Read: Betty Shelby Criminal Complaint Manslaughter Charges [DOCUMENTS]

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Terence Crutcher, right, was fatally shot by Officer Betty Shelby, left.

The Tulsa County District Attorney has charged Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby with first-degree criminal manslaughter heat of passion charges in the death of Terence Crutcher.

Crutcher, an unarmed man, was shot and killed by Shelby after she encountered him with his vehicle, which had broken down in the roadway.

“Officer Shelby reacted unreasonably by escalating the situation from a confrontation with Mr. Crutcher, who was not responding to verbal commands and was walking away from her with his hands held up, becoming emotionally involved to the point that she overreacted,” said the affidavit released with the charges by the District Attorney’s office. “Although Mr. Crutcher was wearing baggy clothes, Officer Shelby was not able to see any weapons or bulges indicating and (sic) weapon was present.”

The case generated outrage – shortly before the Charlotte riots over another police-shooting death – after police released videos from a squad dashcam and a helicopter that was flying overhead. The videos show Crutcher with his arms up at one point, although the actual seconds before the shooting are obscured on the video. Another officer with Shelby deployed a taser against Crutcher instead, but Shelby shot and killed Crutcher at close range.

You can read the criminal complaint charging Shelby here. It was released by the Tulsa County DA’s office on September 22:

Read the affidavit in the case here:

Read the District Attorney’s press release here:

Tulsa DA Steve Kunzweiler said that Shelby had “reacted unreasonably,” according to NBC News.

Kunzweiler also said that Shelby “emotionally involved to the point that she overreacted,” according to NBC.

According to the affidavit by the District Attorney’s chief investigator, Crutcher “was walking towards her and she went to him and asked him if the vehicle belonged to him and if it was disabled. He was mumbling to himself and would not answer any of Officer Shelby’s questions. Mr. Crutcher kept putting his hands in his pockets and Officer Shelby kept telling him to show his hands. At that point, Mr. Crutcher began walking towards the abandoned vehicle with his hands held up and was not responding to any of Officer Shelby’s commands to stop. She has pulled her duty weapon in the ready position and follows him to the vehicle.”

The affidavit continues, “When they get to the vehicle, Officer Shelby stops at the left rear of the vehicle with her duty weapon pointed at Mr. Crutcher, as he continues on the driver’s side front door. Officer Turnbough arrives as Mr. Crutcher and Officer Shelby are at the rear of the abandoned vehicle and takes a position to Officer Shelby’s left. He tells Officer Shelby that he has his Taser ready. Mr. Crutcher reaches in the driver’s side front window and Officer Turnbough fires his Taser and Officer Shelby fires one shot from her duty weapon striking Mr. Crutcher in his right lung area.”

Crutcher fell to the ground.

The dashcam video shows “Officer Shelby, with her duty weapon pointed at Mr. Crutcher” and Crutcher “walking towards the abandoned vehicle with both of his hands in the air,” said the affidavit.

The helicopter video “shows Mr. Crutcher at the driver’s side front door of the vehicle with his right hand in the air and his left hand unobservable. At that time Mr. Crutcher was shot by Officer Shelby.” The officers found no weapons on or near Crutcher, says the affidavit.

Officer Shelby “made statements that she was in fear of her life and thought that Mr. Crutcher was going to kill her. When she began following Mr. Crutcher to the vehicle with her duty weapon drawn, she was yelling for him to stop and get on his knees repeatedly,” the affidavit says.

Shelby’s husband, Dave Shelby, who is also a police officer, was riding in that helicopter. However, news reports say he wasn’t the officer in the helicopter who is heard on the released audio calling Crutcher a “bad dude,” a comment that also generated outrage in the community and from Crutcher’s family.

The charges come as the country is already on high alert after riots in Charlotte Tuesday and Wednesday injured at least 20 police officers and resulted in a demonstrator being shot and killed, the city of Charlotte says, by another demonstrator. Those riots were sparked by the shooting death of another African-American man, Keith Lamont Scott, by police, in this case police in Charlotte.

However, in contrast to the death of Crutcher, who police say was unarmed, police in Charlotte have said that Scott was armed with a gun, which his family disputes.

Read more about the charges against Shelby here:

Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby Charged With Manslaughter

Betty Shelby, the Tulsa Police officer who fatally shot Terence Crutcher, is being charged with first-degree manslaughter, the county prosecutor says.

Click here to read more

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    • This is a necessary part of the process to satisfy the public. This is a sad case but ultimately justified. There is no jury that will find her guilty based on the facts that we currently know. It is a tragedy for all involved, including the officer, but the greatest tragedy is that yet another person high on drugs will have their family financially rewarded from the taxpayer. There are many legitimate causes and wronged people in our country but some of us choose to support these repeated felons who abuse drugs and have no respect for the law. Especially when they can smell money.

      • “…There is no jury that will find her guilty based on the facts that we currently know…..” Based on the video (what actually happened), a jury returns a guilty verdict in 2 hours. And how “as a fact we DON’T” do you conclude he was on drugs?

      • Bitch shut up. Point blank his car was disabled he was not comittinh any crime. He didnt call for help. They should have mibded the business and let him be.

    • She’s white = NOT GUILTY anyway so the charge doesn’t matter really. You need to look at the big picture. The guy was a criminal and a big, stinking ape. He deserved it. Get a grip on reality. There are plenty of apes in the zoo, don’t need one more.

      • U fuccing pale piece of shit…Regardless of your ignorance through name calling We are Awaking u dumb fucc and if u were to express ur online comment in my presence I’d BREAK YOUR FACE…u fuccing pussy and when we finally get to ur city,and we will.
        We gone do allot worse to Your daughter’s, Freshy out!

  1. ‘He was on drugs’ statement was a conclusion and will not become 100 percent FACT until the toxicology reports come back. But based on multiple indications, he was. From the criminal record including DUI and drug offenses, the multiple 911 calls from witnesses describing his erratic behavior, other witnesses including the multiple police officers, his own family’s statements of his prior issues with drugs, to the vial of PCP recovered from his vehicle, It’s pretty clear he was ‘freaking out’. In addition to witness statements of his behavior, cars that become ‘disabled’ aren’t usually parked to block both lanes on the highway. With the engine still running. Most sober people would stay with their vehicle and attempt to get help to move it to the side of the highway. The one piece of evidence that will turn this case is the fact that another officer fired his taser at the same time. This indicates that something happened at that moment to make them feel threatened. And at the same time he drops his arm in the video. It will be extremely difficult to convict one officer when another officer also fired their weapon. And before anyone jumps, she had her gun and not her taser because she was the first officer on the scene and was alone. He was a large man and was behaving erratically. When someone is acting crazy, doesn’t respond, won’t follow the officer’s commands, and puts their hands in their pockets more than once after being told not to, officers tend to pull their weapon. The next officer grabbed their taser because by then, there were multiple officers on the scene.

  2. I don’t blame her, she felt threatened and the man did not follow directions. HEY BLACK PEOPLE…….when you get pulled over be polite and cooperative. Judging by the black on black killings you ignorant “THUGS” do not seem to be smart enough to realize that BLACK PEOPLE ARE YOUR WORST ENEMY. YOU ARE KILLING EACH OTHER. look at the statistics dumbass. Black live do matter and its about time black people stop killing each other.

    • Your A CYBER THUG, from what I’m reading you calling US THUGS meanwhile You TALKING mighty aggressive TOUGH GUY,don’t you think ? Let us worry about us, we’ll figure it out but don’t think we gone let y’all pussy ass cowards get away wit it or bring up black on black crime every time the Klan kills an innocent African American, stfu wit that pussy shit!

  3. Was the window up or was the window down, or partially? Arguments and visual “proof” of both opinions noted so far. That scene was documented with photographs. The answer to that question can be answered when those photos are shown in court as evidence.
    Was the vehicle “disabled”? According to the 911 calls it was running. The vehicle would have been impounded and thoroughly examined. They will know if it was disabled and what was wrong or if it was running. They will also know if the window was up or down or if it had been activated. That’s evidence the jury will see.
    The officer says he appeared to be on something. 911 callers stated the same thing. PCP was found in his vehicle but that only means he was in possession at that moment. The toxicology report will answer that question.
    Cell phone records, last call(s) he made.
    There are two pages of witnesses, people who were in that scene. Statements were taken. They will be subpoenaed during the trial and may or may not testify. Many questions will be either answered then or verified.
    We see what the media, public and the court system want us to see. Media drives racism.
    Until all evidence is shown both sides can only speculate.
    Very sad and unfortunate for both and their friends and families. Lives have been forever altered.

  4. Too bad that prejudice isn’t reserved for ignorance only. If the trigger happy police officer is representative of the bigots commenting here. she should be found guilty and sentenced to the full estent of the law.