Michael Vance, 38, is wanted in the shooting of two police officers near Wellston, Oklahoma, in Lincoln County, officials say. Another suspect is in custody.

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Mark and Megan Short and children, Willow, Liana, and Mark died in a murder suicide in Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania. Willow, 2, had a heart transplant. See photos.

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Mark and Megan Short were the parents in a family of 5 killed in a murder suicide in Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania. Their toddler, Willow, had a heart transplant.

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Dr. Joseph Sonnier was found brutally murdered on July 10, 2012. Tonight, ABC’s 20/20 will investigate the circumstances of his death.

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See photos of Fairfax, Virginia Mayor Richard “Scott” Silverthorne, who is accused in a meth for sex sting.

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Chicago’s Independent Police Review Authority has released videos showing events surrounding the fatal police shooting of unarmed teen Paul O’Neal.

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The mayor of Fairfax, Virginia, has been arrested in a “meth-for-sex” undercover sting.

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The love of Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow’s life says her man is innocent.

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Stand by your Shrimp Boy. A notorious San Francisco gangster’s moll speaks out against Raymond Chow’s conviction for murder.

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Charles Butler and Robert Paschalis, of Ohio, are accused in the beating of an African-American man, who was called racial slurs and attacked with a broom, a complaint says.

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Zakaria Bulhan, 19, a Norwegian of Somalian descent, has been named as the suspect accused of stabbing six people, killing a woman, in London’s Russell Square.

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Kodi Gaines, the son of Korryn Gaines, was recorded in his hospital bed talking about the police shooting of his mother. Watch the full video here.

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A 25-year-old inmate attacked accused Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof in a jail shower, police say. Roof is charged with the hate-crime massacre of nine people.

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Phoenix police say a serial killer who has been randomly shooting at people in 2016 struck a ninth time.

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A woman was killed and five people were injured in a knife attack at Russell Square in London, police say. A suspect is in custody and terrorism is a possibility.

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Jeffrey Hazelwood, 20, is accused of murdering teenagers Natalie Henderson and Carter Davis, whose bodies were found behind a Publix store, news reports say.

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