Jaylen Fryberg’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts left ominous clues about the Pilchuck High School shooter.

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The Attorney General of Utah opposes gay marriage, but that hasn’t stopped companies like Facebook from sending him donations.

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It has come to light that Facebook donated $10,000 to a politician with anti-gay beliefs. Here is what you need to know about this controversy.

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Check out the best Facebook photos of newly engaged Jessa Duggar from 19 Kids And Counting and her fiance Ben Seewald.

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Kasey Dexter is the socialite who allegedly broke up the marriage of RHONY stars Ramona and Mario Singer. Read on for the facts on Dexter …

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This color-changing profile app is a scam that will actually infect your computer with malware.

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Tonight is the premiere of Top Chef Duels where some of our favorite winners and chef contestants return to battle it out. Check out the full cast here …

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Check out the best Facebook pics of Jersey Belle star & celebrity publicist Jaime Primak Sullivan, the Jersey girl who followed husband Michael to Alabama …

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Get the details on Michael Sullivan, husband of Jersey Belle & PR star Jaime Primak Sullivan … his job, how the two met, and Michael’s distaste for jersey.

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What happens when a wife hears a female ask her husband over the phone, “What can I do for you, sir?” She assumes her husband is with a hooker and asks for help.

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Prepare for the next Facebook or Twitter outage by checking out these ‘website down’ services. These sites tell you if site is down for everyone, or just you.

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Facebook is down, ladies and gentlemen. Check out the best “Facebook Down” memes right here.

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With Facebook down, people are on Twitter expressing themselves.

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Oh no! Does this mean I have to do some work?

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Vee Torres is the girlfriend of Jo Rivera on Teen Mom 2. Check out the aspiring model’s best Facebook photos.

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Meet Ryan Kraemer, the husband of Extreme Weight Loss participant Cassie, in his best Facebook photos.

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