Furries, voodoo and murder encapsulate this story that has shaken a California community. Click here for photos and more information on the crime, suspects and victims.

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Holly McFeeture was charged with murdering her husband, Matt Podolak, by poisoning him with antifreeze. Tonight, Dateline investigates Podolak’s death.

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Jesse Michael Gomez, 52, has been identified by San Diego Police as the man who allegedly killed Officer Jonathan DeGuzman and wounded a second officer.

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Paul O’Neal, 18, was shot to death by Chicago police, and the medical examiner says he was shot in the back. Three officers were relieved of police powers for possibly violating department policies, news reports said.

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Jonathan DeGuzman, the San Diego Police Officer shot in the line of duty, had previously received an award after being stabbed on duty.

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Kathryn Laird was found dead in the waters of Montana’s Yellowtail Dam in July of 1999. Click through our gallery to see pictures of Laird before her murder.

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Kali Bookey, a Wisconsin teenager, is accused of seriously injuring another teen because she wanted her “first kill,” a criminal complaint alleges.

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Chandra Levy was a federal intern in Washington D.C. when she was murdered. She was linked romantically to then Congressman Gary Condit. Who killed Chandra Levy?

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Gary Condit, the former Congressman tied to intern Chandra Levy, is in the news now that prosecutors dropped charges against a man convicted in her murder.

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An Iowa teacher says that previous abusive relationships led to her being thrust into the arms of a 17-year-old student.

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An Iowa teacher says the local school district are responsible for her having a prolonged sexual relationship with a 17-year-old boy.

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The Reagan assassination attempt was captured in videos and photos that showed both the shooting and its immediate aftermath.

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What happened to James Brady, Timothy McCarthy and Thomas Delahanty now? Brady died in 2014, but McCarthy and Delahanty are still alive.

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The mother of Bernie Ecclestone’s wife has been kidnapped in Brazil.

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Criminals in Brazil are reportedly asking one of the wealthiest men in sport for $36.5 million in exchange for the safe return of his mother-in-law.

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The security guard who worked close to where Kaylee Sawyer was last seen has been arrested in California.

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