Chase Yarns: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Chase Yarns Dr. Phil

Facebook/Chase Yarns Chase Yarns and Dr. Phil pictured on December 16.

A Pennsylvania teenager appeared on Dr. Phil on December 19 to face accusations that he attacked his family on Facebook and choked his psychiatrist. can reveal that the full name of the teenager is Chase Yarns from the town of Clarks Summit, just north of Scranton. His father, Chris Yarns, is the Clarks Summit Police Chief.

During his appearance on Dr. Phil, it’s revealed that Chase once wrote on Facebook under a picture of his dad, “He took a picture of my husband and he put on social media underneath it that this is the chief of police of the town we live in, and that his controlling bitch wife kicked out their mentally ill son. And for everybody to give a big ‘[expletive] you’ to them.” Chase tell the doctor, “I do not regret the posts that I have posted. I sent that out because I felt like they deserved it.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Chase Wrote on Facebook that He ‘Got Dr. Phil on My Side’

“My Quadruplet Son Who Was an Honors Student Dropped Out of College, Was Hospitalized 8 Times and…TUESDAY, DECEMBER 19: Amy and Chris say their 19-year-old quadruplet son Chase, who was an honors student, dropped out of college after smoking marijuana just one time. Chase claims his one experience with marijuana caused him to have a severe panic attack and since…. Dr. Phil tells compelling stories about real people. The Dr. Phil…2017-12-15T22:43:32Z

During the Dr. Phil appearance, Chase’s brother, Blaze, says his brother was recently kicked out of the family home after “terrorizing the family. The family explains that Chase, a honor student, dropped out of college after having a panic attack while smoking marijuana. Blaze says, “I’m fed up with my younger brother, Chase and his destructive behavior.” His family says that Chase has been hospitalized a total of eight times.

Chase wrote about his appearance on Dr. Phil saying, “Kinda was on the Dr. Phil Show… lmao he was incredibly kind. He is paying and sending me for treatment. Got Dr. Phil on my side. Told me he’d never give up on me. Haha he also gave me a big ol’ hug. Met Robin, his wife, as well. #blessed #cashmeoutsidehowboutdat DEPERSONALIZATION IS A REAL AND SEVERE ILLNESS.”

2. Chase Appeared on The Tonight Show

Chase Yarns Tonight Show

Screengrab via NBC UniversalYarns pictured with his siblings on The Tonight Show

According to a post on Chase’s YouTube channel, he appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno along with two of his brothers and sister on their fifth birthdays. The quartet a quadruplets. Chris and his siblings talked about the appearance in an interview with the Scranton Times-Tribune in February 2016 as they were about to turn 18. The article explained that their mother got the call about the appearance after answering a survey about multiple births. As part of the deal, the kids got to go to Disneyland, the Times Tribune reports. The article refers to Chase as “the crazy one.” While Chase told the reporter that as they prepared for college, he was ready to move on.

3. Chase Says He’s ‘Married’ on Facebook

Chase Yarns Serena Meyer

Facebook/Chase Yarns

As of a day before his Dr. Phil episode aired, Chase wrote on his Facebook page that he is “married” to a girl named Serena Myers. On that page, Chase says that he’s a former student of Ithaca College, where he studied physical therapy, and Abington Heights High School.

4. Chase Says, ‘I’m the Strongest Person I Know’

Chase Yarns Facebook page

Facebook/Chase Yarns

On his private Instagram page, Chase writes in his bio, “I’m the strongest person I know.” A cached version of that page shows Chase performing by playing guitar and singing under the name Left Ear Lobe.

5. Under Chief Yarns, Clarks Summit Is the 10th Safest City in Pennsylvania

Welcome to Clarks Summit, PA | Biks VideographyClarks Summit is a borough in Lackawanna County northwest of Scranton in northeastern Pennsylvania, United States. The population was 5,116 at the 2010 census. It is also the northern terminus of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Northeast Extension, I-476.2017-01-22T15:53:02Z

The Abington Journal wrote in August 2016, that under Chief Chris Yarns, the town of Clarks Summit has risen to become the tenth safest in Pennsylvania. That’s out of 963. Chief Yarns told the newspaper why he thought his force was so effective, “I believe the officers who work here have integrated themselves into the community well. All the full-time officers and most of the part-time officers know numerous people in the community. They can drive down a street and will know somebody who lives on it.”

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