The Avalanches made fans dreams come true by finally announcing a new album with a release date, along with a fantastic new single.

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Sascha Radetsky plays the talented and charming Ross on Starz new limited series, “Flesh and Bone.” Learn more about him here and watch the season available now on Starz.

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Sarah Hay plays the talented and self-destructive Claire Robbins on Starz new limited series, “Flesh and Bone.” Learn more about her here and watch November 8.

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Although the Season finale of Dancing with the Stars premieres tonight, we can still dance along with the cast with these workout videos to keep us fit.

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This little boy takes dance class and isn’t afraid to show it. And the commentary that the YouTube poster provides makes it seem like a competition.

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An NYPD police officer showed up to an underground dance battle not to bust it up, but to join in.

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This grandma is ice cold cool.

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What is the Nae Nae? Learn all about the popular dance move made famous during Mercer’s celebration of its upset over Duke.

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Pirouettes, sautés and sex.

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The small Maine town at the center of the nation’s biggest brothel scandal braces for the release of another batch of alleged clients.

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After a Supreme Court appeal, Maine cops have finally released the first 21 names from their list of “johns” who allegedly solicited sex at a Zumba dance studio.

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A judge in Maine infuriated clients of a Zumba studio / brothel by agreeing to release their names. But an appeal to the high court blocked the release today.

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This must be what it’s like to compete against Mitt Romney.

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Many have claimed to be the super moonwalker, but this is your new king.

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In honor of newcomer “Philly Philly Phil,” we pay tribute to five groundbreaking artists in the bird dance community.

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We’ve sifted through the rubble of this week’s comedy videos to pick out only the purest comedy nuggets for your enjoyment. Get some business lessons on crack and watch a few teachers drop dance bombs on their unsuspecting pupils.

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