Coal Will Say Anything

Generally you don’t consider those behind the green movement to be comedy masterminds, after all, nothing that funny about the planet dying. I’m not sure this PSA sold me on the evils of coal, but damn if I don’t want one of those gold jumpsuits now.

The Volkswagen Darkside

Check out this take on the Volkswagen Star Wars Super Bowl commercial. Only this time VW is in the darkside hot seat.

The Majestic Plastic Bag

Remember that dude from American Beauty who was obsessed with videotaping a plastic bag in the wind? Well, his vision has become a reality. You’ll never look at a plastic bag the same way again…

How About Some Refreshing Bottled Water

From a mountain stream, to a factory, to a bottle, to a recycling plant, to a fish belly, and back to you. It’s the circle of life for bottled water and it’s a little disturbing, but damn is it refreshing.