The information you need to know about the massive hack attack on Anthem health insurer that may have compromised identity data involving 80 million customers.

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Throughout the years, there have been a few elite groups of hackers who had immense power.

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Who hacked the State Department? Was it the Russians?

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Microsoft has just issued a patch to deal with a bug that’s been around for 19 years. Is WinShock as dangerous as the Heartbleed bug?

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BlackEnergy malware is believed to be created by Russian hackers. What’s more disturbing, however, are allegations that BlackEnergy’s creators may have ties to the Russian government itself.

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The Poodle bug might expose your banking info or email to hackers.

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Is there a way to determine if your data was breached during the recent cyber attack on JPMorgan Chase?

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Five million Gmail addresses and passwords were posted online, and people are freaking out.

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Home Depot is investigating a massive data breach that may have exposed more credit cards than even Target’s recent scandal.

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After a huge number of celebrity nude pics were leaked to the web, security experts are discussing the risks inherent in storing your photos in the cloud.

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Check out these tips to detect and prevent phone hacks.

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Worried about the saucy selfies on your smartphone going public?

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In the wake of yet another celebrity iPhone hacking scandal, we’ve got some advice for protecting your own iPhone from similar attacks.

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Lizard Squad hackers have pulled off an increasingly disturbing number of hacks. Learn who might be behind Lizard Squad, and what sites have been affected.

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Which smartphone OS offers the most secure environment?

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Backoff malware has impacted over a thousand businesses. Learn how you can protect yourself from this digital threat.

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