Jason Dalton: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Jason Dalton, 45, is accused of killing seven people in a random shooting spree in Kalamazoo, Michigan. (Kalamazoo Sheriff’s Department photo)

A 45-year-old Uber driver from Kalamazoo is suspected of killing six people and wounding two others in a series of apparently random shootings Saturday night in Michigan, police say.

The suspect, identified as Jason Dalton, was arrested early Sunday morning, about six hours after the first shooting was reported and two hours after the final shooting, Kalamazoo County Prosecutor Jeff Getting said at a press conference. He was taken into custody following a traffic stop without incident and is being questioned, police say.

“These are random murders,” Kalamazoo County Undersheriff Paul Matyas told reporters.

Dalton was charged Monday with six counts of murder. He appeared in court for the first time and was held without bail. He declined to address the court, saying he’s been advised to remain silent.

Police say Dalton confessed when interviewed after his arrest, telling investigators he “took people’s lives.”

The shootings occurred in three locations, first at an apartment complex where a woman survived the shooting, then at a car dealership where a man and his son were killed and finally at a Cracker Barrel restaurant where four women were killed and a teen girl critically wounded.

The victims killed at a Kalamazoo car dealership, the second shooting scene, have been identified as father and son Richard and Tyler Smith, of Mattawan, Michigan. Tyler Smith is a high school senior. The Cracker Barrel victims, all from Michigan, have been identified as: Mary Lou Nye, 63, of Baroda; Mary Jo Nye, 60, of Battle Creek; Dorothy Brown, 74, of Battle Creek; and Dorothy Hawthorne, 68, of Battle Creek. See photos of the victims and read more about them here.

Here’s what we do know about Dalton and the shooting:

1. Uber Customers Say He Picked Them Up Between the Shootings, Police Say

jason dalton, jason dalton kalamazoo


Jason Dalton was an Uber driver, police tell WOOD-TV. He took customers in between the shootings, according to police.

Investigators are looking into whether Dalton dropped off a group of people at a Fairfield Inn next to a Cracker Barrel restaurant just moments before opening fire on two vehicles, killing four people.

The fiancee of one of his last riders posted on Facebook Saturday about a harrowing experience with Dalton. She posted it at about 5:30 p.m., not long before the first shooting at about 6 p.m.:

Jason Dalton uber, kalamazoo uber suspect, jason dalton kalamazoo uber


Other riders also posted screenshots showing Dalton was their driver:

Uber confirmed Dalton was a driver and passed a background check.

“We are horrified and heartbroken at the senseless violence in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Our hearts and prayers are with the families of the victims of this devastating crime and those recovering from injuries. We are reaching out to the police to help with their investigation in any way that we can,” Uber’s Chief Security Officer Joe Sullivan said in a statement.

County Prosecutor Jeff Getting confirmed to WOOD-TV that they are investigating the Facebook post.

2. Neigbors Say Dalton Is a Father & Member of a ‘Typical American Family’ Who ‘Likes Guns’

(Kalamazoo County Sheriff)

(Kalamazoo County Sheriff)

Dalton is married with two children, according to his Facebook page. Sally Pardo, his neighbor, told CNN the Daltons are a “typical American family.”

“This seems so out of sorts for him,” her husband, Gary Pardo, added. “I know he liked guns.”

Another neighbor told WWMT-TV that Dalton was acting paranoid recently and would randomly shoot off his guns.

On his Facebook page, Dalton lists his employer as Progressive Insurance, but it’s not clear if he was still working there.

He says on his Facebook page he attended Comstock High School in Kalamazoo.

“This is your worst nightmare, where you have somebody just driving around, randomly killing people,” Kalamazoo County Undersheriff Paul Matyas told WWMT. “There’s usually a rhyme or reason to it. In this particular case, we’re not finding that. Hopefully when we interview the individual he’ll disclose that to us.”

3. He Was ‘Driving Around & ‘Shooting to Death Innocent People at Random,’ Police Say

jason dalton, jason dalton kalamazoo

Jason Dalton in an undated photo. (Facebook)

Police said the suspect, Jason Dalton, was driving around Kalamazoo and shooting people at each of the scenes, the Associated Press reports.

“It appears we have someone driving around and doing nothing but shooting to death innocent people at random,” Kalamazoo County Undersheriff Paul Matyas told reporters from the Cracker Barrel shooting scene.

A motive for the shootings is not yet known. There is no apparent connection between the victims and the locations where the shootings occurred.

According to WOOD-TV, the shootings happened in three locations in Kalamazoo: a car dealership, a Cracker Barrel restaurant and an apartment complex.

The shootings occurred over several hours. The first shooting was reported at about 6 p.m. at a townhouse complex on Meadows Boulevard, MLive.com reports. At about 10 p.m., a shooting was reported at the Seelye Kia car dealership on Stadium Drive. Then at 10:30 p.m., a shooting was reported at the Crack Barrel Restaurant in Oshtemo Township.

Listen to emergency radio dispatches from the incident below, courtesy of Broadcastify.com:

A woman was shot multiple times in the parking lot of an apartment complex, but survived. She has been hospitalized with serious, but not life-threatening, injuries. The victim told police she did not know the suspect.

Police say a father and his son, Richard and Tyler Smith, were killed at the car dealership, WOOD-TV reports. A woman was inside the car when the shooting occurred, but the gunman apparently did not see her, WWMT-TV reports.

Four of the victims were killed at the restaurant and another, a 14-year-old girl, was severely wounded.

The victims were all shot in or near vehicles.

4. He Does Not Have a Criminal Record Police Are Aware Of

Authorities said at a press conference that they are not aware of any previous criminal record for Jason Dalton.

It is not known if he had a history of mental illness.

Police served a search warrant early Sunday morning at Dalton’s Kalamazoo home, WWMT reports.

Police said they do not know if the gun used in the shootings, allegedly by Jason Dalton, was owned legally by him. It is also not yet known if he had a permit to carry a gun.

The weapon has been recovered by police.

Kalamazoo County Prosecutor Jeff Getting said the gun used in the killings was a semi-automatic handgun. He said other evidence was recovered in Dalton’s home and car, but did not provide specific details about it.

5. He Was Stopped by Police Without a ‘Confrontation’ After Leaving a Bar Parking Lot

Jason Dalton, Jason Dalton Kalamazoo

Jason Dalton in an undated photo. (Facebook)

Dalton was arrested at about 12:45 a.m. Sunday after a traffic stop in downtown Kalamazoo. His car was spotted by an officer who recognized it from descriptions obtained from surveillance video.

Police said he was seen leaving a Kalamazoo bar’s parking, but he did not go into the bar. He was “even tempered” when he was taken into custody, the county prosecutor said Sunday.

Dalton is being questioned at police headquarters. He is expected to be charged and then arraigned Monday afternoon.

The Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety said on Facebook:

Please be cautious and advise us if you know or have seen the suspect in this situation where 6 people have been killed throughout Kalamazoo County. Looking for a White male in his 50’s, believed to be driving a dark colored Chevy HHR, chrome wheels and mirrors. Vehicle may have some damage. Leads are currently and will continue to be followed.

The blue Chevrolet is similar to the one pictured in the tweet above.

“The loss the community has suffered, the loss that the community will continue to suffer – you can’t begin to put that into words,” Kalamazoo County Prosecutor Jeff Getting said at a press conference. “There’s this sense of loss, this anger, fear, and then you put on top of that – how do you tell the families of these victims they weren’t targeted for any reason other than they were there to be targeted? They were shot multiple times, multiple, I mean nine, 10, 11 shell casings at these scenes. This is awful.”

jason dalton, jason dalton kalamazoo

Jason Dalton in an undated photo. (Facebook)

Getting said he believes police stopped further killings by taking Jason Dalton into custody when they did.

“There is no doubt in my mind that the police work in this situation saved lives,” Getting said at a press conference. “No question.”

Getting also praised local businesses, including the car dealership, for quickly providing surveillance footage to investigators, which allowed them to identify the vehicle the suspect in the shootings was driving.

Police said they believe Dalton is the only suspect in the shooting and Getting said he does not expect any other person to be charged at this point.

Kalamazoo is in southwestern Michigan. The city is home to about 75,000 people. There were seven homicides in the county in 2014.


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Ed Auchincloss

What in the hell kid of convoluted English is this earlier posting supposed to mean? “any outrage white ppl are still woman out hot water thrown on a cat”???

Ed Auchincloss

What in the hell kind of convoluted English is this earlier posting supposed to mean? “any outrage white ppl are still woman out hot water thrown on a cat”???

George Gato

Yeah dimwit. It’s possible to be outraged at multiple forms of inhumanity at the same time. That murder exists doesn’t make torturing animals ok. The person who scalded the cat has no capacity to empathize with another sentient being, and that’s massively messed up. That this uber driver a-hole killed 7 people doesn’t make the animal abuser less of a threat to society.


You really should look up the definition of ‘terrorist’ before saying things like that. Also, try ‘random.’


His FB page has a picture of his ankle which has what appears to be a tether on it, but it says he has no criminal record.

Charlie McKeon Jr

In the United States someone dies from gunshot wounds from an attack nearly once an hour, but on Great Britain—population equal to a fifth of the United States—ONCE A WEEK. A year is 52 weeks, 8,760 hours.

The rate of murder here is 380% of the rate of murder on Great Britain. The difference is not in frequency of attacks but in how often someone DIES in an attack. Guns are MUCH MORE DEADLY than other weapons and that an attacker wields a gun is MUCH MORE LIKELY in the United States. In the United States of every three who die from attacks TWO die from gunshot wounds—on Great Britain one of fifteen dies from gunshot wounds.

The British control access to handguns VERY tightly—with good reason. Where officers report to the FBI the type of gun in a death from gunshot wounds from an attack NINE TIMES OF TEN IT’S A HANDGUN.

We can have easy access to handguns OR we can have a high rate of survival of attacks—a low rate of murder—but not both. Guns are very deadly.


Thanks for he heads-up… My guns are very quiet and peaceful at the moment, but I’m keeping an eye on them. Wait. An inanimate object needs an operator to function: people are deadly. Phew, that was close.


Sounds as if the British Isles are the place for you to spend the remainder of your life. Go drink your beer warm and live forever.


They are also our right to bear. Unfortunately people today lack the morals they did back when the constitution was written. The entire country is going to hell in a hand basket.


Turns out, if you look closely enough, Great Britain doesn’t have our USA Constitution. We kicked their arses in 1776, to be sure we had these rights.

I thought all the Loyalist cowards fled to Canada. When did your family move back?


I would rather have access to handguns. Also British crime statistics are unreliable and tampered with. Go research it.


I’m British living in the US and would also rather have access to handguns but do you really think US crime statistics are reliable. It’s all about numbers and statistics which can paint any picture the Government at the time wants the public to believe.

Jules E

Fat ass loser still living with Mom playing games forever.? Heavy, tell us! Big coward (as usual) in the end. Disgusting fatass loser who takes HIS laziness/lot in life on innocent others If Mom was kicking him out, the state now will take care. Luckers now butt boy!!


While I don’t agree with everything you said, I respect your opinion. This comment is to (pointlessly) say that part of what makes our nation great is the ability to debate and form our own opinions.. It is unfortunate so many commenters (not you Charlie) here and everywhere else have fallen to petty name calling and repetitive insults.. It is shameful and futile, and that’s all I have to say in the matter (again I know this is pointless, please feel free to insult my intelligence and motives and assumed ideologies)

American Woman

Your comment is not pointless to me. It gives me hope that there are people still out there that have respect, common sense and the ability to put across an opinion without degrading name calling and repetitive insults. Thank you.


We Americans are the #1 superpower, we won our independence fighting the British with our guns, we are not subjects of the queen, we are not over run by jihadis, we will keep our guns, good luck with your sticks!


We won the Revolutionary war due to our fine guerilla training by the natives, our staunch allies, the French, and our straight shooting, still- making, Irish and Scot cousins in Tennessee and the Carolinas who weren’t even colonists at the time. The British had more money and vast stores of munitions that dwarfed ours. Down side: they had a big pond to cross, first. Also, those giant white x’s on red background on the fronts of their coats were a good target for all projectiles, deadly.
We did not win our war without great international help. Guns don’t shoot themselves. Guns don’t lay out brilliant battle plans.


the little fat fcuk wasn’t arrested because he looks just like one of them, a short fat fcuk who by the looks of it is an unassuming family guy…if he were an ethnic minority he would’ve been shot onsite


If there is an organized link to a group or certain set of ideology, then it will probably be considered an act of terror. I for one, was hoping the police would have shot this dirtbag. But the police did their job and that was to apprehend this monster. Now we’ll have to go through court trials that will cost millions of dollars.


But now we see someone did try to call 911 and report that he was driving erratically (as an UBER driver) but 911 didn’t seem concerned. So much for see something, say something.


What was the 911 call-taker supposed to do? Notify an Uber customer service rep in the Philippines via email? That’s how you start a line of the fastest possible communication w/Uber. Then, the CSR could disable the driver’s app, thereby halting his misdeeds immediately!
You parrot the statement from the Uber rider’s girlfriend… 911 didn’t seem interested, or something similar. Thirdhand information. What’s that statement even mean? Did 911 laugh and hang up, or change the subject?
All too often the victim of an incident feels their situation deserves much more attention and response than what is realistic.
I doubt Kalamazoo PD has a helicopter hovering 24/7 for misdemeanor noninjury hit and run traffic violations.
My advice, tone down the movie-watching and get outside. Real life experiences build knowledge.


This fits the pattern that the Palestinians / Israeli conflict has been seeing lately.
A person, with no violent history, a family, and plans for the future, who was acting normally earlier in the day, goes crazy and attacks innocent people and police with whatever they can get their hands on.
It’s as though they are under some kind of post-hypnotic suggestion.
Something is set in their heads to set them off on a murder spree.
Before you say that people can’t be hypnotized to do something they wouldn’t normally do, watch Derren Brown.
Before you say they weren’t hypnotized, read about subliminal suggestions using media.
Just a thought =/


The Palestinians have been living under a 60+ year brutal & ILLEGAL apartheid (circa 1948). The Israelis continue to steal the Palestinians’ land and deny them food, water, medical care & the right to move freely about their OWN land. The Israelis violently attack & murder Palestinians – including children – without provocation every single day. According to international law, Israel has no rights to or in the Occupied territories of Palestine. According to the same international law, the occupation ought to have ceased one year after its beginning, that is by June 1968. The United Nations Security Council passed a resolution requiring Israel to withdraw from all occupied territories, Resolution 242 in November 1967. Under international law the Palestinians have the legal right to resist the illegal occupation. To suggest the Palestinians who exercise their legal right to resist the disgusting Israeli occupation & terrorist aggression against them are “hypnotized” is ignorant. The Palestinian Occupation has nothing to do with some nut job white man randomly shooting people in Kalamazoo Michigan.


Oh blow it out your butt. You pally’s are hateful murderers who could be the wealthiest people on earth, if you didn’t waste your money on drugs and weapons


The world isn’t dumb enough to fall for your propaganda. Either youre a Palestinian supporter actively making up a shit, or you’re some uneducated shit they’rea targeting. Israel has been more than fair. They offered to live together, y’all had an infatada (don’t care if that’s spelled right) they put up safety measures and then y’all give them 100 more reasons not to trust you. Your military wing fires from schools and public places they KNOW are occupied and Israel fires back (as any nation that cares about its safety would) and then you guys are standing by with cameras to show the world all the terrible things happening to your people. War sucks, true. So stop fighting one. You can’t win, you won’t win, grow up. No matter how much you want an outcome, it won’t change the fact that Israel is vastly superior in pretty much every sector and they won’t give up their new homeland. They’ve had enough tragedy in their past, they are going to make sure they don’t have more. Deal with it.

Renia May

I live in Kalamazoo,Mi. I actually believe I saw this guy driving pass me headed towards WestMain Street , on Douglas avenue yesterday at about 4:30 p.m. I saw a vehicle that fits the police description driving about at least 80 mph, and the car never paused when crossing through the intersection, which was odd, I was a bit startled, and glad that I wasn’t on the road, I was in the drive way picking up a friend. But this was before all the shootings started. This terrible mass killing has stunned our city! My prayers for the families!! We were all on pins and needles the whole evening, just not knowing where he would strike next.

Jules E

Fat ass loser still living with Mom playing games forever.? Heavy, tell us! Big coward (as usual) in the end. Disgusting fatass loser who takes HIS laziness/lot in life on innocent others If Mom was kicking him out, the state now will take care. Luckers now butt boy!!


Draw and quarter criminals like this. When society collectively acts like a giant pussy, people think they can do whatever they want.


He didn’t just think, he acted. Drawn and quartered seems to quick to me. Industrial Age China had some good methods, maybe we could look into those


He sideswiped a car, drove the wrong way down a one way street and still seemed perfectly calm as his passenger called the police.

This sounds like somebody that is psychotic.

He was still at least somewhat organized in terms of thinking and planning, which is why he was able to drag out that spree for six hours, but he was clearly not attaching significance to things going on around him.

So, Psycho-Killer it is.

It would have been nice if he faced some armed resistance along the way, if the first or second victim shoots back there might not be a third and forth.

He is not technically a terrorist, terrorism is about motivation, not feeling. If he had some message he was trying to get across and sway public opinion “through” terror, then he would be a terrorist.

Christopher Dorner, Vester Lee Flanagan II and Dylann Roof were all technically terrorists, because they had a “Message”.

Random Psychopaths are not.


Black on Black crime and violence makes up the majority of handgun deaths in the US. It happens in cities where the toughest gunlaws already exist. Most guns used are illegally acquired. Europe doesn’t have that element to deal with. Peacefull gun owners in the US will never give up the protection of their homes and defense of their persons to progressive liberal kooks. Put the blame where it belongs, Mental Illness, Drugs and the instability of family structure. Europe has their own troubles brewing right now and will soon want their guns back. Anyone who believes in Europe should go iive there.


People, to be considered a “terrorist” the crimes must be motivated by an ideology, such as religion, animal rights, etc. Too soon to tell, but sounds like a wack job not a terrorist.


Yep, just your typical American family man who liked guns. What could be wrong with that?


I think we should take guns away from all Christians until we get this situation sorted out.


Sửu nhi xem phim heo bị chủ quán bắt được và troll =))

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Unhappy Resident

What a complete piece of fat garbage. He would’ve been better off driving his car off a cliff rather than taking others’ lives. People like him don’t deserve a jail cell, there’s enough meat on him to feed him to a third world country for over a decade. Have fun when you drop the soap cause your fat ass will bump into every dick in the shower.

Edward Dalton

What kind of background checks does Uber give it’s drivers!?
Edward Dalton, no relation to Jason Dalton and author of realcabrides.blogspot.com
I stand with the cabdrivers of the world in their fight against Uber.

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