Emma Stone
Who Is Emma Stone Dating?

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have reportedly been broken up for quite some time. Who is the actress dating now? Is she back together with Garfield?

Gangster Squad

Sean Penn and Ryan Gosling get deep in the underbelly of organized crime in 1940’s Los Angeles in Gangster Squad.

Best of Netflix: Zombie Flicks

We know that when you want a good, hearty zombie movie, you want it — nay, need it — now. Here are a few titles available on Netflix Instant that can immediately satisfy your zombie movie cravings whenever you get that aching hunger in your belly.

Take A Trip To Zombieland

It’s not so often that I’m psyched enough about a movie to, you know, read about it on the Internet. Usually I just watch a trailer, get semi-frothed, and go see it. But man, am I alone in thinking that Zombieland might just be what the world needs to get us out of the Goddamned horror remake slump?…