Over 90 Million Eligible Voters Didn’t Vote in the 2016 Presidential Election

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Over 231 million Americans are eligible to vote. However, based on early results from the 2016 Presidential election, just over 130 million of them voted for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. In some of the key battleground states that decided the election, less than a few thousand votes decided the result, proving how important every vote really is and how important it is to motivate your party.

The election was also a lesson on why the number of votes isn’t what matters, but where the votes came from. Although Clinton’s popular vote lead just reached 2 million, she still clearly lost the electoral college vote. Trump beat her in that department with 290 electoral college votes.

As more numbers come in, this post will continue to be updated.

Here’s what you need to know about voter turnout.

An Estimated 57.9 Percent of Eligible Voters Voted in 2016

Projections from the United States Elections Project show that there were 231,556,622 Americans eligible to vote, but 138,884,643 voted. That means that 40 percent didn’t vote, while 60 percent did. The voter turnout will likely increase as the popular vote continues to be counted.

Voting Eligible Population Ballots Voter Eligible Population That Didn’t Vote Voter Eligible Population Total
138,884,643 (60 percent) 92,671,979 (40 percent) 231,556,622

This number is not the same number as registered voters. Politico reported in October 2016 that the data firm TargetSmart calculated that there were 200 million people registered to vote, an increase from 146.3 million registered to vote in 2008. Eleven states also allowed same-day voter registration.

The Elections Project notes that there were 251,107,404 people who classify as members of the voting-age population, therefore 115,449,897 of the voting-age population (or 46.3 percent) did not vote. (The U.S. Census bureau estimates that there are over 320 million people living in the U.S.)

This is different from the voting-eligible population because there are over 3.2 million people ineligible to vote as felons. The Sentencing Project estimates that 2.5 percent of the U.S. voting-age population cannot vote because of a felony record.

The number of eligible voters who turned out in 2016 was a slight increase in eligible voter turnout from 2012. FEC data from that election shows that 54.87 percent of the voting-age population cast a vote for president, or 129,085,410 of the 235,248,000 voting age population cast a vote. However, 2016 was still far from the high reached in 2008, when 58.23 percent of the voting-age population participated. In 2008, 131,313,820 total votes were cast.

Interestingly enough, the Election Project’s latest updates show that 136,489,372 voters voted for the highest office. That means 2,395,271 people didn’t vote for President, even though they did vote.

It’s not How Many Votes, but Where the Votes Come From That Matters

The number of voters might have been up nationally, but if everyone registered to vote really did cast a vote, the results would might have been different. Based on data from The Associated Press and the New York Times, Clinton received 65.84 million votes, or 48.1 percent of the total popular vote. Trump received 62.97 million votes, or 46.0 percent. But since Trump earned victories in Wisconsin, Florida, Ohio and North Carolina, he easily won the electoral college with 306 votes. Clinton beat Trump by nearly 3 million votes in the popular vote.

Here’s the popular vote chart, based on projections from the New York Times.

Candidate Vote Total Percentage
Hillary Clinton 65,844,610 48.1
Donald Trump 62,979,636 46.0

Although Clinton did receive more votes overall, Trump’s razor-thin victories in Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida and Pennsylvania gave him the electoral vote lead needed to win the presidency.

Voter Turnout Wasn’t Great in States Important for Trump’s Victory

As the above chart shows, Clinton’s real weakness was her inability to motivate the Democratic base like her predecessor. Although Trump’s Republican votes aren’t significantly less or more than Mitt Romney’s in 2012 and John McCain’s in 2008, Clinton is far behind Obama’s 2008 and 2012 levels.

Clinton’s failure in this aspect can be found by looking at the results in Midwest cities. While she won Wayne County, Michigan, which includes Detroit, she only received 517,000 votes. In 2012, Obama won that county with 595,253 votes. Obama went on to win Michigan, but Clinton lost the state to Trump.

Clinton also lost Wisconsin, a state that instituted a controversial voter ID law between the 2012 and 2016 elections. While Clinton won Milwaukee County, the margin of victory was not at Obama’s level. There, Obama won with 328,090 votes, compared to Clinton’s 288,986.

Wisconsin Turn-Out*
Voting Eligible Population Ballots Voter Eligible Population That Didn’t Vote Voter Eligible Population Total
2,935,000 (68.3 percent) 1,360,057 4,295,057
*based on statistics from the United States Elections Project

Michigan Turn-Out*
Voting Eligible Population Ballots Voter Eligible Population That Didn’t Vote Voter Eligible Population Total
4,800,000 (64.6 percent) 2,631,589 7,431,589
*based on statistics from the United States Elections Project

Turn-out in New Hampshire was on the higher-end, at 70.3 percent. Clinton won the state with 2,528 votes. The only other state to pass 70 percent among voting-eligible voters was Minnesota, with 74 percent. Pennsylvania, a state Trump won by less than 70,000 votes, had a voting-eligible voter turnout of 61.1 percent, with just over 5.95 million votes.

New Hampshire Turn-Out*
Voting Eligible Population Ballots Voter Eligible Population That Didn’t Vote Voter Eligible Population Total
732,000 309,147 1,041,147
*based on statistics from the United States Elections Project

In Michigan, the difference between Trump and Clinton is just 11,837 votes. (Gary Johnson earned 173,021 votes.) In Wisconsin, the difference between Trump and Clinton was just 27,257 votes. If she got the same number of votes Obama received in Milwaukee County alone, she would have made up the difference.

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    • except the ones who didnt vote for any of this. Only the ones who voted should be mad they lost or blame themselfs for a shit pres.

    • Nobody?? The 130 Million that voted have every right to complain. Especially about the almost 100 million that couldnt be bothered.

        • “You don’t vote, zero say in anything. You’re not American by definition”

          Actually, exercising the freedom not to conform and to express an opinion – such as “I don’t care for either of these people and will not show support for either of them” – is pretty much the definition of American.

          Soo… try again.

          • Unfortunately, there is no freedom to light cars on fire and beat people for how they voted. Being upset, fine. Criminal acts, not fine. If I made it through 8 years of Obama you can survive 4 years of Trump. If you would pull your head out of Hillary’s backside you might realize that Trump is barely a Republican and certainly not a conservative.

            • Eight years of Obama v. Four Years of Trump??? Really?? The world celebrated when Obama won. The only ones celebrating today are the Russians, Chinese, and all the racists and misogynists who voted for him.

              • F off. Your the bigot. I’m gay and voted for Trump. You are evil; liberals pose as being the good guys but it’s you who are hateful.

                • I am a liberal. I am worried about Trump’s appeal to, and admiration of Putin, a world leader with a proven track record of violence against sovereign nations and the innocent. Ii am worried about what happens to the 22 million people who rely upon the ACA if it is repealed. I am worried that Trump’s vitriolic pronouncements against Muslims will increase hate and violence against them, and lead a tiny segment of that religion to inflict even greater harm on others. You yourself are part of a group that is subjected to hate. Once unfounded speech incites others to violence, will you be the next victim? I am worried about the effect that Trump’s policies will have upon the environment. If our water, soil and air is unfit for sustaining life, how will you survive? If you think that I’m “posing” as a good guy, you are probably correct. I am as imperfect as they come. I am also tired of the effects that racism, misogyny, homophobia, intolerance and hatred (and let’s be honest, I am guilty of these actions at times myself) have upon our relationships with each other.

                  I am fortunate to be an American. I am fortunate that I am guaranteed the right to free speech. I am American by pure, dumb luck, as many (if not most) of us are. With that citizenship comes an obligation to advocate for those whose luck is not as good as mine.

            • Yes, and it’s legal to burn crosses, and shout “Sieg hiel,” or call a woman a cu*t too! Particularly if you’re white . . . and male. But they’re all still a vile acts.

              • People in other countries call each other c*nts all the time. Quite whining. It’s another president that may or may not accomplish anything. I can tell you, the former presidents barely accomplished anything or ruined the economy.

            • Who got beat up for voting for Trump? One city had cars on fire. All the other demonstrations have been peaceful, which is remarkable given the bigotry and misogyny expressed over the course of the campaign. So, I support the protesters right to protest, and encourage them to do it by peaceful means.

              • The only protest for Trump should of been when people voted. I didnt vote or like anyrhing Obama stands for. He’s a socialist like many elite chumps in washington. Hilary only got votes out in a few states that she won. Trump got votes across the whole country. Look at the map of hpw much red there is on it. Not everyone that voted for Trump are racist i know many black and hispanic people that i work with. I also voted for him and I’m not a racist. Because a couple cities like her and thousands across the country don’t make our country a bunch of racist. I think not. People that believe that are only listening to big business media. Go to these cities around the country and talk to the people in these cities. Thats why elections are set up the way they are so a couple cities don’t decide things for the rest of the county.

                  • Look, the rest of the country knows it doesn’t want CA deciding who the president is! I live in CA, and believe me, it’s full of nut jobs. (But the rest of the country knows that already.)

                • You might consider the possibility that if you voted for a racist, and DJT shows every indication that he’s a racist, then you might be a racist? People have a have a hard time wrestling with that reality! But people can also change, and I’ve seen that also!

              • An elderly man was removed from his car and beaten to near death in, I believe it was Philadelphia, only because he had a Trump sticker on his car. He was beaten by three younger men.

          • exactly! i dont want a president. what need do i have for one? history shows them to be capricious in their actions and open to corruption. we would be a better country without some faux king who rules the world by his decree.

          • Not really. . . don’t know who taught you civics and government while in high school, but you missed the most critical lessons.

          • No, it’s the definition of a cynic. There were four candidates on the ballot. In many states you can write someone in. Sorry, YOU try again, as in TRY voting next time.

          • More like… if you couldn’t be bothered to go push a button I don’t care about your complaints for the next four years.

          • True. there were no real options on the table. Nevertheless the message would have been stronger if they would have shown up to vote and had left it blank, if that was an option. On the other hand, since that is not usual this type of “no vote” may have been discarded or annulled. Enough of these votes would have sent a message Loud and Clear.

          • So wrong and so predictable. Let’s go with the assumption that you are a Bernie voter. The giveaway? The stupid, self-congratulation for taking what you believe to be the moral high ground… A psychopath in the White House, a “leninist” bent upon “burning down” democracy, and host of Republican sycophants now ready to destroy the environment, the health care system, all manner of child welfare, including food, and oh to be sure, Student Loan relief. Score. You really called it.

    • If no candidate is whom you want in office, why vote?

      That being said, at least vote on local ballot issues, and vote third party. I believe, had third party votes gone to Clinton, she would have been elected. BUT this only means the Democrats need to work harder at getting these third party votes. Democrats can’t simply assume someone from such-and-such a minority will vote for them, and can’t ignore the wants of the majority (eg. white men). I think had Clinton cast herself as the voice of the poor (including white men whose jobs they believe are threatened) she would have gotten more of the vote. But Trump portrayed himself as anti-establishment (both against the government and Big Media), so won.

      • Yeah, Trump certainly conned a lot of folks, and the media helped him do it. There was SO LITTLE coverage of policy issues this year!
        emails!! bad-language tweets!!

    • I whole heatedly agree. In my 75 year old brain, this is a disgrace. Over 98 million lazy butts did nothing. I can’t get around very well so I voted by mail. Other folks excuses ? They are just lazy and like to do nothing but sit on their rears, fart and curse and complain. That wont get you to Heaven. Talk to anyone who has had an NDE and went through the life review. You are held responsible for the wrongs you decide to do and the rights you decided not to do.

  1. Well, wonder why? The two pieces ‘o shit we had to choose from wasn’t much worth the effort! If you don’t like your choices, why would you vote? Because it’s your civic duty? My civic duty is to obey laws and serve on a jury, when asked. Period. How many of you try to weasel out of jury duty? Unless you live in a swing state, it’s not as important. And we have a right to complain about any issue in this country if you are a citizen of this country! That’s our RIGHT! If someone doesn’t vote, get over it. BTW, I voted!

    • They have a right to complain about any issue, except who the president-elect is. If you couldn’t be bothered to vote, then you left the decision to others…

    • “And we have a right to complain about any issue in this country if you are a citizen of this country! That’s our RIGHT! If someone doesn’t vote, get over it.”

      – Yeah a right that has been afforded to us by VOTING! Not voting=not caring about this country. It was this very act of democracy with which our country was founded on.

    • Sorry, I just can’t be that cynical. There were sharp, distinct differences between the two candidates, and while one was genuinely flawed, flawed individuals have previously been elected to the Presidency and done a decent-to-excellent job. The other candidate was an outright blatant, thin-skinned, vengeful, racist, misogynistic individual, who, along with being a serial bankrupt-er, who left hundreds, if not thousands of investors holding the bag, while he walked away unscathed. He is also a sexual predator who bragged about his rapist escapades. There was a choice, just not a perfect choice; but there never is.

      Please don’t send comments about the Butcher of Benghazi where four people were tragically killed. Nearly 3000 people were tragically killed on 9/11 on our own soil during Bush’s watch. And please don’t send comments about Bill the predator; Bill was not running for president.

    • Voting is actually a responsibility more than a right or privilege. Not voting is shirking the responsibilities of good citizenship just like not paying taxes or following civil law. If you didn’t vote you don’t deserve to vote, and have no right to complain.

  2. 43.2 million couldn’t be bothered to vote. Now there are protests. Are they protesting to be heard? Your chance to be heard was on election day.

      • If some of the protesters are minors, then yes, there’s no doubt that some of the protesters didn’t vote.
        What a bunch of hypocritical SHEEPLE.
        They say this about Trump & supporters, “You’re a racist, hateful, disrespectful, vile, & sexist,”.
        Then – they physically assault people whose color is different, chant ‘he’s not my president’ while burning a flag, burning & destroying & looting things, assault police officers, and call him & his wife names.

        I’m not a supporter of his atrocious words- but I’m not a sucker blindly following & overlooking her ‘accidental’ & repeated actions, nor the trail of people who ‘coincidentally’ die that disagree with her.

  3. We didnt have any good choices really so what was the point
    Now if it was Bernie or Carson probably would had more votes guess next time listen to what the people really want
    But it is what it is and gotta give trump the chance to prove he has what it takes

    • Yes, give Trump the chance to do what he promised – make the rich richer, the national debt bigger, build a beautiful wall, scrap Obamacare and replace it with nothing (at least so far), kill Planned Parenthood, stack the Supreme Court with party hacks, let Putin do what he wants, impose tariffs on Chinese imports so the poor class will pay more at Walmart, get rid of gun-free zones in schools and hospitals… and on and on. Whoever did not vote or voted Independent, congratulations, you opened the door for Trump – now don’t complain.

      • You moron. Trump is the best thing for this country. Your mooselum america hating scum obama has almost succeeded in ruining the country.
        Thank God he won

      • oh my john so it would be best to have a criminal whose bought and paid for by Saudi Arabia. how can she stand up for women’s rights when she takes money from worst people on women a bit of a oxy moron aint it? Hillary would have had a one-sided supreme court yea that would be fair wouldn’t it? oh yea and by your standards let s kiss those rich folks who took their company’s out of America and moved to china, Mexico because they can make more money there and ship their stuff back here cheap !!!!!!! that’s a great way to help our economy isn’t it?. how the hell can he make our debt bigger…Obama has had the biggest in history, do you not understand that you cant spend more than you take in or does that basic concept escape your rational reasoning . the poor class will pay more at walmart when they get paid more as minimum wages goes up or do you not also understand walmart wont eat that cost. he never said he would get rid of the gun free zones in schools or anywhere else….though clearly that hasn’t help since one who is going to do harm isn’t going to pay attention to that free zone. he simply is not going to let the 2nd amendment get slowly chopped away.Obamacare lol you do know premiums are going to rise anywhere from 26-120% in 2017 right or are you in a position that the rise in cost doesn’t affect you as it sure as hell does me. and finally the wall… mean the wall to keep illegals out people that come here ILLEGALLY and get benefits like the refugees do and the veterans of our country fight and die for. oh so its ok to break the law of our country your ok with that. people like you are reason this country is in a shit mess. im glad somebody is atleast going to try and straighten it back out for my kids and grandkids. i even hope it for yours. you only have your own party to blame if you have a problem who is going to be president as about the same percent came out and voted on republican side you dropped dramatically in democrat turn out, does that say they didnt want to vote for either!!!!!!!!. heres a suggestion hope for the best and work to make it the best stop bitching and complaining as that gains nothing but show your ignorance . when bush won where were the riots and the bitching he had the lowest approval in history, bill did great until the sex scandal and all wanted him out yet he did great short of nafta . i could go on in history about good bad on both sides but i fear its like talking to my 6 year old and would gain nothing

  4. If you’re a democrat, you can’t be outraged at Trump. While I didn’t vote for him, he got his crowd fired up and out to the booth. Clinton had all the charisma of dirty laundry. The Dems have only themselves to blame.

    • Sorry, but charisma is only skin deep. I prefer substance and experience. The Presidency is not a reality TV show . . . although, Donald may think so.

  5. I’m registered NPA so I vote the best of the choices.
    as an American I have read the Constitution. I think we all should.

    in the primaries the Democrats had Clinton and Sanders, then the corrupt clinton machine did away with sanders.
    there were many great candidates on the republican side. trump would have been my third choice – but here is the thing, half of those other candidates are going to become part of Trumps cabinet, so all in all we all win. we get to have a government full of smart people who love this country.
    obama has been about the worst president ever, and his cabinet just puppets for his folly. The whole government is broken, the constitution of my country is stepped on – mostly because even though it has worked for over 240 years to create the best nation this earth has ever seen, obama thinks he is smarter than us all and its his way and the highway.
    clinton’s history as an evil person would have dragged this country down further than obama has.

    I havn’t see things in this country this bad in forever – and i was around when Kennedy was shot, here for the ’68 riots, the ’90’s Rodney King, hell what would Rodney say right now?
    can you even imagine if hillary was elected? a corrupt criminal? someone only interested in lining her own pockets off the backs of people gracious enough to want to help her cause?
    ask the Haitians how they feel about her. Oh, and we would have Bill back living in the White House? the rapist as “First Man”?? As an American that would be so humiliating.
    Everyone needs to stop thinking why hillary lost. it’s because she shouldn’t be the leader of this nation. We deserve better.

    Now Donald can be brash, can be a loudmouth, yea – But i tell ya what, he will try to do as he says.

    when obama was elected for the second term Bieden says i told my kids “it’s going to be alright” – i just about puked in my mouth when i heard that, because i was telling my kids the same thing, but more like we are going to get through this even though its about the worst thing that could happen to the country.

    how would i have been able to tell my kids today that a corrupt liying untrustworthy self-centered evil person was going to run the country?

    don’t take my word for all this. investigate. find the truth. (don’t listen to the biased media)
    you owe it to yourself to do diligence and find out.

    she lost because this is America, and she was supposed to lose – because she is not what America is.

  6. It’s not that Trump only got the support of the same base that turned out for McCain or Romney; he STILL got the same number of votes as Romney, even with a HUGE downdraft caused by his antics and the entire establishment against him: liberal RINOs, the RNC, the DNC, and the media. You forget the shear number of people that adamantly claimed they would not vote for Trump, including many big names in the RNC establishment: e.g., the Bushes, Romney, Kasich, a slew of Senators and Congressfolk, etc. People all around claimed that they couldn’t vote for the man due to his brash nature, lack of a filter, and controversial news clips; with some even saying they wouldn’t vote at all because they didn’t have a candidate to support, or that they felt that it was pointless to vote because the media insisted for months that polls indicated there was no chance that he could win. He very much got out the vote with a large swath of people, enough to make up the difference; yet, clearly repulsed enough people to provide you with the opportunity to suggest that Republicans could not compete in numbers with the Democrats; that it was only Obama voters who didn’t show up. If Trump follows through with even some of the things he claims he will do as president, you will likely be quite surprised over how that number changes in the next election, when the weaker Romney and McCain-type Republicans actually turnout.

  7. Daniel, How did VAP go down 4M from 2012 to 2016 when US population is growing by 1M to 2M/yr? Is that a mistake in the article? Pew research shows VAP was 215M, The American Presidency Project(APP) shows 235M in Nov ’12 . The APP also shows VAP data back to 1960 has increased by between 4 and 21 million every 4 years ? Please advise.

    • You moron , your mind possessed by politicians deceit talk. that the reasons you are unable to see what democratic presidental election all about under the constitution. Protesting against Trump presidency is protesting against the great constitutional law.

  8. I heard some of the leftist groups talking about moving to canada. it is time for Canadian to build tall and beautiful wall before leftist group Cross your borders:))

    • The good/bad news is that canada enforces their immigration laws. So it’s good for canada they can say no and tell these people to go back to the US unless they denounce citizenship then I don’t know maybe they can find an island somewhere?

  9. Everyone always gets so excited about voting and not voting and people being unhappy with the outcomes.
    Like others say, voting hardly is the necessary condition for being able to claim you’re a real citizen of a country (In case someone is confused “America” is a continent not a country — might even be more than one continent ;-)

    The commentor guy who said if one doesn’t like any of the options not voting is fine hits the nail on the head. My only complaint with that is that our current method of counting and reports pretty much makes that type of information invisible in the political process. The real conclusion everyone should take for this, and all modern, elections is that at least 70% of the eligable votes are not expressing support for the elected government. The government, our politicians, our media and the society as a whole should take that into account when cheering for their side. Both Trump and Clinton would have the same overall support here — approximately 26% of the eligible voters. Same for Obama, Bush, Clinton…

    In other words we should all be questioning the existing status quo of both policy, regulation, legislation, foreign policy, domestic policy…

  10. Trump won because he held so many speaking events following the last debate. He had 50 of them. As a measure, Romney 2012 only had 5 speaking events in the same period.

  11. 90 millions? This is shameful. Pure selfishness or laziness or not patriotic or what? We always saw the American people as being proud of their heritage. country in the world. By not exercising their civic duty, the non-voters had let down their fellow Americans. So sad indeed.

    • Even us New Zealanders have a greater turn-out, our last election had a 77% voter turnout. And we’re pretty irrelevant in the world, with most of our politicians being samey, interchangeable, what is America’s excuse? :I

  12. In my 75 year old brain, this is a disgrace. Over 98 million lazy butts did nothing. I can’t get around very well so I voted by mail. Other folks excuses ? They are just lazy and like to do nothing but sit on their rears, fart and curse and complain. That wont get you to Heaven. Talk to anyone who has had an NDE and went through the life review. You are held responsible for the wrongs you decide to do and the rights you decided not to do.

    • Was the Presidential Race the only item on your ballot? I live in a purely Blue state as well (much to my dismay…) & my ballot was 2 pages long with many items that will touch my life directly. I guess you have no opinion on whether potholes should be fixed, schools should be funded etc… Piss off

      • Right. To the non-voter in the Blue state – I hope you are either a child masquerading as an adult or making a joke. You should be ashamed that’s you brushed off your local and state measures and representative votes because you thought you were being radical. Do you engage in any personal responsibility on a day to day basis? Or does Mommy and Daddy take care of it?

  13. Before you assure everyone that people just didn’t turn out to vote, you might want to actually investigate what degree voter suppressions roll was in this as well as how many ballots were “thrown out” like what occurred in the California primary. Remember, it’s not who voted for what but who counts the votes. This data suggests to me a whole lot of ballots and votes may be “missing”.

  14. It was always going to be a serious challenge and a major uphill struggle for any candidate representing the incumbent party to overcome the culturally ingrained two-terms cycle mindset of the average American voter. Gore could not overcome it, McCain could not, and Hillary proved that she could not either.

    • In order to overcome that pschye a candidate representing the incumbent party would have to be very strong. Historically the predominant winning election theme at the end of a two-terms incumbency has always been CHANGE. Hillary did not represent change but rather maintenance of the incumbency programmes. It was a gamble to leverage the massive Obama voter base but she just does not have the Obama star pull factor. The Dems change messenger was actually Bernie Sanders.

  15. The root cause analysis is tragically simple..These were the two worst presidential candidates in recent American history.. More Dems than Repubs could not stomach ‘The lesser of two evils” poisonous choice served up this year

  16. Yup I am one of those ” not a real American ” because I did NOT vote! Yes I could have but chose not to! I didn’t want either of them! I am a woman and will not vote on someone due to the fact they are female. I honestly didn’t trust her to keep her promises! Trump I simply didn’t take seriously, he is so out there in somewhere I can’t help but laugh! I cannot in all good conscience choose the lesser of two evils, when neither of them are honest . I knew from the very beginning I am about to be dragged into a conflict I want no part of. I am white but no racist! My nieces and nephews are mixed … and I love them sooooo very much! I am a woman, but feel no need to “prove” myself to anyone! I am Christian yet my very best friend is pagan. The right for you to swing your fist ends where my nose begins! I say “Merry Christmas ” she says ” Happy Holidays” he says “happy Hanukkah” its respectful, polite , and genuinely peaceful! I didn’t vote because neither candidate was a representative of any views! Just mud slinging, lies, hate and conflict.

    • Again, I have to reply to another “I didn’t vote because I hated both candidates…”. Was the Presidential race the ONLY item on your ballot? Mine was 2 pages long with all sorts of things that will directly impact my day-to-day life. So I can only assume you don’t give a shit about a School Levy, property taxes, potholes etc… I have not said a non-voter wasn’t a real American, just that you have no basis for complaint. Participate or shut up!

      • Hear hear. local measures are the backbone of our democracy.

        If you didn’t vote you did a disservice to your community. To all the non-voters – hope you think long and hard before bitching about the potholes in your road, your districts representative or the taxes you are paying. You played no part in the process.

  17. Although I am from Oklahoma, a state that is always red, no matter what, I was excited to head to the poll & vote. Even moreso than previous presidential elections. I waited in line for an hour, reading up on my state questions as I waited. Finally it was my turn. I presented my voter id card to the elderly woman at the table. She looked through the huge stack of paper for several minutes then looked up & said “I’m sorry dear but I can’t find your name “.
    She invited me to help her look & sure enough it wasn’t there! She gave me the # to the County Election Board & said to call them, maybe my polling place had changed. All of this was a bit odd to me since I had voted there before & I’ve lived at the same address for over 12 years.
    So I called the election board, gave them my name, date of birth & voter #. I was told I didn’t exist. They said I must have been deleted from the system if I didn’t vote in the last general election.
    So after everything, I wasn’t allowed to vote. I’ll be honest, I cried. This was so important to me & I was brushed aside like I didn’t matter. I have to register again if I want to vote in the future. This was wrong.

  18. And people are still blaming third parties…
    If you didn’t vote and you think there is a problem with the election, look no further than your nearest reflective surface.

    It’s not third parties. It’s non-voters. Great job assholes

    • Voting is a priveledge of being a citizen not a right. It can be taken away from people just the same as other priveledges can

      • Right. That has nothing to do with what I said.
        If you didn’t utilize the privilege to vote than your voice in the democratic process is inconsequential.

        If you are for the privilege of voting being taken away and the dialog that proceeds that then that is a different conversation. I find it hard to see how you stating the obvious contributes to the conversation…

        I’ll reiterate. If, and IF, you had a problem with the results of this election and you didn’t vote, you are the big part of your own problem.
        End of story

    • I voted and like the new President-elect. People only have a right to protest a President at the balot box. I didn’t vote for Obama because i don’t like what he stamds for or care about the rest of the worlds view of our county. When Obama first was elected and said sorry to tje wprld and kissed ass i was ashamed of who was in office and still no protest. We (our country) were founded by men that thought local government would rule locally and that federal government would deal with foreign policy. Today federal government is taking to much power from the local government that knows what it local people want. People in Washington or other big cities don’t have a clue what i want as an Ameriacan because their priorities are different than people in small cities around the country. Many little cities across the country are not all racist because they don’t have the same views as you people (democrats). That is the true racist is some who points the finger to a whole group and say what isn’t true about said group. Thats what Hitler did. So who is the true racist here. Someone that has not change what he said the whole election and stood behind what he said and knew how to get accross to the people in the majority of the country that are not happy with how the government thinks we are abunch of what did Hillary call us diploriables. What a joke.

  19. “(The U.S. Census bureau estimates that there are 326.9 million people living in the U.S.) ”

    When one goes to the U.S. Census web page, the actual figure (which increases by 1 every 13 seconds) is 324.9 M, not 326.9 M.

  20. Maybe if George Soros had paid millennials $1500 to vote instead of riot, then the outcome might have been different. Of course that would be highly illegal, but then so is paying people to riot.

  21. It’s funny how political “experts” love to refer to their charts and surveys and get deep into all the different scenarios that play out as the explanation for so many people not voting. Remember this simple explanation Mr. and Ms. Expert, When a voter must choose from this sociopathic lowlife pos or that sociopathic lowlife pos, its not even worth the gas or time just to allow you to insult our intelligence. Either candidate will be as much at the mercy of Congress and a willing puppet for corporate lobbyist as the other. They all claim they will not but name ONE that has not.


    “An Estimated 57.9 Percent of Eligible Voters Voted in 2016 Projections from the United States Elections Project show that there were 231,556,622 Americans eligible to vote, but 135,657,507 voted. That means that 41.6 percent didn’t vote, while 58.5 percent did. The voter turnout will likely increase as the popular vote continues to be counted.”

    BUT YOU JUMBLED THE FIGURES JUST TO MAKE IT EASY THERE WERE NEVER OVER 43% OF ELIGIBLE VOTERS EVER REGISTERED TO VOTE; and why should they? When billion dollar corporate media outlets have to straightened out, and while CHUMP LIES O’BOMBER BOMBS to hell with you all,

    • PS that means less than approximately 26.055% of those eligible to vote voted. of which if we fairly divide the DEMS AND REPS 50-50 only 13% voted for either of the creeps and out of that with other 50% disapproval ratings CHUMP was elected by 6.5% of that approximately where they actually like that BUM. So we just had an election whereby only 6.5% were satisfied with the result of that cheap side show Circus and what kind of a democracy is that? NOTHING AT ALL! TRASH GARBAGE THE WORLD’S GREATEST POLICE STATE GULAG.


  23. The problem was that the Democratic party decided to force Hillary and screw Bernie. Bernie was the rightful democratic representative, and the DC brass decided they would choose for us. So you can thank the Democratic Party for Trump. On a more important note, if this election is not enough for you to see the entire process is a sham, than nothing will ever convince you. Please stop taking part in the scam by voting, and put your efforts into real change this year. That will not come about by playing their game.

  24. HOW can you possibly claim any credibility when you make an egregious error in reporting that 48% of the Voter Eligible Population Didn’t Vote??? ADD the numbers for those who did and didn’t. That total’s correct. DIVIDE the number that didn’t vote. It’s 40.02%, NOT 48%. Incredible that the author, anyone doing the calculations, any editor MISSED THIS. . . . INEXCUSABLE. And someone, somewhere is citing your data to indicate that almost half of eligible American voters didn’t. UN-BE-LIEVABLE . . . .

  25. I am going to be vilified by this comment but the only way anyone can explain the results of the 2016 election is 2 Chronicles 7:14 and the true Christian Church.
    They prayed. God answered. Divine intervention. As long as Christians pray and set aside denominational differences the Liberals will never win.

  26. Retardy. 25 MILLION proven fraudulent votes for soon to be tried and convicted multiple felony criminal Hillary Clinton, and you can’t stand her losing. You poor thing.

  27. I am so sick of the “WHINERS,and POOR LOSERS” get over it, I am 82, and Thank God every day for living in the U.S.A. If you are unhappy about the new President, MOVE!!!!

    • I disagree. The 1st Amendment guarantees the right to free speech. It is a precious right that contributes to America’s greatness. If you really love America, you will defend everyone’s right to speak freely.