Jael Strauss: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

This is the face of drugs. Onetime “America’s Next Top Model” contender Jael Strauss’ is unrecognizable because of a full-blown addiction to crystal meth. In a bid to get clean and sober, the family of 28-year-old Jael turned to Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil Considers FarmVille To Be “Ridiculous”

For once I’m agreement with Oprah’s go-to medical crackpot (I was going to note that he’s only actually a foot doctor and never got a degree in psychoanalysis like Howard Stern loves to state, but according to Wikipedia, the due has a master’s in “experimental psychology”).

Celebrity Sex Tapes Nobody Wants To See

The celebrity sex tape has carved out its own little niche in the entertainment world, giving boosts to once faltering careers and even creating its own stars. Yes, from Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s boat ride of love to the epic hand cam romances of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian…