Terence Crutcher Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Terence Crutcher‘s twin sister Tiffany Crutcher passionately provided the voice that her brother no longer can.

“That big bad dude? His life mattered. His life mattered,” Tiffany said in an emotional news conference surrounded by family on September 19 after videos were released by Tulsa police showing the moment an officer shot and killed Terence, 40. A video from a helicopter overhead captured an officer referring to Crutcher as a “big bad dude,” a comment that has become the center point in a rallying cry for justice in his case online.

Crutcher is an African-American man who was shot by Tulsa, Oklahoma police after his SUV broke down along the side of the road, according to The Washington Post.

On September 22, the Tulsa District Attorney filed criminal charges against Betty Shelby, the police officer who shot and killed Crutcher. You can read the charging documents here.

Crutcher’s death had generated outrage and calls for prosecution of Shelby, the police officer who fired the fatal shot at close range. The police chief has said the officers contended Crutcher wasn’t cooperating; they did not find a gun.

However, according to Tulsa World, video footage from an officer’s patrol car “shows Crutcher walking to his vehicle with his hands raised and that Shelby had her gun pointed at his back.”

Crutcher left behind a large family that loved him.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Crutcher Was the Father to Four Children & Attending Music Class in College

Terence Crutcher

(Facebook/Terence Crutcher)

Crutcher frequently posted photos on Facebook with his children and other family members. “He look just like you,” a friend commented on the above photo that Crutcher posted on Facebook in 2014 with a child. Another friend added, “like father, like son.”

The photos that Crutcher posted generally show him with family or posing in suits. Some show him in church. He captioned one photo “kinfolk,” and that large family has rallied after his death to demand justice.

On Facebook, Crutcher wrote that he was single, lived in Tulsa, studied at Tulsa Community College, and went to Tulsa Central High, Home Of The Braves.

Terence Crutcher

“Me and my boys,” Terence Crutcher captioned this 2014 photo. (Facebook/Terence Crutcher)

According to The Washington Post, Crutcher had four children and  was “enrolled in a music appreciation class” at a local college.

Terence Crutcher Photos: Remembering the Unarmed Tulsa Man Shot by Police

See photos remembering the life of Terence Crutcher, the unarmed man who was shot and killed by a Tulsa police officer.

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2. Crutcher’s Sister Says His Entire Family Is ‘Devastated’

Crutcher’s twin sister, Tiffany, said that his life mattered in a news conference after body camera video was released on September 19.

“After watching the video and seeing what actually happened,” Tiffany said. “We asked for facts. We asked for answers, and we clearly got it through the video and we are truly devastated. The entire family is devastated. And, you all want to know who that big bad dude was.”

terence crutcher, terence crutcher tulsa oklahoma

Terence Crutcher with his father. (Facebook)

She continued: “That big bad dude was my twin brother. That big bad dude was a father. That big bad dude was a son. That big bad dude was enrolled at Tulsa Community College just wanting to make us proud. That big bad dude loved God. That big bad dude was at church singing with all of his flaws every week. That big bad dude – that’s who he was.”

Tiffany Crutcher is a doctor, according to her Twitter page. Her LinkedIn page says she is a “Health & Wellness Strategist, Financial Literacy Activist, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker.”

The District Attorney’s affidavit, released with the criminal charges, says, “Officer Shelby reacted unreasonably by escalating the situation from a confrontation with Mr. Crutcher, who was not responding to verbal commands and was walking away from her with his hands held up, becoming emotionally involved to the point that she overreacted. Although Mr. Crutcher was wearing baggy clothes, Officer Shelby was not able to see any weapons or bulges indicating and (sic) weapon was present.”

Officer Betty Shelby: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Betty Shelby, a Tulsa, Oklahoma, police officer since 2011, has been identified as the cop who fatally shot Terence Crutcher on September 16.

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3. Crutcher’s Death Was Captured on Dramatic Video

Police Chief Chuck Jordan, in a Monday news conference, said: “I want to assure our community, and I want to assure all of you and people across the nation who are going to be looking at this, we will achieve justice, period.”

According to The Tulsa World newspaper, the chief labeled the videos “very disturbing” and “very difficult to watch.”

“That looks like a bad dude, too,” the officer in the helicopter over the shooting scene was captured on video as saying.

It took two minutes for police to check on Crutcher after he was shot, said ABC News.

See all of the videos here:

WATCH: Video Shows Shooting of Terence Crutcher by Tulsa Police

The shooting of Terence Crutcher by Tulsa, Oklahoma, police Officer Betty Shelby can be seen in dashcam footage. Watch the full video here.

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4. Tiffany & Terence Celebrated Their 40th Birthdays a Month Ago & Terence Texted That He Wanted to Make Her Proud


Terence Crutcher. (Facebook/Terence Crutcher)

At the news conference, Tiffany Crutcher said, “We just celebrated our 40th birthday August 16 a month ago.”

She read a text message that her brother wrote her, which said, “I’m gonna show you. I’m going to make you all proud.”

terence crutcher

Terence Crutcher with his sister. (Facebook)

Tiffany said now “he’ll never get that chance. Because of the negligence and the incompetency and the insensitivity and because he was a big bad dude he’ll never get that chance.”

Terence Crutcher: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Terence Crutcher was fatally shot by Tulsa, Oklahoma, police Officer Betty Shelby after his car broke down Friday. Crutcher, 40, was unarmed, his family says.

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5. Tiffany Crutcher Demanded That Charges Be Filed Against Officer Shelby

Tiffany Crutcher

Tiffany Crutcher at the press conference. (YouTube)

The Crutcher family wants the officer who fired the fatal shot charged. The shooting is still under investigation, including by the U.S. Department of Justice.

“We’re demanding today, immediately, that charges are pressed against this officer, that was incompetent, that took my brother’s life,” said Tiffany Crutcher. “We just want justice. Because I want everyone to know that that big bad dude? His life matter. His life mattered. And the chain breaks here. We’re going to stop it right here. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, this is bigger than us here. We’re going to stop it right here.”

At that point, applause rang out at the news conference. Three dozen family members attended it, and Tiffany Crutcher also asked for peaceful protests.

Read: Betty Shelby Criminal Complaint Manslaughter Charges [DOCUMENTS]

Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby was charged with manslaughter in a criminal complaint. Read it here.

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  1. My prayers go out to the family. Life is a precious gift and should not be so easily taken. But I have to wonder what really happened. The videos clearly show his SUV stopped on the wrong side of the road with out emergency flashers yet your article quoted a Washington post report stating he was stopped on the side of the road. Why is the media intentionally misleading people? What he did was very dangerous. He was stopped on the wrong side of the road, I’m surprised a car didn’t hit them all. Did he know he should not to turn his back and walk away from police even if his hands are up? Why was he going back to his car not obeying the law? We all know the cops have guns, right? Why are people missing the details in this video and others? Intentionally?

      • yes it is a death sentence, actually (and sadly, unfortunately). a cop rightfully uses lethal force if they suspect a person may harm them– and yes, when you reach towards your waist or into your car when you are ordered not to, then you need to be treated as a dangerous threat.

        • The car window was clearly ROLLED UP. He did NOT reach into his car. That is a standard CYA lie cops are trained to tell when they’re involved in a questionable shooting. So is the claim that he wouldn’t show her his hands. Obviously she could see his hands, which were held high above his head. Crutcher was deaf in one ear, blind in one eye. He might not have even heard some of the commands, but since he wasn’t committing a crime, but merely stalled, he might have just put his hands up out of caution, because he knew cops would be mistrustful of him, even though he just needed help with his car. The fact that they came at him aggressively when he was just a motorist in trouble is probably part of why he held his hands up, too. But again, since he wasn’t in the act of committing a crime, and wasn’t near a crime scene, he had no reason to assume they were yelling at him to do this or that.

          I am also severely hearing impaired, and it appalls me that cops are so frequently shooting hearing impaired people who can’t hear their commands. Recently a deaf man was killed because the cop thought his attempt to communicate with sign language looked like threatening gestures! (That guy was white. Cop hair triggers work on all races, but black citizens are statistically more likely to be victims of trigger happy cops.)

  2. My heart goes out to the family, I hope tgat if in fact this officer just shot this man out of a fear and for no other reason that she face legal consequences, police officers are supposed to be able to handle fear, fear id not reality.. What I dont like is that this racist Crump is involved, he is another Sharpton, Jackson and by that I mean he could care less about that family,,,, THAT IS A FACT,,, all he cares about is the limelight and the bucks, he cant even speak well. I suggest strongly that this family get an intelligent attorney, one who has command of the english language and one who will fight for them and not seek the limelight for himself as I promise you Crump will. This family has lost a father, son, brother and a man they loved, they need to heal and they need and deserve justice, Crump is a moron and he will hurt them, I hope not but he did nothing to help the deserving family of Trayvon Martin. This family desereves better. .


  4. It is going to be real interesting to see if cops start shooting white men that do not comply….there have been plenty that haven’t but we are going to mention that here.

  5. when are people going to realize that ignoring the police leads to this? I have been pulled over for traffic violations and told to step out of my car . . . I did not see the point but I complied. I got a ticket and it was over. If I had refused who knows what would have happened. I can understand the outrage but put yourselves in the officer’s place. Why do the people they encounter sometimes refuse to comply? What are they reaching for in their car and why won’t they take their hands out of their pockets? These officers are people just like us . . . they want to do their shift and go home.

  6. Meh She’s white = NOT GUILTY anyway so the charge doesn’t matter really. You need to look at the big picture. The guy was a criminal and a big, stinking ape. He deserved it. Get a grip on reality. There are plenty of apes in the zoo, don’t need one more.