a subpoena and she was in contempt of court. During the contempt hearing she was rambling incoherently all sorts of irrelevant nonsense in the courtroom of Judge Jerri Collins. The defendant’s rambling made little sense but Judge Jerri Collins listened to her entire nonsense before sentencing her at her contempt hearing. Judge Jerri Collins explained to her that her failure to appear in court pursuant to a subpoena was unacceptable and illegal. And she did so professionally and with the utmost restraint.

    The woman was crying hysterically and that made some sympathetic to her cause. But the bottom line is that she did violate a subpoena for no good reason and she had no respect for the court or the jury that was waiting to hear from her.

    The Florida Supreme Court said: It is a sad day for the people of Florida. Yes, it is indeed a sad day. It is a sad day because the Florida Supreme Court is unjustifiably reprimanding one of their own in one of the worst cases of the miscarriage of justice. They are succumbing to the will of someone who is mighty powerful and who is out to get Judge Jerri Collins. Those who serve on the Florida Supreme Court have no backbone and no integrity. A gang of lawbreakers masquerading as men and women of the law. They are kissing the feet of someone who has power over them and who controls their every move. These are not impartial and independent men and women. These are political hacks.

    Judge Jerri Collins has been unjustly maligned and unjustly reprimanded. When a beautiful woman is so harshly and so unjustly mistreated more often than not it is because she has refused to spread her legs for a man. A man who finds her irresistible. When a beautiful woman rejects the overtures of a powerful man this is exactly what happens to her.

    And why doesn’t Florida’s most powerful Congresswoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, step up to help a Floridian female judge who has been thoroughly and unjustly mistreated? It seems that she only puts her awesome powers in the service of women of the Faith. When you are Gentile and oppressed you are all alone.

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